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A country with three armies

What other country has three armies? You have the army of the 32 county Republic, Oglaigh Na hEireann. Then there is the army of the 26 county state, and then there is the British army in the six counties.

What do we need a defence force for, we do not do wars with other countries, the FCA will do fine.

Do we really need 7000/8000 soldiers sitting in dispersed barracks throughout Ireland. What do they do twiddle their thumbs? Look at the guts on some of them and you will quickly conclude their physique is a disgrace to the uniform. The army is becoming a joke a hiding place for maligners and part time devotees of the black economy.

I fully understand the need for the Navy. I would support the idea extending and developing their role. When not chasing down drug smugglers or illegal fishing in Irish waters they get at least due a little bit of shrimping, which may be of use to the economy


Definition of a nervous wreck: a man who has a house payment, a truck payment, a wife and a girlfriend…. and they’re all a month late!

What the Citizens are saying


I really want to win the lotto, buy a bomb and a box of matches, and then emigrate with the rest of the Irish!

Peter Reaney

The biggest problem in Ireland today, is that nobody wants to take responsibility for anything…………………

But don’t quote me on that!

Paddy McKenna


Do We Need Mob Rule?

Reasoned, insightful political debate appears to exist no longer all we get nowadays is rhetoric, and sound bites. All the main political parties have left us down – expenses, bribery, corruption, and sheer incompetence.


For a while, I in my misguided way pinned some hope in the Technical Group. I admired their ability in taking swipes at the mainstream parties, attacking their ethical records, and constantly questioning their integrity.

They were doing the job of holding people accountable and rightly so.

Then what happens along comes the guru tax cheat Wallace next we get Socialist Party TDs Clare Daly and Joe Higgins, along with United Left Alliance TD Joan Collins all found to have used their travel allowances incorrectly.

Just imagine public representatives have the cheek to throw your money around in an illegal fashion but still expect you to uphold the law.

I think a year of mob rule might do a lot to sort out our politicians.

A Silly Joke

What is the difference between Investment Bankers and Dublin Pigeons? The Pigeons are still capable of making deposits on new BMW’s.

The Mad Hatter of Banking

Anglo Irish Bank will go down in history as the most notorious business in Irish history, nationalised, and bailed out by the taxpayer to the tune of over €30bn after a disastrous policy of lending prodigiously to friendly congenital idiots.

The star of the show Seanie FitzPatrick took Anglo from nothing to glory.

This fame was short lived for Anglo was no more than a house of cards. The lending done by Seanie and his cronies went well beyond the ridiculous.

Fitzpatrick is now out on bail after been charged by police with 16 offences of financial irregularity. The dapper banker agreed by prior arrangement with the authorities for his arrest at Dublin Airport in the early hours of the 24thJuly.

Arrest by prior arrangement seems to be a new perk of the rich. For Johnnie Citizen, it is a knock on the door followed by an inward flow of uniformed heavies.

Are the Quinns Evil

The Quinn family has no evidence to refute the fact that a sum of €455 million approximately is due to Anglo.

Their action to deceive both the public and the Banks has been blatant, dishonest, and deceitful.

Seán Quinn, Seán Quinn jnr, and Peter Darragh Quinn have shown an astonishingly laissez-faire attitude to the whole idea of evidence, even under oath.

Justice Dunne in relation to evidence presented by the Quinns uses phrases such as “simply cannot be true,” “frankly, unbelievable,” “completely lacking in credibility,”” evasive, less than forthright, obstructive, uncooperative and at times untruthful.”

It is a fact some documents presented to the court by the Quinns transpired to be both fabricated and falsified.

The High Court ruling gives details the siphoning off $500,000 from this company via a bogus contract.

Darragh Quinn caught on tape asserting that he no problem with lying

Why do the Quinns never address the hard-core evidence? Quite simply they are unable to.

The sins of the Quinns are arrogance, Fraud, lies, greed, lust for power and finally an inability to come to terms with their wrongdoing and that I believe is evil.

However, bear in mind the Quinns are just one in a long list of culprits who dragged us down  -Politicians, Bankers, building speculators, and blinkered bureaucrats.

Just imagine over ninety-nine percent of the population are paying for the sins of less than one percent of the citizens.

Banks working on new plan to solve crisis

Top management in both AIB and Bank of Ireland are reading the Old Testament to get them out of the current economic crisis.

Apparently, they have heard it’s where prophets are to be found

If you are looking for a loan please do not walk into the bank with a copy of the New Testament as it is viewed with suspicion

Irish Government to urge citizens to pray for Vatican help

The Vatican City is purported to be the richest city in the world.

Many Catholics in Rotten Island now wonder why the Vatican does not dip into its coffers to help the country financially. Bear in mind even during the poorest of times we as a nation gave generously to the church.

So far, the Vatican has failed to respond to this state of affairs.

To bend the ear of the Vatican Minister of Lined Pockets and Thievery Wolf Howlin will shortly inaugurate a campaign of prayer. He also hoped that the blessed Merkel might intervene on our behalf. Sure, what is the harm in a few Hail Marys and Our Fathers – it will cost you nothing?

A committee with an open-ended budget has been set up to examine tenders for rosary beads.

A story from Tallaght the crime capital of Ireland

A man in Tallaght, apparently inebriated, attempted to hold up a bank armed with…………… a water pistol and a potato peeler. Police say that the man aged 60, identified as Berti Ahim, had a stocking over his head and was waving the potato peeler as he demanded cash. He left with nothing after the bank teller told him that they had run out of money.

The robber said oh yes I remember.

On leaving the bank he took off the mask.

Police issued the following identikit picture.

If you know the whereabouts of this man pleas contact the Gardai

The state looses €860m

A new report out today maintains that the State is losing €860m to the black market every year.

All one can say is carless, very careless.

Maybe the black market should run the country. The crooks are starting to look like a safer bet than the Bankers and Politicians


Fidelma Healy Eames: ‘They are making out like I am totally materialistic, that I’m on a gravy train’

Senator Healy Eames the Gravy Train Specialist

The Gravy Train

Senator Fidelma Healy Eames and her husband are enjoying a luxury holiday in Kenya this weekend after they were flown out to Africa by a state-funded agency.
The bullshit and arrogance from the insufferable one is hilarious.
She requested that her husband Michael should be brought on the initial trip to Rwanda for her safety, and because she said she would be lonely without him.
“It’s a strange culture, and I wouldn’t have had the confidence to go on my own,”
Ms Healy Eames described the work load on the Rwandan trip, as very hard work. You have to do two-and-a-half to three weeks’ work within one week. We start at 8 in the morning and don’t finish until 5 or 6. That’s a lot more work than a day’s work at home.”
The maths suggest she did one weeks work and one suspects she has no concept what work is all about.
‘The general public are making out like I am totally materialistic, that I’m on a gravy train’ “It’s like a witch hunt
People are trying to demonize me and that “you” the commoners have an element of misplaced anger. Trying to find someone to blame — it’s petty its daftness gone mad.
Believe me I am in politics for substance.” Yes, insufferable one we understand you’re liking for Bisto.


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