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Reilly faces new day in court over nursing home deal gone sour

HEALTH Minister James Reilly faces another court date next week over an investment that went sour and saw him named on a debt defaulters’ list. read full article


Colleagues fear Perry finished in Dail after €2.5m judgment

JUNIOR Minister John Perry’s allies in Fine Gael believe that he is doomed politically, due to the judgment of almost €2.5m against him. read full article


Lowry furious after Revenue sends 15 officials to raid home

THE Revenue sent 15 officials accompanied by a garda and a locksmith to carry out a raid at former Fine Gael minister Michael Lowry‘s home. read full article


Treasury Holdings’ co-founders in line to get €5million in NAMA deal

PROPERTY developers Johnny Ronan and Richard Barrett are in line to get almost €5m each in cash under a complex deal with the tax payer-owend National Asset Management Agency and liquid read full article


Revenue inquiry on Irish clients of HSBC with Swiss accounts

Tax authority has collected €30 million from individuals linked to offshore activity read full article


Undeclared rental income targeted in Revenue crackdown

Landlords responsible for €42 million in upaid tax last year, records show read full article


McNulty liable for €90m to Nama

Businessman advances what judge describes as mostly ‘technical’ defences to Nama claim for judgment read full article


Cut number of TDs to 100 and save €15m a year –

* ‘Quality in preference to quantity’ and ‘evidence of value for money’ must be the two ‘vitals’ for a reformed new government. read full article


Tough Budget looms as Central Bank says: stick to austerity path

MORE hairshirt budgets are in prospect after the Central Bank urged the Government not to let up on austerity and Finance Minister Michael Noonan admitted next year’s cuts and taxes wil read full article


McGeever back in prison as judge refuses to reduce bail

BUSINESSMAN Kevin McGeever has been told to go to the High Court if he wants his €12,500 bail terms reduced. read full article

March Ireland- Jail the Bankers

  • Hello thanks so much for the invite to the page. I am living in the bog lands my whole life and these EU makey uppy laws are a crock. Thought you guys might like this event. Might be good time to get your messages seen on some placards. Its very frustrating how little people know about the bog. It could really help people realise what is happening.
    Keep up the good work!
    March 🙂

    400 people marched on Sat 29th June through Dublin and decided to call a follow up protest at the Dail while it sits on Weds night at 6pm.

    The Dail is open until 9pm on Weds.

    So tell everyone to get to the protest this Weds!
    we have 72 hours build up to this even if you are not free invite all your friends they might end up inviting someone who is free . its us or them what will you spend your time posting about ???


People Before Profit, TD, Richard Boyd Barrett, condemns the Taoiseach for “deliberately and cynically misleading the Dail” during Leaders Questions this afternoon. | United Left Alliance

In a statement this afternoon, Richard Boyd Barrett TD, condemned the Taoiseach for deliberately misleading the Dail during Leaders Questions. In response to a question about the plight of Home Help workers and those who rely on their services, the Taoiseach, rather than answering the question, repeated a false claim made by Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore in the Dail last week, relating to disability cuts in the Dun Laoghaire area.

The Taoiseach was referring to Leaders Questions on 11 Oct, when Deputy Boyd Barrett raised the issue of cuts to Angels Quest Respite services with the Tánaiste. At the time, the Tánaiste misled the Dail and said that Deputy Boyd Barrett was “using” the issue of cuts to disabled people for his own political gain and claimed that he had an email in his possession written by Deputy Boyd Barrett, which confirmed this.

The Taoiseach repeated this claim again today and also said that Deputy Boyd Barrett had advised the parents of children affected by the cuts to the respite services to not meet with the Director of Services.

In fact the email referred to was written by one of the parents affected by the cuts to respite services and a member of the executive committee of the Carmona Parents and Families Friends Association. Eamon Gilmore knew this when he falsely claimed it was written by Deputy Boyd Barrett. Unless the Tánaiste also mislead the Taoiseach, the Taoiseach would also have known when he repeated the claim today that Deputy Boyd Barrett was the author of the email.

