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Hogan hangs up on KCLR 96fm radio as he is urged to explain Traveller letter

In an interview on KCLR 96fm radio this morning Hogan defended his actions saying that he passed on these concerns to the local housing authorities “in good faith” and “without any direction from me or heavy-handedness”.

He told The Sue Nunn Show: “I’ve explained my position quite well, I am at the Ploughing Championships now and I have engagements here so thank you for giving me the opportunity to clarify my position.”

He then hung up as the presenter sought to question him further on the matter.

Sinn Féin’s Mary Lou McDonald attempted to raise the matter during the Order of Business but was cut short by Ceann Comhairle Seán Barrett.

She said: “Minister Hogan needs to be informed that discrimination is unlawful including discrimination against members of the Travelling community.

The ineptitude of some front bench part members of FG in particular James Reilly, Phil Hogan, Leo Varadkar and John Perry is a cause for concern among backbenchers.

Speculation is rife that Hogan may have to go.

On Monday the 1st, Oct we pay 1 billion Euro

On Monday the 1st, Oct we pay 1 billion Euro we the Irish people must pay our Lords and Masters one billion Euro.

This is a situation we will witness frequently over the coming years.

You the citizen will continue to pay for a situation you did not create.

All I can say is if you live in Cork and feel bitter about this now is the time to make your presence felt.


The Lord of Nepotism Mattie McGrath

DOZENS of TDs and senators make use of family members as parliamentary and secretarial assistants, recently released files reveal. Thirty per cent of Oireachtas members, including government ministers and MEPs, have family members working for them. This is despite Fine Gael’s pre-election pledge to end cronyism.
South Tipperary Independent TD Mattie McGrath had the most family members working for him of all TDs. He employed two daughters, and a niece who shared parliamentary and secretarial assistant jobs along with another staff member.
McGrath said they were all “very well qualified” he added”, they work extremely hard . . . and in addition, they go above and beyond the call of duty at all time.
Surly it should be illegal to create public-sector jobs funded by Government money taken from taxpayers when there is no advertisement or systemized form of interviews.
Parliamentary assistants enjoy a starting salary of €41,000 while secretarial assistants have an income of € 23,000.
Mattie own list of National policy priorities, ironically include, – Full accountability and transparency to underpin spending of taxes and money.
All one can say is nice one Mattie to float the family onboard the coat tails of the gravy train. Even so, then again, folks, bear in mind his background. The Man is former Fianna Fáil and well versed in the art of stroke pulling and double standards.
Was not his resignation from Fianna Fáil not just apiece of political cynicism to save his seat?
Hypocrisy and nepotism are alive, well, and thriving in the secure hands of Master McGrath a monolith of ignorance and bizarre rurality. He has delivered zero on his election promises, but he will plead from his bucolic mouth those from the establishment were out to do him down. He will conveniently forget to concede that his own feet continue to live and walk the well-trodden path of the elected system.
The stench of animal faeces surrounds the verbal the uttering’s of our Mr. McGrath but there again a Gombeen man is he.

Phil Hogan rejects racism claim over Traveller housing letter – RTÉ News

Speaking at the National Ploughing Championships in New Ross, he defended his decision to write the letter. He said he was entitled to write it.

He had earlier been urged to make a full statement over his apparent intervention in a housing allocation case to prevent a Traveller family from being housed.

The Irish Traveller Movement has expressed concern.

It said it understands that neither Minister Hogan nor Junior Minister Jan O’Sullivan have the legislative functions to impose or intervene in individual cases on accommodation matters.

“We are therefore concerned that in this case involving a family in Kilkenny that Minister Hogan should appear to intervene favourably on a constituent’s behalf, in what could be interpreted as being opposed to the favourable provision of housing to Travellers.”

Attempts in the Dáil by Sinn Féin’s Mary Lou McDonald and Dessie Ellis to raise the case were ruled out of order by the Ceann Comhairle.

Ms McDonald held up a copy of the Irish Daily Mail, where the story first appeared, saying Mr Hogan needed to be made aware that discrimination was illegal, including discrimination against Travellers.

Fianna Fáil’s Éamon Ó Cuív said at face value it was a very serious issue.

He said that a minister interfering in a housing allocation process to prevent a Traveller family being housed on the basis of them being Travellers would be “an extraordinary abuse of power”, as well as being illegal.

Speaking on RTÉ’s News at One, Mr Ó Cuív called for Minister Hogan to publish the reference that he made to Kilkenny County Council.

via Phil Hogan rejects racism claim over Traveller housing letter – RTÉ News.

via Phil Hogan rejects racism claim over Traveller housing letter – RTÉ News.

