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Clerical Sexual Abuse Latest Revelations Implicate Gardai

The Murphy Report was published in 2009, following an investigation into child sexual abuse by priests in the Catholic archdiocese of Dublin.  At the time of its publication, certain material was held back for legal reasons.  The redacted Chapter 19was published in December 2010, and now Chapter 20 has been released and it paints a horrifying picture.  The archbishops of Dublin were not only aware that their priests were raping children but, despite the impression they sought to create in subsequent years, were also fully aware that the activities of those priests were criminal in nature.

bishops murphy report

They failed to report the crimes to our national police force, but perhaps there was no point, since the report accuses that police force of connivance, of stifling complaints and failing to investigate others.  It describes the decision by the Gardai to permit an abuser to leave the country as shocking.  Crucially, it points out that, but for  information uncovered in diocesan files, it would not have been aware of the Garda role in covering up the crimes of child sex abuse.  In other words, our national police force failed to cooperate with the investigation of a monumental crime.  This failure is not something that happened in the distant past.  Within the last decade, senior gardai were conniving to frustrate an official investigation into the activities of sex-abusing clerics and it’s highly likely that many of these people are still in office.

Coming in a week when we learn that a member of our parliament wrote to a bishop before voting on a government bill, this is highly disturbing.   To what extent does this official deference still survive?


Gardaí frustrated as protests in Mayo continue

Week of Action unfolds with roadblocks, trespassing, turf collecting, arrests and imprisonment

This week has seen large numbers of people continually walking down to Shell’s tunneling compound, disrupting work and blocking Shell traffic, and many people from the camp have taken advantage of the sunny weather to spend the days helping locals with turf collecting- many hands make light work! Meanwhile the guards have spent their time patrolling around harassing people on the roads.

Cops blocking the gate to the camp
Cops blocking the gate to the camp

A Brief blow by blow
Thursday morning as a convoy passed the camp, 20 Gardaí tried to block the gate to the camp and threw people into ditches, pushing one person’s head into the water in the ditch and generally being a bit violent. Two people were arrested. One was let out with a caution and the other was held in custody, brought to court in Castlebar Friday morning and denied bail, so he is now in Castlerea Prison awaiting a court appearance 5th July.

Later on Thursday morning a small group went to Belmullet Garda station to collect their friends and one person was dragged outside the copshop, pushed to the ground and arrested for alleged criminal damage on Sunday 23rd June. He was held overnight and brought to court in Castlebar on Friday morning. He has been granted bail and released on the condition he not enter or interfere with Shell property or traffic, and signs on once a week at Belmullet Garda Station. He will be up in court on 10th July.

Thursday afternoon a large group of 30 or so people walked down to the Shell compound in Aughoose, stopping work inside the compound and stopping any Shell traffic from entering or exiting the compound for over 3 hours. Once again IRMS (Shell private security) was policing the public road, pushing people and holding people until the guards arrived. Two people were arrested on the road. One person was released and will appear in Belmullet Court on 10th July, the other was arrested for outstanding fines and brought to Mountjoy women’s prison in Dublin. She was held overnight and released Friday morning.

Thursday finished off at 6pm when the guards finally attempted to clear the road, everyone left and no one else was arrested. A long queue of 20 vehicles and lorries which had been stuck inside finally were able to leave the compound.

Friday 28th June at 7am one person climbed a tripod erected in the road between Bellanaboy refinery and the Aughoose tunneling compound, stopping all traffic going into the compound until 11.30am when the road was cleared and the person was arrested. That person is being charged with Sections 8 and 9 of the public order act and will be up in Belmullet court on 10th July.

Three people walking back to camp from the tripod on Friday were followed by guards, and an attempt was made to arrest one of them but they jumped into a field and got away. This isn’t the first time that people have been harassed on the roads this week by Gardaí. Tuesday night as people were walking back from the pub the guards were stopping people who were walking in twos or alone, asking for names addresses and even emails. One person refused to give his details, saying he hadn’t done anything out of the ordinary and was only walking home, and he was arrested and brought to Belmullet garda station. He was released in the early hours of the morning with no charges.

Other things that have happened this week: Windows of a Shell house were broken, graffiti appeared on the main gates of the tunneling compound, and a Shell truck ran into problems with spuds up the exhaust and someone doing in its tyres. Who knows what else the pixies have gotten up to….

