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Shell announces indefinite halt to its Alaska drilling plans

By John Donovan

The following announcement has just been published on under the headline: Shell announces pause in Alaska drilling programme

It is notable that the so-called “pause” is indefinite.

Shell has got a bad case of corporate frostbite and may take some time to regroup and recover. 

The current management was exposed as being inexperienced and hopelessly incompetent.

This is what happens when corner-cutting bean counters, Voser & Henry, are in charge of an oil company, assisted by Odious Odum.

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Royal Dutch Shell plc (“Shell”) today announced it will pause its exploration drilling activity for 2013 in Alaska’s Beaufort and Chukchi Seas to prepare equipment and plans for a resumption of activity at a later stage.

“We’ve made progress in Alaska, but this is a long-term programme that we are pursuing in a safe and measured way,” said  Marvin Odum, Director, Upstream Americas.  “Our decision to pause in 2013 will give us time to ensure the readiness of all our equipment and people following the drilling season in 2012.”

Alaska holds important energy resources. At the same time, securing access to those resources requires special expertise, technology and an in depth understanding of the environmental and societal sensitivities unique to the region. Shell is one of the leaders in an industry move into offshore Arctic exploration. The company continues to use its extensive experience in Arctic and sub-Arctic environments to prepare for safe activities in Alaska.

Alaska remains an area with high potential for Shell over the long term, and the company is committed to drill there again in the future. If exploration proves successful, resources there would take years to develop.

Shell completed top-hole drilling on two wells in 2012 in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas, marking the industry’s return to offshore drilling in the Alaskan Arctic after more than a decade. This drilling was completed safely, with no serious injuries or environmental impact.  After the drilling season ended, however, one of Shell’s drilling rigs, the Kulluk, was damaged in a maritime incident related to strong weather conditions. The Kulluk and the second drilling rig, the Noble Discoverer, will be towed to locations in Asia for maintenance and repairs.

“Shell remains committed to building an Arctic exploration program that provides confidence to stakeholders and regulators, and meets the high standards the company applies to its operations around the world,” said Odum. “We continue to believe that a measured and responsible pace, especially in the exploration phase, fits best in this remote area.

Notes for editors

Royal Dutch Shell plc (“Shell”) is a leading oil and gas exploration player, with upstream activities in over 50 countries world-wide. Exploration and deals in conventional basins and resources plays added 12 billion barrels of oil equivalent (boe) resources for Shell in 2010-2012.

Shell has ambitious exploration plans worldwide. Exploration drilling activity will step up in 2013-14. Shell expects to drill over 40 high-potential wells in 18 conventional basins, and test 10 key resources plays for tight gas and liquids-rich shales. Plans for 2013 call for a $7 billion exploration and appraisal programme spanning both early production opportunities and longer-term development plays.

via Royal Dutch Shell Plc .com.

via Royal Dutch Shell Plc .com.

Shell in Arctic oil risk alert

Failings identified on a Shell ship drilling in the Arctic have raised questions about the energy giant’s plans to extract oil in the region.

The US Coast Guard has passed its investigation of 16 violations on board the Noble Discoverer to the Department of Justice, after the ship spent last summer drilling off Alaska‘s northern coast.

The violations included fire hazards and problems with the propulsion system, which meant the ship could not move as quickly as required in all expected weather conditions. Any potential fines would depend on how seriously officials view them.

The findings emerged after Shell’s other Arctic barge, the Kulluk, broke away from a tug and crashed into the uninhabited Sitkalidak Island on New Year‘s Eve.

Ed Markey, as US Congressman, has written to Marvin Odum, Shell’s oil president, to ask what he will do. “The reports that Shell may have been drilling this summer using a drill ship with serious deficiencies in its safety and pollution control equipment raise additional and continued questions about whether Shell is able to drill safely offshore in the Arctic,” he wrote in the letter.

A spokesman for Shell said the ship had not presented an environmental risk.

“At no time was the Noble Discoverer found or believed to be a danger to people or the environment while drilling,” he said. “Had that been the case, we would have ceased all operations immediately.”

However, the findings will give fuel to environmentalists calling on the White House to suspend Arctic drilling permits, arguing that the region’s extreme weather makes drilling too likely to lead to oil or fuel spills.

Aside from the political pressures, Shell also faces logistical difficulties as both of its Arctic ships are taken to Korea for inspection and repairs. The spokesman said it was “too early to say” whether they will be ready for the start of the Arctic drilling season in May, when the ice floes allow work to resume.

via Shell in Arctic oil risk alert – Telegraph.

via Shell in Arctic oil risk alert – Telegraph.

Hello Bellanboy Co.Mayo- Can You Trust Shell Oil?

Dear People of Bellanboy

Did you ever wonder what happens when a gas plant explodes.? Well just take a look at this Video.

