The Myths of the Dalai Lama laid Bare

One of the greatest deceptions the world has witnessed is the Dalai Lama pretending to follow Ghandian non-violence – a pretence that won him the Nobel Peace Prize – when in reality he supports violence.

Part 1 The US embassy and state department notes make this totally clear- See Below

                       Part 2  Torture and Punishment in the Dalai Lama’s Tibet in pictures-  Nothing could be further from the truth than the popular myth of pre-invasion Tibet as a Shangri-la. These photos show horrific and inhumane punishments regularly meted out by the ruling classes right up to the time when the Dalai Lama fled his homeland.                        Part 3 below The Nazi buddies of the Dalai Lama                          Part 4 below The Dalai Lama enjoying the high life with Chairman Mao and other Chinese notables  Part 5  The Dalai Lama and  Shoko Asahara

Part 1

The Dalai Lama Cables: Follow the Money Recently declassified US State Department cables reveal the workings of the Dalai Lama and his inner circle. Throughout the 1950s the Dalai Lama negotiated with the US government for military and financial assistance. In the State Department document ‘United States Policy Concerning the Legal Status of Tibet – 1942 – 1956’, a summary of the US government’s response is given: ‘The United States was prepared to provide light arms, but it was not prepared to pay the expenses of the Dalai Lama and his retinue if they sought asylum abroad, because it assumed that the Dalai Lama had enough treasure to pay his own expenses.’ When the Dalai Lama finally did flee Tibet in early 1959, he sent his brother, Gyalo Thondup, to ask for financial and military assistance. Gyalo Thondup let it be known that: ‘The Dalai Lama did not bring out any treasures from Tibet and consequently was very hard up financially’. The declassified documents show that the Dalai Lama received a personal subsidy from the US government – a covert payment arranged by the CIA – of 180,000 US Dollars per year from 1959 through till at least 1974. To put this in a modern context 180,000 dollars in the 1950s would be worth nearly 1.5 million today, and 180,000 dollars in the seventies would be worth nearly 800,000 today. Considering the US intended not to support the Dalai Lama financially that’s a pretty generous subsidy to have squeezed out of them.

Camp Hale Colorado where the CIA Trained Tibetan guerrillas

The Dalai Lama with Tibetan Guerillas

Old Buddies meet up -John Kenneth Knaus, the CIA station chief who ran these covert actions in the late 1950s and 1960s. Above Photo approx 1995

Dalai Lama inspecting troops 1972

Part 2

Torture and Punishment in the Dalai Lama’s Tibet in pictures  Nothing could be further from the truth than the popular myth of pre-invasion Tibet as a Shangri-la. These photos show horrific and inhumane punishments regularly meted out by the ruling classes right up to the time when the Dalai Lama fled his homeland.

This photograph shows a Tibetan whose eyes were gouged out with the kinds of instruments that were used for this kind of punishment. Anna Louise Strong describes torture implements she saw when visiting Tibet in 1959: “There were handcuffs of many sizes, including small ones for small children; there were instruments for cutting off noses and ears, and other instruments for breaking off the hands. There were instruments for gouging out eyes, including a special stone cap with two holes in it that was pressed down over the head so that the eyes bulged out through the hole, in which position they were gouged out and hot oil poured in into the sockets.”

This photograph shows bKra-shis, a herdsman, whose foot tendons were taken out as punishment. Anna Louise Strong describes the torture instruments she saw in Tibet in 1959: “There were instruments for slicing off knee-caps, after which boiling oil was applied there. other instruments sliced off the heels or hamstrung men, making permanent cripples. there were instruments for sealing the forehead with a red hot brand. there were various kinds of whips for flogging, with wooden paddles, or with ropes or wires. there were special instruments for dis-embowelling.”

Stuart and Roma Gelder met Tsereh Wang Tuei in Tibet in 1962. He told them his story: “Without emotion he told us that he was born a serf of Drepung in the village of Peichang, on the edge of the grasslands where we met him. He became a herdsman, looking after sheep and yaks. when he was twenty years old he stole two sheep belonging to a petty official of the monastery, named Gambo. For this crime he was taken before the monastic magistrate who ordered that both his eyes should be put out. Tsereh Wang Tuei drew his hand across his face as he described how one was gouged with a knife and the other sucked from its socket with a half-hollowed ball. Then adding a little private punishment of his own, Gambo instructed the ‘executioner’ to tie up Tsereh’s left hand with rope and twist and pull it until parts of two fingers came off. To complete the torture, the bleeding hand was wrapped in salted yak hide. When the leather had shrunk it was permitted to be removed. What was left was a useless piece of flesh and crushed bone. we asked Tsereh Wang Tuei, ‘Are you a Buddhist?’ ‘I was,’ he said. ‘But not now?’ ‘No,’ he replied. ‘When a holy lama told them to blind me I thought there was no good in religion.’”