(See original email pasted below and subsequent comments by parents group on Tánaiste’s misrepresentation of the email and its authorship.)

Deputy Boyd Barrett said: “Both the Taoiseach and the Tánaiste have deliberately and cynically misled the house. They said things that were completely untrue and that they knew were untrue when they said them. In the process, they also misrepresented and trivialised the concerns of parents of the disabled children who are in Angels Quest – falsely claiming they had refused a meeting with the director of services to discuss the future of Angels Quest. Eamon Gilmore and Enda Kenny knew I had not written this email and yet they said said I had. They knew the parents had agreed to a meeting with Carmona Services but claimed they had not. This is a disgraceful abuse of their positions as the most senior politicians in the country and disgraceful abuse of the Dail itself.

via People Before Profit, TD, Richard Boyd Barrett, condemns the Taoiseach for “deliberately and cynically misleading the Dail” during Leaders Questions this afternoon. | United Left Alliance.

via People Before Profit, TD, Richard Boyd Barrett, condemns the Taoiseach for “deliberately and cynically misleading the Dail” during Leaders Questions this afternoon. | United Left Alliance.

Stray Cats and Marijuana Sized in the Dáil

Gardaí late last night received a tip off from a night watchman well on the way to alcoholism, which led to a sizeable seizure of Dope and stray cats from the locker rooms of Dáil Éireann.
Speaking on behalf of the Government, Phil Hogan Minister for the Environment, Community, and Local Government pledged that the Government would investigate this matter and take appropriate action. The Minister stated he knew nothing about how the cats came to be on the premises but went on to claim labour were only a crowd of pussies.
Ann Phelan of the labour party stated the finding of stray cats in the Dáil had nothing to with Kilkenny’s recent all Ireland hurling success. She believed in all probability; the culprits were jealous Galway TDs.
In a further development Luke “Ming” Flanagan claimed he had nothing to do with the stash of dope found but acknowledged that the Ceann Comhairle was a dope if ever there was a dope head. Ming further claimed that the Dáil had a long and proud history of having to deal with mind boggling dopes and that the finding of dope in the Dáil was nothing new.

Gardaí later today expect to charge a hundred and sixty six people for these offences.

News Nibbles from around the Country


Michael Noonan aka Skint Piggy believes that a plan put forward by Sacks of Gold to take over the countries debt is a distinct possibility. A spokesperson for SOG Miss Goldie Sucks stated Ireland had a great oral tradition and that this would be of great benefit in the field of corporate entertainment


Speaking in Westport Co. Mayo Le Grand Dame, the Taoiseach refused to be verbally tempted on the subject of gay marriage.


As Sean Quinn, supporters disperse in Cavan after support march; A local man  said can’t believe they forgot to sing “The mighty Quinn“.


There are many men of principle in all parties in the Dáil, but there is no party of principle.


Sources close to Mick Wallace say he will offer to cut off his hair and wear a hair suit for remainder of Dáil term if the members of the Dáil forgive him for waywardness.

His plea for leniency  met with a chorus of boos and catcalls. Yellow belly


Co. Elsewhere

“Giving money and power to the government is like giving car keys and whisky to teenage boys.”

“When politics are used to allocate resources, the resources all end up being allocated to politics.”

“Politics is the business of getting power and privilege without possessing merit. A politician is anyone who asks individuals to surrender part of their liberty — their power and privilege — to State, Masses, Mankind, Planet Earth, or whatever.  This state, those masses, that mankind, and the planet will then be run by … politicians.”

God has no role to play in politics except to make sure politicians go where they belong. To hell.”

“Politicians are interested in people.  Not that this is always a virtue.  Fleas are interested in dogs.” > P.J.O’rourke


Michael Brennan: All eyes on Ceann Comhairle Sean Barrett, Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan and John Halligan as Dail resumes – Comment, Opinion –

Luke 'Ming' Flanagan.

THE Dail returns today after its eight week summer break – and it won’t be boring.