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Cops assaulting people on the road
Cops assaulting people on the road

Pushing people into ditches then arresting them
Pushing people into ditches then arresting them

This is the pipe being laid between the refinery and the tunneling compound

This is the pipe being laid between the refinery and the tunneling compound

via Gardaí frustrated as protests in Mayo continue – Indymedia Ireland.

Rossport Solidarity Camp Week of Action 21st-30th June 2013


Come to act in solidarity with the campaign in Mayo against Shell’s Corrib Gas Project. For over 12 years, the local community have been resisting Shell’s plans to force through a high pressure raw gas pipeline and inland refinery. Local people have gone through all possible channels to fight the project.

Let down by the Government; many have been beaten, imprisoned and feel under siege by the security and police. However people continue to protest in order to protect their families, livelihoods and resources. Currently Shell are attempting to tunnel under an EU ‘protected’ estuary with their tunnel boring machine but they are experiencing major construction problems. If they are having difficulties without protests, imagine how much havoc a little more disruption will cause. Rossport is the frontline of the resistance to ‘Extreme Energy’ extraction in Ireland.

Hot on the heels of the anti-G8 protests, we warmly invite old and new faces to come join us for a week of action against Shell’s disastrous project.

If you are new to taking action don’t worry – all kinds of skills and roles are needed during the week of action and you will be able to play a role that you are comfortable with. If you know the area and have ideas for action – get prepared and come with an affinity group if possible.

History of the campaign – The story so far

The campaign against Shell’s inland refinery and high-pressure pipeline, the ‘Corrib gas project’ near Rossport in Co Mayo has been long and extraordinary. It began in the year 2000 when a plan was announced to build an inland gas refinery and a 9km ultra-high pressure raw gas pipeline through several villages. In 2005 the imprisonment of five local men who became known as ‘the Rossport Five’ brought the campaign to national and international attention. Residents launched a national campaign called Shell to Sea in early 2005, demanding that the gas be processed offshore away from communities. Local residents and their allies continue to oppose the threat to local health and safety as well as highlighting human rights concerns, environmental damage and economic injustice. Over the 13 years of resistance so far, tactics have ranged from High Court actions, planning objections and lobbying politicians to grassroots campaigning, civil disobedience and direct action. Through a combination of these tactics the community and their supporters have delayed Shell’s project for 10 years to date and more than tripled the cost of the project to over €3 billion. Over the past eight years thousands of people have come to the area to lend their support – for days, weeks and years. Rossport Solidarity Camp was set up in 2005 and since then has hosted people from around Ireland and the world seeking to learn about and support the struggle. This week of action is hosted by Rossport Solidarity Camp.

For a good timeline of the campaign see this previous Rossport Indymedia Feature.

Current situation

In January 2013, Shell began a 5km-long tunnel through Sruwaddacon estuary, a Special Area of Conservation which they plan to use for their onshore raw gas pipeline. Shell now says the project will be completed in 2015. At the time of writing, Shell are experiencing very serious difficulties in attempting to tunnel through the subsoil underlying the estuary. Shell have also begun laying the other sections of the onshore pipeline and are also building a valve station at Glengad. The project still has no community consent, and has only got this far because Gardaí and private security are occupying the area. Local experience of this occupation can be viewed here.

The tunnel boring machine, insultingly named Fionnuala (an Irish mythological legend) and painted in the Co. Mayo colours, has faced problems since its arrival in July 2012 which was met with stiff resistance [ 1 | 2 ].

Shell’s dodgy construction headache is not limited to the pipeline. Just last week, a Shell worker accidentally cut one of the gas pipes on the refinery. The refinery was completed back in 2010 and has just been left to rust due to all the other delays. Shell are currently having to replace all the water pipes on site due to corrosion.

Protests are still ongoing but the focus is on the week of action in June.

Week of action Friday 21st to Sunday 30th of June

Whether you have been always meaning to visit or have been a regular over the years, this week is the time to come.

Programme for the Week:

The events planned include:

* Update on the Shell Corrib Gas Project

* Talk by local community members the campaign and current situation.

* Legal Workshop – practical information about laws, dealing with the Gardaí, Courts.