In her book, Tibetan Interviews, Anna Lousie Strong, recounts: “A herdsman, speaking at the big mass meeting with arms uplifted to show that the hands were long since broken off at the wrist. But the strong face spoke now neither of pain nor of horror but only of judgement as the man said: “This lord took away my wife and I never again saw her. He beat off my hands when I opposed him. He also beat of the hands of my younger brother, who was weaker than I and who died of shock and loss of blood. My sister died of the terror. My old mother is ill ever since.”

Public Torture in Lhasa These Tibetans are terrified as they await punishment. They were frontier guards who – following their standard proceedure – shot and killed some foreigners who were trying to enter into Tibet. Unknown to them a letter from the Tibetan Government was making it way to them instructing them to greet these foreigners and show them the highest respect. Unfortunately for these guards and the three men they killed, the letter arrived too late. As Frank Bessac, one of the surviving foreigners reported: ‘The leader was to have his nose and both ears cut off. The man who fired the first shot was to lose both ears. A third man was to lose one ear, and the others were to get 50 lashes each.’ The Tibetans were saved from mutilation only by one of the Americans they had shot at. Bessac tells us: ‘I felt that this punishment was too severe, so I asked if it could be lightened. My request was granted. The new sentences were: 200 lashes each for the leader and the man who fired the first shot.’ This 1950 photograph shows their public whipping in Lhasa. After their public whipping the leaders were then put in cangues indefinitely, unable to feed themselves they would only be able to eat through the kindness of others.

Public Whipping in Lhasa This 1950 photograph shows their public whipping in Lhasa. The Tibetans were saved from mutilation only by one of the Americans they had shot at. Bessac tells us: ‘I felt that this punishment was too severe, so I asked if it could be lightened. My request was granted. the new sentences were: 200 lashes each for the leader and the man who fired the first shot.’

Public Torture in Lhasa After their public whipping the leaders were then put in cangues indefinitely. Unable to feed themselves, they would only be able to eat through the kindness of others.

A Tibetan in cangue “A murderer at the prison of Muli. Permanent iron clamps hold the boards of the cangue together; he will wear this for five years, should he live so long. His hands cannot reach his face, so he must be fed a ball of barley flour twice a day by a monk.”

While the Dalai Lama enjoyed his 1000 room mansion the Potala Palace, at its foot was the Potala Shol prison were Tibetans would be tortured and even executed. This photograph shows a Tibetan in the cangue. Sometimes they would remain in the cangue for the rest of their lives.

The Prison below the Potala Palace Underneath the Dalai Lama’s luxurious Potala Palace, Tibetans languished in stocks.

Another prison photo under Potala Prison Another photo of Tibetans in stocks in the Potala Shol prison beneath the Potala.


Below The Nazi buddies of the Dalai Lama

The Dalai with Jorge Haider

In 2006 and 2007, the Dalai Lama publicly gave Jorg Haider his blessings with a ceremonial white scarf (Katag). Haider had been the leader of the Far-Right Austrian Freedom Party (FPO), and known for publically airing his appreciation of the policies of Nazi Germany. So much so that when his party was brought in to form a coalition government in Austria the European Union imposed a diplomatic boycott on Austria because of the FPO’s extreme views.

Dalai Lama with Miguel Serranao

Another Nazi friend of the Dalai Lama was Miguel Serrano head of the Nazi Party in Chile and the author of several books that elevate Hitler to a god-like status. Whilst working as the Chilean ambassador to India between 1959 – 1962, Miguel Serrano, although openly a supporter of the Nazis, kept quiet about his view of Hitler as a god on earth… but even after he published books expounding these views in 1978 and claiming their close connection with Tantric Buddhism, the Dalai Lama maintained a close personal friendship, inviting him to private meetings in 1984 and 1992.

