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Fine Gael’s Overdue Frank Feighan becomes first TD to wear poppy in Dail for 16 years – National News –

Fine Gael's Frank Feighan TD wears a poppy outside the Dail, Dublin, as he became the first TD to make the gesture for 16 years. Photo: PA

AN Irish Government TD has said he wore a poppy to the Dail today to show that remembering the Irish war dead is no longer off limits.

Frank Feighan, who called last week for a joint British-Irish approach to commemorating the First World War, is the first TD to make the gesture for 16 years.

“We have well and truly moved on from that dark, bloody era in the North before the evolution of the peace process – a time when the politics of fear and divisiveness tore apart communities living side by side,” he said.

“Thankfully, the peace dividend has delivered a new politics which has allowed us to publicly respect all traditions on this island.

“This politics of inclusiveness has also allowed us to publicly revisit some aspects of our past which up to recently were off limits. That includes the countless Irish men who fought and died in the Great Wars.”

Mr Feighan, chair of the British-Irish Parliamentary Assembly, is the first TD to wear a poppy to the Dail since 1996 when Labour’s Emmet Stagg, and Fine Gael TDs Paddy Harte and Brian Hayes set the example.

He said he wore the poppy as a symbolic gesture to remember the war dead and to illustrate how the politics of engagement and not war is the only way forward in solving seemingly intractable conflicts.

Mr Feighan represents Roscommon-Leitrim and his home town of Boyle was a barracks base for the Connaught Rangers.

About 50,000 Irish men who enlisted for the First World War died.

Some 31,500 of John Redmond’s National Volunteers joined the war effort. Around 26,000 unionists from the north and south of Ireland also enlisted.

The Irish Government this year pardoned about 5,000 soldiers branded deserters and blacklisted for fighting for the Allies against Nazi Germany in the Second World War.

“Sadly, it is only in recent years that the stories of many of these brave Irish men have been recognised. Indeed, many of the WWII veterans that returned to Ireland were treated not just with hostility but were persecuted by official Ireland, and had their employment, pay and pension rights affected,” Mr Feighan said.

He added: “For me, wearing the poppy in the Dail is a symbolic gesture to not only recognise the Irish men who fought in the Great Wars but to illustrate how the politics of engagement and not war is the only way forward in solving seemingly intractable conflicts.

via Fine Gael’s Frank Feighan becomes first TD to wear poppy in Dail for 16 years – National News –

via Fine Gael’s Frank Feighan becomes first TD to wear poppy in Dail for 16 years – National News –

No confidence

No confidence

A one act Play from the Dáil Starring Luke Ming Flanagan

Deputy Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan:

When one applies for a job in the normal world, one is supposed to tell the truth about what one will do, how hard one will work, and what one’s qualifications are.

In advance of the general election in an open letter to the people of Roscommon, the person who is now Minister for Health, Deputy Reilly, said the following:

I would like to confirm that Fine Gael undertakes, in accordance with the Fine Gael Policy on Local Hospitals, to retain the Emergency, Surgical, Medical and other health services at Roscommon Hospital, which are present on the formation of the 31st Dáil. [It got even better, though.] Furthermore, in the event of the A&E being downgraded, we are committed to reinstating a 24/7 service, where feasible.

In a normal job when one tells a porky, one loses one’s job if found out. For that reason alone – there are many other reasons – the Minister should resign.

Deputy Paul Kehoe:

When is the Deputy going?

Deputy Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan:

I support the motion. The motion of no confidence also presents the perfect opportunity for Deputy Feighan to show that the 9,000-plus people who voted for him at the last general election did not completely waste their time.


Deputy Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan:

With respect, may I have the protection of the Chair?

Acting Chairman (Deputy Charlie McConalogue):

Order, please. Let the speaker finish as he has only a few seconds left.


Acting Chairman (Deputy Charlie McConalogue):

Order, please. As the Deputy has only a few seconds remaining, I ask him to finish up.

Deputy Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan:

No problem – I thank you very much.

A Deputy:

The Deputy can give it but cannot take it.

Deputy Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan:   The reality is people should tell the truth when they go before the electorate.

Acting Chairman (Deputy Charlie McConalogue):

The Deputy’s time is up.

Deputy Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan:   That is very important. They should stand by the people – they pay their wages.

Acting Chairman (Deputy Charlie McConalogue):

I ask for order from both sides of the House, particularly the Government side when other speakers are speaking.

The Taoiseach:   On 9 March 2011, I nominated Dr. James Reilly as Minister for Health. I did so, not because he has decades of experience as a GP or because he developed a radical policy to create a patient-centred health system, but because he has a passionate commitment to creating a health service that puts the patient first….

Editorial comment:

I suspect we will never hear a response from Reilly to Ming’s comments and ditto from Frank Feighan.

It is likely in the next election the good people of Roscommon will give Dumb Frank the boot and justifiable so.

As for Reilly now, he has become a complete joke, professionally and personally. He is so incompetent that I am flabbergasted to hear the Taoiseach defend him openly. Kenny needs to remove this man straight away to an inactive post, as he is a liability to the Country.

The performance given by Flanagan in this one act play points to a bright future for this young man. However, at some stage he may have to make a choice between scripting and acting. Whatever the case the man is a national treasure. A person you can rely on to uplift the collective mental state of the nation.

Roscommon people Frank Feighan

Overdue Frank comments on the ESB price cut

His comment are no more than an  ego trip equating to, I like the sound of my own voice. Overdue Frank says I like the reduction however, on the other hand, the piece seems to allude that Mr. Overdue actually played a part in the reduction. Overdue played no part what so ever, this is another a desperate attempt to deflect the other problems engulfing Mr. Overdue. Frank boy we all know you are overdue with the bank please pay the bill because if you do not it becomes another bit of ineptitude we the citizens will have to pay for

Below comments from the Roscommon Herald 29/08/2012


ESB price cut “overdue” – Feighan

News that electricity prices are to drop by 5.4 percent in November was welcomed this week by Deputy Frank Feighan, who said that the price cut was “justified and overdue”.

“While this announcement is welcome, it is such a pity that it took so long for the lower market prices that the ESB has been paying to be passed on to the hard-pressed consumer.

“For over a year I, and my Fine Gael colleagues, have been calling for electricity prices to be slashed and I believe that in future, action should be taken by the Regulator to ensure that price reductions, when possible, are passed onto the consumer immediately instead of waiting for up to a year.

“Nevertheless, this reduction is well and truly justified given that everybody knew that energy prices for gas and electricity could come down, especially since the Chairman of the ESB voiced this opinion 12 months ago. Price increases granted last year were indefensible as gas prices had fallen on international markets and there was a consequent knock-on benefits for electricity markets and it is only right and proper, if belated, that these increases have been reversed.

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