* Action planning meetings.

* Actions to disrupt Corrib Gas Project, including disrupting Shell truck movements which are necessary for tunnelling.

* Solidarity events with the local community.

* Discussion on maintaining solidarity in the future.

Check here for the full programme.

Get involved:

* Get you & your mates ready to come over in June

* Put on a film night/talk/fundraiser for Rossport

* Help spread the word: put up posters online, in your city and everywhere else.

* We need help building the camp from 1st June. No experience or skills necessary, all welcome.

* Come for the action camp 21st-30th June. Bring your tent, sleeping bag, waterproofs & wellies.

Travelling to Mayo:

The best way is to get a rail & sail from Britain to Dublin/Belfast/Ballina. This is a walk on fare that you can get from any train station in the UK & includes the ferry. See It costs about £35 to Dublin, £52 to Ballina (single) but varies depending on times you’re travelling. Or you can just go to Dublin/Belfast & then hitch or get a Bus Eireann. Bikes can go on trains & buses in Ireland but you are meant to pay about 10 euros. The camp is about 35 miles from Ballina. There is one bus a day at 5.15pm from Dunnes Stores in Ballina. They will usually drop you off at camp. It’s a minibus called McGraths & costs about 10 euros. Hitching is really easy – check here for directions.

The Camp:

The camp is run by everyone mucking in. We ask 25 euros a week donation towards food & running costs. No-one will be turned away however because of lack of funds. There are rotas for cooking & washing up & various site maintenance jobs. Meetings are run by consensus & actions are planned by everyone who wants to be involved. There is always loads to do taking direct action against Shell, maintaining & building things for the camp, legal work, painting banners, gardening, cooking, writing articles, meeting local activists etc. People of all ages, skills, interests and abilities are invited to get involved in this inspiring community led campaign. The camp has a no illegal drugs policy at all times & no alcohol except for friday & saturday night. The camp also has a safe space policy. Please read our website for more information.

Legal information

Because of the G8 in nearby Fermanagh, it is possible that the UK police or Irish Gardai will stop you at the ferry port. Be prepared to face questions on where you are heading -there’s no law against going on holiday in Ireland!

For legal information about rossport read the legal page of our website.

Rossport Solidarity Camp

via Rossport Solidarity Camp Week of Action 21st-30th June 2013 – UK Indymedia.

The integrity of Shell EP Ireland CEO Michael Crothers

Copy of correspondence between John Donovan and Michael Crothers Managing Director SEPIL / Venture Manager Corrib at Shell Exploration and Production Ireland which makes good reading.

What a tenacious man Donovan is I hope he keeps it up

At that point, when you send a letter in your name knowing that it designed to deceive, you have lost your integrity and join previous Shell senior executives, such as Jeroen van der Veer, who also gave in to the dark side of Shell. Bill Campbell, the retired HSE Group Auditor of Shell International has confirmed that the same internal investigation smokescreen was used in respect of the Brent Bravo deaths scandal.

From: John Donovan <>


Date: 10 June 2013 09:32:04 GMT+01:00


Cc:,, “ COMPANY” <>

Dear Mr Crothers

I am writing to you in connection with your response letter dated 28 May 2013 to Deputy Clare Daly TD, a member of the Dail, the Irish Parliament.

As you will recall, the subject of the correspondence was OSSL, the company formally employed as a “Mr Fixit” by Shell E&P Ireland Limited.

Clare Daly kindly contacted you on my behalf.

I passed a copy of your response on to the owners of OSSL because I knew they would be interested in what you have been saying behind their backs.

Basically you have fallen back on the same cover-up formula previously used in other Shell scandals – the allegations have been fully investigated on an independent basis internally by Shell and no evidence found to support them – in this case allegations that Shell has corrupted the Irish Police Force by plying hundreds of officers with free booze.

This cover-up formula is a disreputable devious device. Shell employees investigate allegations against Shell management and amazingly clear Shell management of any wrongdoing.  No independent party involved in the investigation and no genuinely independent oversight. How likely is it that any Shell employee would imperial their career at Shell by telling Shell management something it does not wish to hear?