The Dalai Lama with Heinrich Harrer

The Dalai Lama maintained a warm relationship with Heinrich Harrer and both tried to play down his Nazi links. Gerald Lehner’s investigated the matter and found: “In his curriculum vitae for the SS, Harrer mentions his SA membership twice. Handwritten. Furthermore he was friends with and brother-in-law to the Gauleiter of Styria, the mass-murderer Siegfried Uiberreither. Both married the daughters of the German polar explorer Alfred Wegener who at the time had taught in Graz. Furthermore during his time at the Indian internment camp, Harrer boasted to have been there when the Graz synagogue was burnt down in the Crystal night. His contacts to the SA troup came about through the ‘Graz Gymnastic Club’ which was spearheading the (at the time) illegal Nazis in Austria. He remained a member of this club until his death.”

Heinrich Harrer with Hitler

Heinrich Harrer was a tutor to the young Dalai Lama in Tibet, and remained close to him through the decades in exile. Vanity Fair described him as the Dalai Lama’s ‘western guru’. Here he is standing next to Hitler. Harrer was a sergeant in the SS, Hitler’s elite soldiers. For more details about Heinrich Harrer’s nazi past, read Gerald Lehner’s book on the subject.

Another Pal Bruno Berger

nother close Nazi friend of the Dalai Lama’s was Bruno Beger, a war criminal convicted for his ‘scientific research’ on jewish prisoners at Auschwitz. Beger was convicted in 1970 for his part in a mass murder at the Natzweiler-Struthof concentration camp. This was part of the ‘Ahnenerbe’ (‘Ancestry Heritage’) programme run by August Hirt – one of the most repulsive parts of the Nazi’s grim history. Beger insisted to colleagues that they needed Jewish skulls and so 86 of his subjects were murdered. They were 29 women and 57 men who were transported from Auschwitz and gassed in August 1943, in a special chamber about sixty kilometres south-west of Strasburg, in the Vosges mountains, near Hirt’s headquarters. Beger had X-rayed their 86 skulls and determined their blood types, and after their murder, did work on their skeletons.

Bruno Berger during the war crimes tribunal

The Dalai Lama has maintained a close relationship with Bruno Beger despite his conviction as a Nazi war criminal. In exchange for the legitimacy the Dalai Lama’s friendship bestows on the Nazi scientist, Beger has in return offered writings on Tibet that support the Dalai Lama’s position:

This photo shows Reting, the regent of Tibet, with Bruno Beger, a key member of the SS expeditions to Lhasa.

  Part 4

Below The Dalai Lama enjoying the high life with Chairman Mao and other Chinese notables

The Dalai Lama shaking Chairman Mao’s hands on Oct 13, 1954

The Dalai Lama voting at a Communist Party Convention In March 1955, the Dalai Lama attended the first session of the National People’s Congress in Beijing and was elected vice chairman of the NPC standing committee. In April 1956, he was also appointed the Chairman of the Preparatory Committee for the Autonomous Region of Tibet.

The Dalai Lama with Deng Xiaoping in 1954

he Dalai Lama having dinner with Chairman Mao and Zhou Enlai. Stuart and Roma Gelder visiting Tibet in 1962, commented that the Dalai Lama and his public statements (such as ‘Learn from the Soviet Union and Construct Our Socialist Fatherland’ and ‘Strive for a Glorious Leap Forward in Tibet’) had been ‘Mao’s most valuable ally in Tibet’.

                                                               Part 5 –

The Dalai Lama and Shoko Asahara images (3)     Good friend of Dalai Lama and praised by the Dalai Lama after giving over a million dollars to Dalai Lama. Also an admirer of Adolph Hitler. Convicted of mass murder by placing poison Sarin gas in the Tokyo subway. The Dalai Lama lobbied for Shoko Asahara to be recognised as a Buddhist leader in Japan

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  1. These images are nothing new, but whatever descriptions goes along with images are new and biased.
    You can clearly get the sense of cyber soldiers of Chinese communist government trying the porpagate brainwashing incomplete history chapters has influenced this website after successfully brain washed its innocent common people in China.
    Look at the history of most asian countries(including china) back in 1950s, they practised diiferent ways to enforce the rules for misconduct(of course some are inhumane, but all nations have dark history and they changed.), simples example; you can google out for “punishments during cultural revolution in China” even in 1960s and 1970s. You can find tonnes of self explaining images and stories shows how babarics rules that chinese communist government has carried out in Tibet and China.
    The censorship is so tight and caged in China that people doesnt have a reliable access to unbiased information. So its unfortunate that Chinese Communist Party(CCP) goverment can deceive the people in China.We can’t expect the same response from around the world, the simple reason is that China couldn’t censor outside the China on large scale yet. The people has enough access to the history outside China and if some one really respect the truth, they will never believe the gossips of some carefully selected images and crafted explainations so easily.