All eyes will be on Ceann Comhairle Sean Barrett to see what approach he takes to Independent TDs Luke “Ming” Flanagan and John Halligan.

They had been told by the Leinster House authorities to apologise for their part in a confrontation with Mr Barrett at the end of the last Dail term.

They have vowed not to apologise – so all TDs will be watching to see what happens if Mr Flanagan or Mr Halligan seek Mr Barrett’s permission to speak in the chamber.

But that will be just a side issue compared to the live political controversies that are going to cause plenty of early headaches for the Government.

The opposition already had the property tax and the motion of no confidence in Health Minister Dr James Reilly to keep them busy.

Then they were given an unexpected bonus when one of the Government’s own junior ministers put the spotlight on “well off” pensioners.

So Taoiseach Enda Kenny will have even more briefing material than usual in his folder when he stands up for Leader’s Questions in the Dail at 3.15pm.

The motion of no confidence in Dr Reilly will be easily defeated by the Government, given its massive majority. But what will be interesting to see is how much public support he gets from Government backbenchers.

Dr Reilly will be hoping that the Seanad quickly passes a vital piece of legislation this week to require pharmacists to offer patients lower priced generic drugs instead of the more expensive branded drugs. He is due in the Seanad tomorrow as the Health Pricing and Supply of Medical Goods Bill goes through its final stages.

The Dail also has to deal with a bill this week to improve the vetting procedures for teachers, sports coaches, youth workers and other people in contact with children. Expect plenty of debate about the measures in the bill to allow state bodies share “soft information” – where someone has been investigated for suspected child abuse but not convicted.

If you are to believe the Leinster House authorities, the public are now watching the Dail in greater numbers than ever.We don’t have any audience figures but Cable TV operator UPC has now moved its Dail TV service to channel 207. It used to be was less visible on the TV guide on Channel 801.

But it won’t be just the public who are watching today – the European Commission and the IMF will also be keeping a keen eye on the Dail make sure that the conditions of the bailout are met.

via Michael Brennan: All eyes on Ceann Comhairle Sean Barrett, Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan and John Halligan as Dail resumes – Comment, Opinion –

via Michael Brennan: All eyes on Ceann Comhairle Sean Barrett, Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan and John Halligan as Dail resumes – Comment, Opinion –

After two months off, TDs return to the Dáil and here’s what to expect

HE DÁIL RESUMES this coming week after eight weeks of holidays constituency work for our 166 elected representatives in the lower house of the Oireachtas.

You probably won’t remember that that back in July there were rowdy scenes on the last day of school and Joe Higgins wore some sort of odd white cardigan…

via After two months off, TDs return to the Dáil and here’s what to expect.

via After two months off, TDs return to the Dáil and here’s what to expect.

Reilly prepares for crucial no confidence motion

�Embattled Reilly prepares for crucial no confidence motion

16 September 2012 by Pat Leahy

The Dáil meets for the first time since July on Tuesday, when TDs will discuss a motion of no confidence in embattled health minister James Reilly.

via The Sunday Business Post.

via The Sunday Business Post.

Adams’ Dail attendance record ‘one of the worst’ – News –

CONTROVERSY has erupted over Louth TD Gerry Adams’s Dail attendance record which was described last week as ‘ one of the worst of all our TDs’.

Figures compiled by the Irish Independent show the Sinn Fein leader was absent for one in four Dáil sitting days during the first half of the year, missing 17 of the 68 days on which the Dáil sat from January to the end of June 2012.

Ten of the days missed were Thursdays, ‘effectively giving the Louth TD a two-day week on a regular basis’. He missed 22 out of 99 Dail sitting days last year. And while the Dáil does not meet every Friday, it does have special monthly Friday sittings, of which Mr. Adams missed four in six months. Mr. Adams, who is paid €92,000 and claimed €48,000 in expenses last year, is almost always in the Dail on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to take part in leaders’ questions.

via Adams’ Dail attendance record ‘one of the worst’ – News –

Adams’ Dail attendance record ‘one of the worst’ – News –

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