Bradley Manning Kangaroo Court: This is America. Reason doesn’t live here anymore

I cannot forecast to you the actions of America.  It’s a psyop, wrapped in a fraud, the backbone of which is a hoax… and it’s taking center stage… in a kangaroo court. Thus is the state of the nation in a nutshell. But perhaps there is a key and if so, reason is it. Too bad they’re destroying the education system and our time of reason is short.

“Lind ruled later in the hearing that “John Doe” must testify in civilian clothing and “light disguise” in a closed session at an alternate, secure location to prevent disclosure of his identity or details of the mission. The disguise cannot obscure his demeanor, body movements and facial reactions.” AP

I read the news today, oh boy. And though the news was rather sad, I just had to laugh, cus we never saw the photograph…

Lind said the trial also would be closed during the entire testimony of three other unidentified “special” prosecution witnesses who will discuss classified information. It might be closed during part of the testimony of 24 other government witnesses to prevent release of classified information, she said.” AP

Bradley Manning is on trial if you can call it that while keeping a straight face.

He’s on trial for “leaking” all those Wikileaks State Department files that said things like the Muslim people in the Middle East don’t like Iran. Silly stuff like that. We’re supposed to forget that Bradley wanted to be a double agent and that Wikileaks was created by the NSA to be a whistle-blower honey-pot. We’re supposed to forget that Assange is a roving international playboy millionaire housed in one castle after one embassy after another all the while running from legal action for having unprotected sneak-in sex with a young woman while she was asleep. Of course, all the “year of the WOMAN!” liberals still love him and call him hero which is an amazing bit of cognitive dissonance when you think about it.

What happened to Aaron Swartz? Oh yeah, they tried to try him after offering him a deal, but he didn’t take the deal, so they killed him. His thoughtcrime was thinking that educational material and knowledge should be available to everyone and that the internet should remain free to all and open. And Assange is cashing checks where? Running for office in Australia? After living in a castle with an oligarch? And he’s an “outsider”? That’s a laugh

Today the news is rather sad. See if you can keep up:

The court in the Manning trial has ruled that “John Doe”, an “operator” for the military in the bin Laden assassination hoax, can testify in Manning’s court martial hearing on whether or not the dead bin Laden had some of the Wikileaks files on his computer at the shanty he was living in before they whacked him.

You may think that’s silly, but in fact it is not. This is the “why” of it: we are entering an era where clowns in disguise can testify against you, providing secret evidence about how you inadvertently aided the imaginary boogieman and you will be held accountable in a court of “law”.

This is the nation, this is the state of our world, then one we let them construct and keep constructing everyday we choose not to take to the streets en masse.

“The government must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the intelligence is given to and received by the enemy,” Lind said.

You see, there is always a method to their ridiculous madness. I told you years ago that Obama would attack Social Security. I told you before he was “elected” in 2008 that he wouldn’t prosecute parties from the Bush administration and in fact the only “CHANGE” we would see is things getting worse on all fronts. I told you this then, so you should listen when I tell you the importance of this new development.

Yes, it’s ridiculous – the kangaroo court proceeding of Bradley Manning is a farce. It’s beyond farcical to the point of almost slap-stick.

To bring in a secret “witness” to testify to what a man who had been dead for 10 years had on his laptop, before he was criminally murdered in a public relations production where they lied about how he was killed, why he was killed, produced phony pictures of him killed, rushed out to sea with his body and quietly dumped it in the drink where it could never be found with no photos taken of him to prove they got him and no videos of the tactical insertion, though they claimed they watched it live at the White House and even staged a nifty little photo-op with Hillary Clinton holding her hand over her mouth for dramatic effect….

… all to get the guy they said was responsible for 9/11 because they tortured a couple of other guys for up to 180 days before they “confessed” and gave up that information… before the CIA had to burn all those tapes of those “confessions” in spite of congressional orders and federal laws telling them not too…

… that is to say nothing of the fact that al Qaeda was and is the creation of the CIA as a means to destabilize nations through terrorism (Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Libya, Syria…) …

Hell, they had to get the CIA to work with a Mockingbird agent to make a feature film to finalize the propaganda and even that backfired on them…

Oh what a tangled web we weave…

But here is the point, you knew I would get around to it eventually:

They’re basically saying that by leaking this stuff to Wikileaks (which was carefully vetted by State Department heads and psyop experts to present the illusion of “insider” information but which actually supported their agenda in the Middle East and elsewhere) so that it could be made public, they aided the enemy… not by making the U.S. look bad, but instead by the more direct charge of actually using the random internet publishing as a means by which intelligence was “given to and received by the enemy“

That’s a mighty important distinction in the case. No one is saying Bradley Manning gave the stuff to Assange so he could give it to the ghost of the dead bin Laden personally. What they are saying is that if something is published in an open forum and ends up on a phony terrorist’s laptop, even years after his death, and a secret witness who will remain unnamed in perpetuity, comes forward and makes a claim that he found said publication on said non-existent laptop, well then… you have committed treason basically for publishing something online…

Now remember, none of the “leaks” from Manning have had ANY effect on the all important Global Free Market Wars.