There is no outright lie and no outright denial, but instead a statement that an independent internal investigation found no evidence to support the allegations. This whitewashing process allows a scandal to be covered up. To me, that degree of machination almost seems worse than an outright lie. The end result is a letter issued in your name, but no doubt drafted by sleazy lawyers that completely deceives the recipient into believing that Shell is innocent, when in fact Shell is guilty.

At that point, when you send a letter in your name knowing that it designed to deceive, you have lost your integrity and join previous Shell senior executives, such as Jeroen van der Veer, who also gave in to the dark side of Shell.

Bill Campbell, the retired HSE Group Auditor of Shell International has confirmed that the same internal investigation smokescreen was used in respect of the Brent Bravo deaths scandal.

I recall another example when Shell carried out an internal investigation of threats made against my family. Shell naturally cleared itself of any wrongdoing on that occasion, only to be subsequently caught red-handed in an undercover operation targeting my family and me. My lawyers cornered Shell UK into  a written admission at director level.

Hence my total lack of faith in any internal investigation carried out by Shell. It is nothing but a smoke and mirrors device to cover-up the truth. An absolute charade in which key witnesses/parties have no involvement and are not even approached.

You appear to be another victim of Shell’s corruption of the integrity of senior people within the company. When you first became aware of how OSSL had been disgracefully used to carry out underhand and probably criminal activities on behalf of Shell, not just corrupting the police, you appeared to be genuinely sympathetic.

You met personally with the owners of OSSL. You gave them a letter of endorsement.

You were the good cop, while others issued threats against OSSL on Shell’s behalf.

At 12.26 on 22 May 2012, OSSL sent you an email. It mentioned your alleged admittance that Shell had shut down OSSL abruptly, without notice and immorally. It detailed a threat OSSL had allegedly received from a party acting for Shell in relation to the supply of large amounts of alcohol to the Irish Police Force and related falsification of invoices.

22 Minutes later you personally sent a reply.


“I did not say that “Shell shut down your company immorally”. I was careful to say that I personally felt some moral obligation to try to find a way to find a settlement, hence the without prejudice offer that was made.”

Significantly, you did not take issue with or make any denial in respect of the statements about the threat to OSSL, the large amounts of alcohol showered on the Irish Police, nor on the related disguised invoices.

Why, because you and the party to which you were sending your reply – OSSL – knew they were true.

Your letter of 28 May 2013 also contains detailed disapproving and possibly defamatory comments about OSSL and its vigorous campaign seeking redress from Shell. I have been pleased to assist OSSL in that regard.

I believe that most independent people reading the content of your letter dated 28 May 2013 would conclude that OSSL has been demanding money on false grounds and in the process, has engaged in wide-scale distasteful harassment.

In fact, it is your letter that is disgrace because it is designed to convey a false impression that Shell is innocent of these serious charges, when the reverse is the case, and you know it.

What we have is a two page letter designed to deceive the reader, when, if Shell was honest and had been falsely accused, an unambiguous rebuttal could have been made in a single short paragraph.


The allegations against Shell are completely false. OSSL has not distributed any alcohol to the Garda on our behalf. Shell has not made any threats directly or indirectly against OSSL. No invoices has been falsified on Shell’s instructions.

Sadly, you are now part of the cover-up of Shell’s large-scale corruption of the Irish Police Force.

I wonder where your auditors would stand on the matter of proper books of account on which they are legally obliged to express an opinion; were the auditors made aware of OSSL’s allegations of non-payment for the supply of goods and services and falsification of related invoices and in particular, where there is an allegation of tax fraud and corrupt inducement of the law enforcement arm of the state, did your auditors consider their reporting obligations in relation to such matters?

You make reference in your letter to ‘excessive tax withholding’ – what was the nature of the tax withheld?

Let me repeat without any protective legal preamble: Shell EP Ireland has engaged in widespread corruption of the Irish Police in relation to the controversial Corrib Gas Project, which is billions over budget and hopelessly delayed.

You have fallen far in accusing OSSL of activities tantamount to blackmail, harassment and lies, bearing in mind what you have not disclosed to Clare Daly about the current situation.

I was sympathetic to your predicament and made it plain in published articles that you had inherited a toxic mess. Unfortunately you have allowed yourself to become drawn into the mire.

I intend to publish this email tomorrow under the headline – “The integrity of Shell EP Ireland CEO Michael Crothers” – subject to any legal intervention by Shell.