Transport Minister Varadkar calls for agreement before airports strike over pension – National News –

TRANSPORT Minister Leo Varadkar has called on all parties to reach agreement before a strike grounds operations at the country’s main airports.

Passengers have been warned they face disruption on Monday when staff at Dublin, Cork and Shannon airports stage rolling work stoppages over a pensions row.

Aer Lingus has threatened to sue Siptu, its officials and members for two million euro a day for losses, while Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) will seek an injunction against the action at the High Court on Friday.

Mr Varadkar urged stakeholders in the Irish Airlines Superannuation Scheme to renew their efforts to reach agreement.

Talks aimed at resolving the dispute at the Labour Relations Commission (LRC) have been continuing since January.

“Minister Varadkar, who has been in regular contact with the stakeholders, said he is encouraging them to use the State machinery to resolve the current difficulties regarding the pension scheme,” his spokesman said.

“The minister said a renewed focus is necessary in order to avoid the proposed industrial action on Monday, which would cause huge inconvenience to the travelling public.”

The dispute centres on the Irish Airlines Superannuation Scheme, a pension pot jointly operated by DAA, Aer Lingus and SR Technics, which left Ireland in recent years.

The scheme has about 15,000 members but was in deficit by some €700m at the end of 2011.

Unions want Aer Lingus and the DAA to make significant investments to close the deficit in the fund.

Other unions involved in the dispute include Impact, Unite, Mandate and the TEEU, but they have not served notice of industrial action.

DAA maintains the stoppages are unwarranted while the industrial relations machinery of the state is fully engaged with this issue.

It is taking its court case amid claims some members, including fire, police and search units, cannot take industrial action because of existing agreements.

Elsewhere Aer Lingus said it has not breached collective agreements and warned it will hold Siptu and all relevant officers, officials and members personally liable in respect of the losses sustained if industrial action goes ahead.

The move could financially cripple Siptu, which has vowed to proceed with the action as planned.

via Transport Minister Varadkar calls for agreement before airports strike over pension – National News –

via Transport Minister Varadkar calls for agreement before airports strike over pension – National News –

Shortall quits after long and bitter row with Reilly –

Junior health minister Roisin Shortall resigned tonight over her bitter disagreements with Health Minister Dr James Reilly.

Ms Shortall has also resigned the Labour whip in the Dail, making her the fourth Labour TD to go to the Independent benches since the Government was formed.

Dr Reilly and Ms Shortall had a fraught relationship in recent months. The latest controversy erupted last week over a list of proposed new health centres.

In a statement tonight, Ms Shortall said: “It is with regret that I have today tendered my resignation as Minister of State at the Department of Health to An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny. I have also informed the Tánaiste, Eamon Gilmore, that I am resigning the Parliamentary Labour Party whip.

“It is no longer possible for me to fulfil my role as Minister of State for Primary Care because of lack of support for the reforms in the Programme for Government and the values which underpin it,” the Dublin North-West TD added.

“The public have a right to expect that decisions on health infrastructure and staffing will be made in the public interest based on health need and not driven by other concerns.

“This decision comes after repeated and lengthy efforts to reach agreement on the implementation of the Programme for Government both within the Department of Health and across Government.”

Labour's Roisin Shortall and Health Minister Dr James Reilly.

Lovers we are not

via Shortall quits after long and bitter row with Reilly – National News –

via Shortall quits after long and bitter row with Reilly – National News –

The Mayor of Sligo David Cawley

The current Mayor Councillor David Cawley will not go down in the annals of Sligo for his sense of originality. You will note that on the Sligo borough council website his message is the same as his predecessor.

“While we are living in very challenging times, and I believe the key to Sligo’s future development  and prosperity lies in the co-operation between our commercial, tourism, marketing and community sectors. There is a resilience and strength in our community and a willingness to adapt to new circumstances and move forward in co-operation and partnership, and these qualities have been the catalyst for progress in many aspects of society.”

If he has to parrot his predecessor, this suggests a lethargic attitude to the job on hand. Folks I tell you now neither the Mayor nor the tiers of expensively paid public servants will do anything to alleviate significantly, the problems that beset the town.

Meanwhile, the citizen’s money continues to flow down the drain.

You can smell the horseshit a mile away from the mare.

This prompted me to write to the Mayor.

Sent: Sunday, 19 August, 2012 3:46:37 AM

Dear Mayor,

I have a few questions I would like to ask

(A) Derelict sites appear to be numerous in Sligo. Do you have any plans to deal with these eyesores?

