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Quinn withdrew €340,000 via ATMs

ciara-quinn-310x415More nonsense from the outrageous Quinns 

Ciara Quinn, a daughter of bankrupt businessman Seán Quinn, has said she withdrew almost €340,000 from her Russian bank account via cash withdrawals from ATMs here in the space of a year, with most of that going to pay legal fees. She has no documents concerning those withdrawals or payments made from July 2011, she said.

Ms Quinn was also asked about an “extraordinary” series of withdrawals totalling €5,000 from her Ocean Bank account in Moscow, made via ATMs in Blanchardstown, Dublin, in less than 20 minutes on May 25th, 2012.

Shane Murphy SC, for Irish Bank Resolution Corporation (IBRC), asked about the purpose of withdrawals of €500 each at 16.08pm, 16.10pm and 16.11pm; of €600 each at 16.18pm and 16.19pm; €1,500 at 16.24pm; and €800 at 16.27pm.

Hugh Hartnett SC, for the Quinns, objected such questions strayed into issues to be addressed in the full hearing of the legal action by IBRC, formerly Anglo Irish Bank, against various Quinn family members and others alleging stripping of assets from the Quinns’ International Property Group (IPG).


As a mother of three aware the bank had alleged contempt against her, and that contempt can lead to jail, Ms Quinn said she was concerned about answering some questions.

Mr Murphy yesterday cross-examined Ciara and Brenda Quinn about claims they and other Quinn family members have not fully disclosed all information relating to their assets, accounts and involvement with companies in IPG. Colette Quinn’s cross-examination began late yesterday and continues today.

The Quinns insist they have disclosed all relevant documents available. The bank sought cross-examination before the full hearing of its “conspiracy” action.

Mr Justice Peter Kelly yesterday granted an application by Paul Anthony McDermott, for the Director of Public Prosecutions, to stay the full hearing of that action insofar as it touches on issues to be addressed in forthcoming criminal proceedings against former Anglo chairman Seán FitzPatrick and two former senior executives of the bank. Those issues included alleges breaches of Section 60 of the Companies Act, which makes it unlawful for a financial institution to lend money to buy its shares.

Various preliminary matters in the conspiracy case, including cross-examination of the Quinns, may continue in the interim.

via Quinn withdrew €340,000 via ATMs – The Irish Times – Wed, Jan 30, 2013.

Quinns ask for talks to keep dad out of jail

THE daughters of bankrupt businessman Sean Quinn have asked the former Anglo Irish Bank to attend 11th hour mediation talks to settle their differences — and avoid their father being sent to jail.

Mr Quinn’s daughters and other family members whose assets have been frozen by court order have privately asked Anglo — now renamed the IBRC — to try to resolve many of the issues in the aggravated dispute in out-of-court talks.

Ciara Quinn, one of Mr Quinn’s five daughters, had previously declared the family would win its “war” with the State-owned lender, which is pursuing her and her siblings for more than €2bn in unpaid loans.

The Quinn family is challenging the legality of the loans in a case due to begin next year.

Mr Quinn and his wife Patricia, whose only son Sean Quinn Jnr is serving a three-month jail sentence for contempt, wept as supporters cheered Ciara Quinn’s apparent declaration of war at a weekend rally in Cavan.

The Quinn daughters and other family members, including Sean Quinn Jnr’s wife Karen Woods, Ciara Quinn’s husband Niall McPartland and Aoife Quinn’s husband Stephen Kelly, face tough sanctions if they do not comply with onerous court orders to disclose their financial affairs.

Members of the Quinn family subject to the wide-ranging freezing orders must disclose all of their assets, all bank accounts and any documentation relating to a scheme to put up to €500m worth of Quinn family assets beyond the IBRC’s reach.

The family is said to be devastated that the IBRC, who would not comment on the proposed talks, would not agree to mediation. But it is unclear how these disclosure orders could be mediated as they are issued by the courts.

Sean Quinn Snr is set to find out on Friday if he will face jail for breaking court orders not to interfere with the family’s international property group (IPG).

The Supreme Court has reserved judgment on an appeal by Sean Quinn Jnr against his imprisonment for contempt of court and both sides may seek a postponement of Sean Quinn Snr’s sentence pending the outcome of the appeal.