    Tibet in WWII is isolated and luckily neutral, its obessed with own buddhist culture and made a mistake by not staying in touch with outside world. Tibet has land(size of whole western europe put together) of military strategic and mineral resources. CCP knows Tibet’s weakness and she doesn’t have friend so through similar propaganda(seen in above images) combined with military force they invaded Tibet. So followings are true descriptions of some of those images.

    That time 1950, Dalai Lama is merely fifteen old teenage boy monk. CCP initially promise it will respect basic human rights and its practice of religious freedom. Dalai Lama didn’t want Tibetans to take arms against CCP mighty millions strong soldier which would resulted in countless bloodshed. So 1950-1959 dalai lama tried his best effort to work with China but CPP voided its promise even now look at GDP in Tibet its among the lowest in China.

    So Dalai lama stepped in exile for the sake of better future for tibet where many countries offered to help. No wonder America, India and others countries came along.

    to help Tibet to modernise and deep in his heart, he doesn’t war and violent between tibet and china.

  2. How much does China pay you to print this bullshit????

  3. Check out the movie 7 years in Tibet with Brad Pitt – that’s your Nazi connection. I wouldnt be taking too seriously what comes from the FBI or CIA – terrorist organisations

  4. Dala Lama is a CIA agent, no man with integrity or conscious would want to be on the payroll of CIA. Chinese people, 1.3 billions of them dislike Dala Lama as they knew he has Chinese blood on his hands. He twist the truth from fact, Taibet is part of China for thousands of years, please verify this on Wikipedia the map of China during Yuan dynasty. For all those shallow American, please check the history of Texas, and should you return the territory of Texas to Mexico or Spain, or return Aleska to Russia?
    Dala Lama, you have Chinese blood on your hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dr Wang (Sydney)

    • Mr wang, how can I believe in your statement. you dont even know how to spell TIBET properly. anyways, dear friends, even if you try to pool entire world’s accusation on Dalai Lama your strenuous effort will go futile for sure, not because he has large no of followers and believers it is because its a false and created by groups of people who hate him. I am sure you all have good reasons to bring down the Dalai lama but I feel sorry for you guys cz you dont know the person whom you r dealing with, forget about accusation, even if u praise him, put him on your head and carry on neck as savior like many of his follower do.He remained same as he is., He sees him self as “a simple buddhist monk” I am not trying to bring you guys to his side but think! you have brain! think! put your mind in the track and see from your own perspective. R u doing a good job? does it make your life better by creating false impression on others? If you do continue your work and be happy. Cz his holiness the dalai lama once said ” call me an evil if it makes you happy’ good luck guys

  5. Word from Tibetans. We had no issues till China started beating us, telling us we can not respect our teachers and have pictures, poisoned our grain supplies, water, and supplies.

    Don’t speak for Tibetans, we never wanted China in our lands. You try walking across wnow to escape being beaten by a communist regime of lies.

    • Have you been to Tibet if you go you will find it to be quite different to what you perceive it to be. I live in Asia and regret to say the Western view of Buddhism is a million miles away from the reality of what Buddhism is at ground level.

      • Yes, I have. Not just once. Enjoyed the train ride, but not the small buses to go into upper territory. However, CCP closed media recording, video of issues, reports by Tibetan elders, confiscated video and pictures, except they were not very perceptive of micro-device compression and encryption easy to hide.

        Yet I am sure you are aware of this. Or are you simply blinded by communist manipulation in such propaganda such as “Slave” released both in Mandarin and Cantonese.

        I have spent tiem with Chinese, some clueless to truth, and harm caused in Tibet, some very aware of it and saddened by the changes in their own culture. As well as Chan monks here who prefer life in America.

      • A couple of points.
        Culture changes irrespective of what is happening. If culture stands stands still it dies.
        Yes there is repression and a certain lack of freedom in the provence of Tibet.As an observer looking in since 9/11 freedom appears to have also been curtalied in the US and regretable this appears to be a worldwide trend whither it be overtly or covertly.
        As for the Chinese communist party I am no lover of them. In essence now they have morphed into a provisional capitalist party in waiting.
        If the Dalai Lama had remained in Tibet it would not have been able to survive in its old form.Conditions were so bad that eventually the system would have had break down. Given the mentality of the monks they would have resisted change end result another country rocked by civil war.
        The best thing that happened to Tibet was the fleeing of the Dalai Lama.