(B) The recession has bitten deep in Sligo. Does the local council have any plans to make Sligo more attractive for bushiness and Tourism?

(C) In these difficult times, does the town need a cross-community organization under the auspices of the council for the development of the city? Maybe an action group!

(D) Are any of the current plans for the city likely to bear fruit and if so when?


John Foley

The response 23rd Aug


I have forwarded this query to the relevant local official at Sligo Borough Council for an update /response – You be aware that it has come up recently at a Borough Notion put down by Cllr Matt Lyons – see Sligo Champion article below …

SLIGO Borough Council is to intensify its crackdown on derelict buildings in the town centre, following complaints that such buildings were presenting a picture of a ‘run down, delapitdated town’…Full article below.


David Cawley

Mayor of Sligo

I find it astonishing tardy that the partial response to this inquiry should be a press cutting from the Champion. Do these people have to rely on the press to make their comments for them? I await their response expectantly. Well now, almost a month has passed without further communication. I rather suspect the letter at this stage lies in city hall’s eternity vaults to gather cyber space dust.

The text of the Champion article

SLIGO Borough Council is to intensify its crackdown on derelict buildings in the town centre, following complaints that such buildings were presenting a picture of a ‘run down, delapitdated town’

Acting Director of Services Paula R Gallagher assured members that the days of ‘pleading and cajoling’ with owners of derelict property were over and that from now on the authority would be taking a more rigorous and stricter approach.

She said: “Our approach in the past has been one of working with people to try to resolve these issues instead of taking a confrontational position.

“But we are about to change our approach.”

Ms. Gallagher revealed that a full-time person is to be appointed within the next month to deal specifically with the issue of dereliction in the Borough.

The matter was raised by Clr. Matt Lyons, who said he had received a lot of complaints about the town being ‘grubby.’

He referred to derelict buildings in High Street, Market Street, Castle Street and Holborn Street where, in some cases, roofs had fallen in and the overall picture was an unsightly mess.

Asking if a register of such buildings had been compiled and if owners had been contacted, Clr. Lyons said the council should involve groups such as the Tidy Towns in the fight against dereliction.

According to Clr. Veronica Cawley, the problem was ‘absolutely horrendous’ and was doing untold damage to the character of the town, while Clr. Arthur Gibbons branded the derelict buildings as ‘ terrible eyesores.’

“If we are trying to sell Sligo, the town has to look the part. The last thing we need is a run down, delapidated town,” he said.

Noting that progress in dealing with the problem was extremely slow, Clr. Sean MacManus described the number of derelict buildings as a ‘ total blight on the town’s landscape.’

Ms. Gallagher told members there had been 11 buildings on the derelict register and this was now reduced to 8, and warning letters had been issued to the owners.

Central Bank report shows ‘eight more tough budgets’:

Opposition parties have said that a new report from the Central Bank confirms that Ireland is in line for eight more tough budgets in order to comply with EU treaty rules.

A paper published by the bank today sets out the steps which will have to be taken by the present and future Governments in order to comply with the EU fiscal treaty.

It said that while fiscal targets remain on track to 2015, many uncertainties prevail, and budget adjustments will have to be made up to 2020 in order to meet EU targets.

Sinn Fein‘s Mary Lou McDonald has said that the bank confirms that there are eight more years of further cutbacks.

“They project that we will have tough budgets until 2020, what the report doesn’t do is to actually give a figure as to what the level of that adjustment or cutback would mean”, she said

“But it leads us back to the thing we debated very vigorously in the course of the austerity treaty debate and that was to meet the requirements of this treaty you are looking art further cutbacks.”

via Central Bank report shows ‘eight more tough budgets’: McDonald | Irish Examiner.

via Central Bank report shows ‘eight more tough budgets’: McDonald | Irish Examiner.

Coalition drive for debt relief on banks suffers setback – The Irish Times – Wed, Sep 26, 2012

THE GOVERNMENT’S campaign for debt relief was dealt a fresh blow yesterday as Germany, Finland and the Netherlands said national bodies should remain liable for most bank losses. The three states are insisting that governments remain on the hook for loss-making legacy assets even after any bank rescues by the ESM fund.

This demand, laid down by the countries’ finance ministers, is in apparent defiance of the decision by EU leaders in June to break the link between sovereign and bank debt.

After talks near Helsinki, the ministers said the ESM should assume only a limited burden if it makes direct bank recapitalisations.

The intervention comes as the Government faces persistent difficulty in its pursuit of a deal in Europe to ease the burden of the banking debt.

