Passing News Bites

The squeezing of the elderly and yet they want more

So far, benefit losses to older people.

The demise of the Christmas bonus,

Implementation of Universal Social Charge

Prescription charges, electricity levy

Introduction of household charge,

Reduction in the Fuel Allowance from 32 to 26 weeks,

Increased tax on home heating fuel,

Reduction in medical card cover for dentistry,

Increases in Vat and Dirt (tax on savings),

Cuts in frontline health and social care services

Rising costs of medical insurance;

Yet to kick in water and carbon tax charges

And yet the ghouls want more


Lucinda Creighton

European Minister Lucinda Creighton has said she is extremely confident a deal can be reached to improve the terms of Ireland’s bailout “relatively quickly”.

This Lady has no idea what she is talking about waffle without substance seems to be her level of expertise.

My understanding of improving the terms goes hand in hand with more suffering


Michael Ring

Embrace positivity was the advice of Minister of State Michael Ring when he officially opened the Tullamore visitors centre.

Maybe he had too much morning dew when he made that statement. Minister we wait with baited breath for you to deliver positivity. Perhaps it is your wish the citizens should die of asphyxiation.


Strong Support to Make the Country’s Debt More Sustainable
Mr Noonan said Ireland now has what he termed “very strong support at political level” to make the country’s debt more sustainable.
He declined to say what countries might have lobbied the ECB on Ireland’s behalf, but did highly praise International Monetary Fund Chief Christine Lagarde. Did he pay the ugly witch a complement?
He said that the next pressure point is March, when Ireland is expected to pay €3bn.
The minister said he was no in rush to complete the deal as it might affect its quality.
This is no more than the usual bluster, blabber, palaver we expect from Skint Piggy when he fails to achieve the stated aims.


Leo Varadkar



asked if this ‘oul democracy’ was too much to be bothering with … his reply: Democracy … “needs to be managed”, “You need a strong party system and a strong whip system”

This is how the vested interest rules; all the parties follow this practice, and the result is that, in reality, private clubs and inner circles decide everything. This is one of the key ways in which politicians commandeer democracy and leave your democratic rights in the land of nowhere.

This man is a true blue a fascist at heart how well he would sit with the likes of Mussolini and Hitler but then again, I suspect his mould is more akin to that of a trujillisto.


About Old Boy

Love the past and the future but live in the present

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