Irish court told woman ‘being forced to have abortion’

The judge has allowed time for the woman to take legal advice.

The Irish high court has been asked to order a psychiatric assessment of a young woman to establish if she is travelling to the UK for an abortion against her will.

The woman’s boyfriend claims she is being forced to have an abortion by her parents.

The judge said she would not proceed until the woman had received legal advice.

The case was adjourned until Friday.

The boyfriend has applied for injunctions to prevent the woman from having an abortion or travelling outside the country.

He says his girlfriend’s family are unhappy with the fact she is in a relationship with someone of non-European origin.

The couple are not Irish citizens but live in Ireland.

The man’s lawyer said his client discovered that his girlfriend has been booked into a clinic in the UK and was due to have an abortion on Thursday.

In a sworn statement, the man told the court that his girlfriend was “happy to be pregnant” was looking forward to having a scan and had bought baby clothes.

The man said he had no desire to prevent her from travelling if it was of her own free will, and that a member of the girlfriend’s family had threatened to kill him if he tried to come near her.

via BBC News – Irish court told woman ‘being forced to have abortion’.


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  1. How old is “the girlfriend”? If “the boyfriend” has not even attained fiancé status I don’t think he should have much say about anything. Smart judge. Poor pregnant girl being pulled in all directions, especially by the boyfriend”. I would resent, a great deal, my lover asking a court to perform a psychiatric examination on me. Leaving the country just to get away from him might not be such a bad idea. Just my 2 cents and I don’t know these folks.

    • Ok the article does not give to much in the way of information but I think the following line gives a clue
      “she is in a relationship with someone of non-European origin”
      One can speculate a lot but I suspect maybe Middle -Eastern origin. The fact that it can go to court is in itself a disgrace.

      • I am guilty of speculating in that direction. Controlling SOBs. Perhaps she WAS in a relationship, as evidenced by the pregnancy, but who knows how coerced that was. If she is a citizen and if he marries her will he be naturalized? As happens in USA? If she succumbs and maries him, he will get complete dominion over her and the child and any assets she might have or inherit, depending on where he is from, and if he can trick her into crossing his home border, say to visit his parents, or even to view the sights she and the child, can be legally detained in his country of origin. Stuck. A slave. Still, who knows the real story. I do hope her legal advisor is astute. If she is an ingénue than her innocence can be twisted by clever liars calling themselves legal counsel for “the boyfriend” and expert witnesses calling themselves psychologists. If he can delay any trips she makes (grrrr) then it can become more dangerous and more traumatic, especially after the first trimester which passes fairly quickly, considering dawdling lawyers after billable hours and a client wanting postponements. And maybe she does want the baby but does not dare have the father. And if she has the baby she has to have the father ’cause he’ll demand DNA and whatever paternal privileges he can squeeze, so she can’t have the baby, as he will just snatch it. This sort of situation has happened in the States. You are right. It is a disgrace.

      • I have read a few other reports on this and it would appear they are both non nationals!!!
        I quote from a statement issued
        “The man said he had no desire to prevent her from travelling if it was of her own free will, and that a member of the girlfriend’s family had threatened to kill him if he tried to come near her”.
        Up to a few years ago any woman that gave birth in Ireland was entitled to stay and get full benefits. However, this has now been stopped after plane loads of pregnant woman started to arrive from Nigeria.

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