There is increasing concern in Dublin about German-led backsliding on the promise of a radical new deal to settle the banking crisis in Ireland and Spain. One of the Government’s core objectives is for the ESM to take direct equity stakes in the surviving banks: AIB, Bank of Ireland and Permanent TSB.

“It leaves the situation extremely uncertain from an Irish point of view,” said John Fitzgerald of the Economic and Social Research Institute. “Depending on how it is interpreted, it may or may not allow the Irish government to sell its interests in the surviving Irish banks to the ESM.”

EU leaders agreed in principle three months ago to allow direct bank recapitalisations by the ESM, the basic idea being for the European fund to replace governments as the final backstop on banking losses.

However, German minister Wolfgang Schäuble, Finland’s Jutta Urpilainen and Dutch minister Jan Kees de Jager said they want to curtail the ESM’s exposure to bad debts. “The ESM can take direct responsibility of problems that occur under the new supervision, but legacy assets should be under the responsibility of national authorities,” they said.

via Coalition drive for debt relief on banks suffers setback – The Irish Times – Wed, Sep 26, 2012.

via Coalition drive for debt relief on banks suffers setback – The Irish Times – Wed, Sep 26, 2012.

Enda Kenny says Health Minister James Reilly has no conflict of interest – RTÉ News

Mr Kenny said Mr Reilly had given an account of his personal interests to the Dáil, and he rejected Sinn Féin‘s Mary Lou McDonald’s suggestions of a conflict of interest.

Ms McDonald claimed that Mr Reilly clearly had a direct conflict of interest, because he has investments in private medicine and nursing homes at a time when public beds were being closed.

She described as a farce the addition by Mr Reilly of extra proposed sites for primary care centres.

Ms McDonald asked whether or not junior health minister Roisin Shortall was aware of the additional criteria, including competition, cited by the Taoiseach.

Mr Kenny insisted that extra proposed sites were added to put pressure on the medical profession to co-operate.

Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin criticised the addition of extra primary care sites, including two in the minister’s own constituency, saying that Ms Shortall “plays by the rules, but Minister Reilly doesn’t”.

via Enda Kenny says Health Minister James Reilly has no conflict of interest – RTÉ News.

via Enda Kenny says Health Minister James Reilly has no conflict of interest – RTÉ News.

Leo Varadkar- Profile

Leo “Lion mouth” Varadkar is our current Minister for Transport, Tourism, and Sport a position he has held since 2011. Varadkar was born in Dublin, the son of an Indian father and an Irish mother. He qualified from Trinity College as a medical doctor a place, which has, groomed its fair share of right wing ideological pedagogues. To attend his lectures he would have had frequently passed the bronze statue of Edmund Burke the founding father of modern-day Conservatism and free market advocate. It was in this establishment that Lion Mouth took to the yellow brick road, donned the colour blue, and adopted the mantle of the righteous right of conservative dogma. Leo becomes an ardent follower of the witches of the East and the west the representatives of International banks and Industry. His enemies were the good witches of the north and the south. For they were the careers of poor farmers, the lower classes, the middle classes and even the upper middles classes that were won’t at times to turn their backs on these honest witches.

Leo donned the silver shoes of politics and followed the brick road to Sinister House where his duty was to represent Johnny Citizen. Here he boldly stated I did not aspire to represent everyone. It is my objective to represent a particular viewpoint. I do much better in middle-class areas than working-class areas.

“I get the vote because they would respect the work I do on the ground and would have a similar viewpoint to me. They don’t think the solution to their problems is loads of welfare.” So, we now know that the Mouth shows little regard for the majority of his constituents, in fact, if they are lower class and on welfare, he is most likely to despise them.

Lion Mouth would have us all believe that he is just that little bit different from the rest of the Sinister House incumbents who, largely, he considers to be beneath him in terms of ability and intellect.

To quote the Mouth himself

“I would be, free-market centre right;

One rather obvious issue to put to free-market ideologues who still advocates the practice that ‘business’ should be free to do what it wants is; ‘ look around at the devastation in the economy. Would you say it’s caused because of a lack of free-market policies or excessive socialism?’ Welfare is not the problem. The major problem has been the gung-ho, business right, the very same people who took the wrecking ball to the country and smashed it to pieces. These men will not rebuild it; you the sucker Johnny Citizen must bear the cost of reconstruction. At the same time, these people will push the idea that we need to free up the market further if we are to progress. The principal ideas behind, “Lion Mouths” beliefs appear to be, the right of the minority to expropriate from the majority. In short, they will rig the game to ensure you pay their losses and if he has his way, you my dear friends are condemned to live in the land of shifting goalposts and crooked playing fields.