      • I do need to ask you this. What exactly is your School of Buddhism? Do you understand the precepts? Give me and understanding of how you perceive the teachings, in concept of how we use them.

        Explain to me the different variations of the “middle path” what they contain, and the differences.

        My studies started abroad, not here. Keep this in mind.

        Living in “Asia” is too narrow of a comment. Where in Asia?

        What dedication have you made?

        II have lived in Asia, does that make me an expert? I study complete teachings, in various forms, as well as advancement into the Mahamudra. Can you explain in detail what you understand of this?

        Have you studied in India? In Nepal? In Taiwan? or any other place to compare teachings and the way they show you to weave through ego?


        Karma Yeshe Dondrub

      • I live in Thailand. I Am not an expert in Buddhism I am but a mere observer.I am not a buddhist but I have have studied the philosophy of the various branches of Buddhism.At the end of the day the situation the situation in Tibet evolves around political control of Tibet and its Buddhist/religious factions. As a cynic and a betting man my money is om China

  6. Check maps again. Tibet was always Tibet. Before hand Mongols tried to make claim.

    Don’t worry the communist party will fall. Even if it Is corporate parties for the 2014 plan to crumble the Chinese CCP financially and globally.

    • Tibet has never been recognised as a country in its own right do you know why?

      • THe only people that say Tibet was never it’s own country, is the communist Party of China. The only other time that was stated was with Mongolia disputes.

        However here is a fact for you. CHina signed a declaration prior to evasion even stating the desire to work with , and recognizing Tibet as a independent country. However it was not respected and they stated, through recorded communication, that they plain to invade “TIBET” to liberate it’s people.

        Simpel fact for you, may want to read documents, if you need help translating them, I can.

      • So why has no other country ever recognised Tibet as an independent state

      • Others have except China. It was not until Chinese Invasion that any other claim was made. Keep in mind the UN considers refuges exiles of Tibet” not China.

        They still do not support Chinese invasion despite issues and trade. This includes Canada and most of Europe.

      • People may not support the invasion however this is no more than political posturing. No country in Europe recognises Tibet.
        The CTA is not recognised as a sovereign government by any country, but it receives financial aid from governments and international organizations for its welfare work among the Tibetan exile community in India. In October 1998, the Dalai Lama’s administration acknowledged that it received US$1.7 million a year in the 1960s from the US Government through the Central Intelligence Agency, which had also trained a guerrilla force at Camp Hale in Colorado. On 11 February 1991, the CTA became a founding member of the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization at a ceremony held at the Peace Palace in The Hague, Netherlands.
        The Dalai Lama’s connection to the CIA is most likely a major stumbling block if the DL were to take a back seat maybe life in Tibet would improve.
        The DL himself is not looking for independance.

      • China prior to invasion, signed a document stating they recognize Tibet as a nation they wish to assist. With regional, as well as environmental changes, it was promised.

        China Announced the Invasion of Tibet to liberate Tibetans from “THEIR” leaders, under false precepts. Which also contradicted all documents signed by Jun Lin in behalf of MTT.

        TIbetans then and today clearly voice they needed no “liberation” and clearly stated they want freedom. That they remain oppressed under communist leadership and their conditions have declined. Once stable supplies of grain and farming were taken for Chinese military use. Resources destroyed, and how many mines have to collapse on the heads of Chinese workers before they realize they do not understand the rock layers of the land?

        How many elders have to cry out for the return of the Dalai Lama? How many from northern territory send wishes for the return of the sharmapa’s and Karmapa.

        You also do realize the difference in schools? THat the Dalai Lama is only one aspect? An the clear arrogance in the understanding of Mahakala by Chinese? Skull caps? Killing people? Necrosis? It is impurities symbolized so all may obtain Buddhahood.

        The over population of China is a sad truth and issue, and Chinese Communist party will obtain any territory they can. Repress, suppress, kill, and force native people out for their own greed.

        While many Chinese remain blinded and ignorant to truth and Dharma, it isn’t really their fault. Nor can one wish any hurt to them. However, how many Tibetans have died at the hands of Chinese rule? Many.

        How blind are you to the clear desire (how it destroys so many) of the CCP? How fast Dharma is forgotten. Teachings ignored, and attachment to power corrupting so many. Dharma is dying in China, even tho some in the Chan line try so hard to maintain it and have to do so now in the west.

        Impermanence is a factor in the every changing Flux. Yet There will be change, and sometimes economic power has the be the hand to force it.

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