Sunday’s rally in Ballyconnell has cemented public support in the border for the Quinn family, but it has attracted condemnation from senior political figures including Fine Gael chairman Charlie Flanagan.


Tyrone GAA manager Mickey Harte, Donegal’s assistant manager Rory Gallagher as well as business people from north and south were among the speakers at the event.

Mr Quinn’s brother Peter Quinn called the media “bastards”, in a speech listing the family’s grievances against Anglo at the event.

Financial Regulator Matthew Elderfield and IBRC chairman Alan Dukes also came in for criticism.

Mr Flanagan said the language used by Mr Quinn “belongs in the gutter”.

“Mr Quinn is happy to be seen in public in Northern Ireland with his son (Peter Darragh) who is currently avoiding the sentence handed down to him by a court in the Republic,” said Mr Flanagan.

“Our courts are a fundamental pillar of our democracy and the law must take its course. It is highly unsatisfactory that some people feel that these standards do not apply to them.

via Quinns ask for talks to keep dad out of jail – National News –

via Quinns ask for talks to keep dad out of jail – National News –

Yesterday 6000 Gathered in Ballyconnell in Support of the Quinn family


Sean Quinn‘s daughter Ciara told a crowd of about 6000 that she, and her siblings were “the true and rightful owners” of the Quinn Group companies.

She went on to state she, and her family declared war on Anglo Irish Bank. “And this is a war the Quinn family is going to win,” she said.


For all that, Quinn clan throws at Anglo bear in mind Sean Quinn worshiped at the high alter of Anglo. He owned 28% of it via CFDs. The demise of Quinn relates to his failure to unwind a 28% block of Anglo shares held in the inherently unstable CFD method. Quinn was never more than a straw man. The point is not that this man got himself into this mess due to his own arrogance and ignorance. The crux of the problem for many is that they unethically sought to stash this collateral away in a most cynical manner; resulting in the Irish taxpayers having to pick up the tab for their sins. This is simply indefensible. It was a shame yesterday to see approx 6000 people exploited by the Gombeen rhetoric of Quinn and his supporters.

Quinns were to receive millions in severance payments

SEÁN QUINN jnr was involved in trying to put assets beyond the reach of the Irish Bank Resolution Corporation (IBRC) right up to the time he was sent to jail, the State-owned bank now alleges.

The bank wants this new evidence to be considered by the Supreme Court in an appeal by Mr Quinn against his incarceration last July by Ms Justice Elizabeth Dunne for contempt. The appeal opened yesterday before a five-judge court and is to resume today.

Documents retrieved recently from a damaged computer in Moscow include employment contracts for Quinn, three of his siblings, his then fiancee and now wife Karen Woods, and other members of the Quinn family. The contracts stipulate that they each get millions of euros in the event of being laid off by property-holding companies in Russia over which IBRC has mortgages and charges.

The charges were taken out when Anglo Irish Bank, now known as IBRC, issued the Quinn family with loans worth hundreds of millions of euros which the family cannot repay.

The property group over which the bank has charges is worth up to €500 million.

The documents indicate Mr Quinn was to get up to €15 million if his employment was terminated in two companies. His wife was to get €36 million from a number of companies in the event of her employment being terminated, as were Mr Quinn’s siblings Aoife, Ciara and Colette, and Ciara’s husband, Niall McPartland, according to the bank.

Mr Quinn’s cousin, Peter Darragh Quinn, was to receive €26.6 million.

Mr Quinn was allowed out of Mountjoy jail to attend the hearing, which was also attended by his wife and Mr McPartland. His father, Seán Quinn snr – who was found guilty of contempt along with his son in July but who was not jailed – did not attend court.

Mr Quinn jnr was jailed in July for his role in $500,000 being paid to a Ukrainian woman, Larissa Yanez Puga, in contravention of a June 27th, 2011, order from the High Court that the Quinns desist in their efforts to put assets beyond IBRC’s reach.

Mr Quinn has been told he may be held in jail indefinitely until he purges his contempt.

However in his appeal to the Supreme Court h

via Quinns were to receive millions in severance payments – The Irish Times – Wed, Oct 03, 2012.

via Quinns were to receive millions in severance payments – The Irish Times – Wed, Oct 03, 2012.

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