Lion Mouth is an ambitious person and has designs on higher placements within the precincts of governance. However, Le Grand Dame the Wizard and ruler of Sinister House knows the aspirations of Leo and consequently, treats him with a sense of indifference.

His appointment to the position of Minister for Transport, Tourism, and Sport, was not a post to his liking. In terms of aptitude, he appears to be unable or unwilling to contribute to the future development of Transport and Tourism. He has made a little ripple in the sports portfolio by having his own personal trainer. The ruling Wizard knows he has made a clever choice in his positioning of Leo. For he knows the frustrations of this gaffe prone, would be trujillisto, will implode due to the impossibilities of his position. The Wizard has cunningly left his department short of funds.

The Wizard keeps his own dossier on Lion Mouth. The folder is in chronological order except for the first page. The front page reads.

June 2010 Varadkar and a number of other frontbenchers stated they had no confidence in me their leader Le Grand Dame. A large majority indorsed a subsequent confidence motion in the leader. Underneath the entry he writes at no time forgive; never forget to keep your enemies close. These entries then end with vulgarities F…… Backstabber, my fury knows no bounds etc.

Skipping through the pages one would highlight the following.

Sept 2008 Lion Mouth accused of racism by the media– wants to offer inducements to unemployed migrants to return to their own country, in particular, Africans. The leader comments –This man should understand this turf better!

March 2010 criticizes our former leader, which goes down poorly with older party members.

February 2011 note the unauthorized promise… “If things go our way, there will be a new government in six weeks time, and the banks aren’t getting another cent.” How stupid.

May 2011 I note Leo declared that Ireland would very likely need a second bailout. He causes severe embarrassment to the Government even a comment from Trichet.

November 2011 The newspaper headlines read Leo slates Irish tourist trade for poor service, in particular, bar’s restaurants and shops. The Wizard scribbles rather than shoot his mouth off, why does he not introduce a grading system for these establishments.

June 2012 Varadkar has said public sector pay increments need deferring. These comments were both insensitive and unauthorized, particularly at a time when public services need restructuring. Just who does he, think he is?

August 2012 Target Express: 390 jobs to go as the firm ceases trading. Leo goes missing!

High taxes on diesel are killing coach tourism. No response from Leo, why!

Saturday the 1st of Sept. Minister for Transport Leo Varadkar has said that the Government is bound to honour the Croke Park Agreement. In June, he was saying the exact opposite unprompted about turn why!

On the very back page of his dossier Le Grand Dame “Writes Lion Mouth has delusions of grandeur”. He is both self-righteous and envious because he sees lesser souls occupying higher echelons.

Dead fish have more charisma than Lion Mouth.

What he does not realize is if he ever dares to cross me again he will find out my orbs are considerably bigger than his. Come on Gaffe mouth hop a ball.


Merger of Trinity and UCD urged in top-level report – The Irish Times – Tue, Sep 25, 2012


THE PUBLICATION of a major report on higher education, which recommends the merger of University College Dublin and Trinity College Dublin among a series of sweeping changes to the higher education system, has been delayed.

University sources claim the controversial report – commissioned by the Higher Education Authority (HEA) and carried out by an international panel of education experts – has been “shelved”. However, this was strongly refuted by official sources last night.

The report was due to be circulated among university presidents and other college heads yesterday but its release has been postponed after discussions between the HEA and the Department of Education.

Scheduled meetings between college heads, the HEA and the international panel – due early next month – have also been postponed to an unspecified date.

In a letter to university presidents and other college heads last Thursday, HEA chief executive Tom Boland said some further time was needed “for clarification on policy issues and for wider consultation”.

The report of the international panel, chaired by Prof Frans Van Vught, a Dutch academic specialising in education policy, proposes the State’s 20-plus higher education colleges should be consolidated into just six. It envisages a series of changes including the UCD-TCD merger and the creation of a national technological university with a campus in both Dublin and Waterford.

There is speculation that other changes in the unpublished report include the merger of DCU, NUI Maynooth, Athlone IT and Dundalk IT; the merger of NUI Galway with colleges in the region, the merger of all colleges based in Cork-Kerry and the merger of colleges based in Limerick.

In a letter to college heads earlier this month, Mr Boland says the r

via Merger of Trinity and UCD urged in top-level report – The Irish Times – Tue, Sep 25, 2012.

via Merger of Trinity and UCD urged in top-level report – The Irish Times – Tue, Sep 25, 2012.



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