None of them.

And none of them exposed the real nature of it.

In fact, the recent study which showed that our drone strikes are not killing “al Qaeda” like President Peace Prize claims, but rather people the Pakistani military want to kill basically making the drone program nothing more than an updated death squad practice, that study did VASTLY more damage to the free-marketeers of globalization than anything Manning ever did, excluding all the breathless over-hyping from the “foundation” activists to the contrary.

bin Laden certainly didn’t do ANYTHING with that useless trove of Hillary Clinton approved drivel. But that doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter that the story itself is completely bullshit and that so many of the SEALS who supposedly were on that raid are now dead keeping them silent forever.

It doesn’t matter that bin Laden, even by the official record, didn’t do jack shit since 9/11 (since we all know the AmeriThrax attacks came from us) and was holed up in a shitty little run-down ghetto in Pakistan like a broken-down boogieman who’s done way too many sequels.

It doesn’t matter that the last verified videos on bin Laden recorded in Nov. of 2001 are of  hims saying he had nothing to do with 9/11 and all the faked ones after those have been proven faked and are not certified by our intelligence agencies.

It doesn’t matter that most informed experts agree that bin Laden died from his illnesses in Dec. of 2001 and even President Bush mentioned several times in the aftermath of 9/11 that they weren’t all that interesting in bin Laden because “he’s just one guy”… one dead guy and they needed one live boogieman.

It doesn’t matter that the deeply flawed 9/11 Commission Report ultimately came to the conclusion that it’s not important to figure out who paid for 9/11 because it was ultimately “of little significance” anyway.

None of that matters.

All they have to do with this psyop is claim that the files were there on the mysterious super-secret bin Laden laptop and provide a super-secret witness to make the claim that he will never be held accountable for and legal precedent is set.

Anything you publish on the net, if it ends up on some “terrorists” laptop, you are responsible for it… even if no one can prove it’s actually on a laptop and even if no one can actually prove the terrorist is a terrorist.

They can provide a “military operator” to come in, in secret, in the dark, with no accountability, to make that claim, and you have to sit back and accept it as the rule of law.


Why don’t we just do this: toss Manning into a pond, if he floats he’s guilty, if he sinks he’s less guilty. And afterwards we can hand onto his computers in super-secret places and for the next 40 or 60 years we can have it available to use to “find” files on it that implicate other people in the future that we don’t like. And for that matter, we can “find” files on the computer that don’t even exist at this point, but of course that won’t matter because the examination of the files and the system is off limits for purposes of national security.

It’s like watching a badly written movie trying to right itself in a tempest of poorly conceived plot-lines or an improve between two comedians that just goes from ridiculous to absurd with no end in sight.

Layers upon layer of already exposed bullshit being heaped one on top of the other. The other day the AP and Fox News were all beside themselves talking about how those Iraqis were celebrating and tearing down the statue of Saddam Hussein 10 years ago in Iraq when EVERYONE knows it was a propaganda operation in which a U.S. psyop officer got “Screwball” and his band of ex-pats to run around hooting and hollering while the U.S. troops pulled it down for the PR value of it all. Like the “incubator babies” story before it, it was bullshit yet, there are the articles, plain as day, PRETENDING it wasn’t … PRETENDING we don’t KNOW it was bullshit. And … we… are … supposed… to… believe… it….

more cognitive dissonance.

And now we have this. You almost need a Ph. D to keep up these days. So many contractors running so many psyops and unconventional warfare actions on us here in the states, it makes your head spin. No wonder people just give up and turn away. can’t blame ‘em.

I cannot forecast to you the actions of America or where it will end up.  It’s a psyop, wrapped in a fraud, the backbone of which is a hoax… and it’s taking center stage… in a kangaroo court. Thus is the state of the nation in a nutshell. And I think we can all but toss out “reason” as our savior.

This is America. Reason doesn’t live here anymore.

via Bradley Manning Kangaroo Court: This is America. Reason doesn’t live here anymore. | Opinion – Liberal.

via Bradley Manning Kangaroo Court: This is America. Reason doesn’t live here anymore. | Opinion – Liberal.


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  1. WOW – this guy didn’t hold back!

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