Can you really trust Shell to do the job right?

Royal Dutch Shell is a company with sham business principles and no scruples. It plotted to exploit the 9/11 attack for commercial purposes, adopted a Touch F*** All approach to the safety of offshore operations costing the lives of Shell offshore workers, and even defrauded its own investors. Is the U.S. government really going to allow this thoroughly discredited blundering company to continue with its jinxed Arctic folly? And I have not mentioned its horrendous track record in Nigeria, including the embedding of spies throughout the host government.”

The above from


The Guardian -31st Jan 2013

Shell continues spilling oil in North Sea despite efforts to improve

Anglo-Dutch group has been responsible for over 20 pollution accidents in British waters over a six month period


The Grounding of the Kulluk in Alaska

There is no mention of making any insurance claim, because Shell was apparently unable to obtain contingency cover.


The venture was to risky.

The ill fated voyage of the Kulluk, which ended on the rocks, was prompted, as Shell has admitted, by a tax dodging motive.


Do you the people of Co. Mayo trust Shell?

Greenpeace activist dressed as polar bear arrested at petrol station protest

Greenpeace, Save The Arctic campaign

This poor polar bear might be wishing it was back in the Arctic… after falling foul of the law in Britain.

OK, it looked guilty of making a silly gesture behind the back of an officer filming the crime scene.

And later its exasperated expression did seem to make a female officer laugh without due care and attention.

But as the crestfallen creature was handcuffed and dragged away to a waiting panda car by four officers, it� looked in a rather bad way. But one thing’s for sure – the costumed campaigner had certainly made its point.

It was one of many Greenpeace protesters targeting Shell petrol stations across the country to complain about the company’s plans to drill for oil off the coast of Alaska.

The activists cordoned off scores of Shell forecourts and used emergency shut-off switches to stop fuel from getting to the pumps. They claimed they had ‘closed down’ 71 petrol stations – well on the way to its target of 100 – but Shell later said it was 30. A total of 25 arrests were also made in London and Edinburgh, where the bear had its collar felt.

The incident occurred at a Shell petrol station on Dalry Road, Edinburgh, Scotland (Picture: Scott Taylor Universal News And Sport)

A Shell spokesman said: ‘We recognise that certain organisations are opposed to our exploration programme off Alaska. We also respect the right of individuals and organisations to engage in a free and frank exchange of views about our operations.

‘Recognising the right of individuals to express their point of view, we only ask they do so with their safety and the safety of others in mind.

‘Shell has met with numerous organisations who oppose drilling offshore Alaska.

‘We respect their views and value the dialogue. We have extended this same offer for productive dialogue to Greenpeace.’

A Save The Arctic campaign was last week launched by Greenpeace which calls for the creation of a sanctuary to save endangered animals such as the polar bear.

The charity fears that any oil exploration in the area will threaten the ‘fragile and beautiful Arctic’.

It also claims that future oil spills would be ‘catastrophic’ for the region and creatures that live there.

via Greenpeace activist dressed as polar bear arrested at petrol station protest |

via Greenpeace activist dressed as polar bear arrested at petrol station protest |

Dutch court rejects Shell protest ban


A Dutch court has rejected a case brought by Royal Dutch Shell against Greenpeace International to prevent protesters holding demonstrations on or near Shell property.

The Amsterdam District Court said the company should expect public protest about controversial business practices.

But it also gave Greenpeace a list of guidelines to ensure protests were “proportionate”.

Shell had sought a fine of 1.1m euros ($1.2m) for a breach of the ban.

But the Amsterdam court ruling said: “The judge took as a starting point that organisations such as Greenpeace are, in principle, free to carry out actions to let the public know about their point of view.”

Civil disobedience

“Future Greenpeace actions against Shell cannot be banned in advance provided that they remain in a certain framework,” the ruling added.

The framework included, for example, a time limit for protesters to occupy petrol stations.

The environmental campaigning group has organised several protests against Shell’s exploratory drilling in the Arctic.

In a recent protest on 14 September the group used bicycle locks to shut down pumps at more than 60 filling stations across the Netherlands.

“The mere fact that such an action causes nuisance or loss for the business targeted by the action – in this case Shell – does not makes such an action illegal,” the court said.

Greenpeace, which fears the company’s search for oil in the Arctic will devastate the environment, welcomed the verdict.

“The judge rejected the majority of this injunction and has reminded the company that civil disobedience is a right in democracies, even when its business is impacted,” Greenpeace International Executive Director Kumi Naidoo said in a statement.

Shell too said it was satisfied with the verdict.

“We are pleased that Greenpeace actions such as those of September 14 are now bound by strict conditions,” company spokesman Lukas Burgering said.

via Royal Dutch Shell Plc .com.

via Royal Dutch Shell Plc .com.


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