I will happily publish on an unedited basis any comment you may wish to make.

One thing I know you will not provide is an outright denial along the lines suggested above.

Why not, for the sake of your own conscience, stop this cover-up dead in its tracks before it is too late?

There are too many people involved to keep the lid on this huge scandal that will likely rock the foundations of the Irish establishment.

Yours sincerely

John Donovan



via Royal Dutch Shell plc .com.

Artane: suffer little children

We have learned in recent years what was not known before, the systematic abuses of tens of thousands of children, mainly poor children, in the religious institutions of Ireland. However, through our independent media we learn that this is not true, as the headline in the Workers Voice (1935) illustrates, abuse was known, was ignored and was wiped from accepted history. Independent media gives a voice to the voiceless.

The following are some short excerpts from the  Child Abuse Commission report on Artane. All these events and reports happened subsequent to the headline above (in which a young boy had been kicked to death in Artane boys’ school and the murder covered up). If Ireland had listened to independent media these children would have been saved:

Brother Cyrano – a broken arm

In the mid-1950s, the mother of a boy in Artane wrote to the Department of Education to ask if she could be allowed to see her son, who had sustained a broken arm and head injuries during the previous week. She also asked if the incident could be investigated. She wrote:

I heard during the week that my boy Thomas Artane School had an arm broken as a result of a blow with a brush by one of the brothers I call to the school yesterday and the superior admitted that one of the brothers had given him a blow and that his arm was broken I did not see the boy but I believe he was attending another hospital for treatment the superior said he had it xrayed and seen the result the arm is in Plaster of Paris I also heard that his head was bandaged during the week Im very worried over it and I called on Sunday to see him and was not allowed If it could be arranged for me to see him to ease my mind. In any case please have the matter investigated and let me no the result.

Delayed pain

A former resident explained:

Another Brother, if you are talking or doing other things in the dormitory that you weren’t supposed to be doing, he would make you go in to the washroom and put your hand into very cold water, because there was no hot water in Artane, and he would make you put your hand in the cold water for about ten [minutes] to quarter of an hour. Then he would call you out and while your hands were still wet, he used to make you put your hand, palm upwards, on the iron bedstead and he had a foot ruler and he used to slice the top of your fingers. It was only afterwards when the blood returned to your hand that you actually got the pain that was involved. Speaking here, it doesn’t seem to imply that being hit at the top of your fingers was a great punishment but it certainly was. The pain afterwards was more than the actual striking of the fingers.

There was no hot water in Artane, nor plumbed toilets

We had only buckets behind the handball alley … I would say there was about 20 to 30 buckets … it was newspaper we used instead of toilet rolls, there was no such thing … They had to be emptied … There was two men, [he thought they were siblings], … at the time it was a horse and cart … They were lay men … I was one of the ones that had to help on that occasion because I was a hefty lump of a lad … You had to put a bit of paper, them buckets could be over full … You have a dirty job there … we were just emptying the buckets … into this barrel. We called it a barrel. It was a horse and cart … it had to be done every day. Imagine there is 800 people were going through toilets … the handball alley was your wee wee, the back of the handball alley. You put them back. They were lovely looking going back … They went back with a kind of coat on them.

A decent man in every other way:

He used have his cloth over him and he kind of took my hand and placed it on top with the cloth covering it in case anybody came in. I touched him like that … He carried on … and then sent me back to my place. That’s all [he] ever done, he was a fondler more than anything. He didn’t ask you to undress or anything like that. He confirmed the statement that he had made to the Commission: All boys liked [him] because he was a gentle kind of man. He said that the teacher looked after the boys and that they put up with him for that reason. He said: We weren’t idiots. Boys at that age were aware, I was anyway, that some of the teachers and some people were like that. He continued: he was good to us … He wasn’t cruel like some of the Brothers. I personally found him very nice and also he always brought a newspaper in every morning. When he was finished the lads would get it. Some of us were avid readers. In that way he was a man’s man, if you like. I know he was a groper but he was a decent man in every other way

Br Ricard, who taught in Artane in the mid-1950s, sexually abused boys in a Christian Brothers’

school in Waterford in the late 1950s.:

A letter sent the following day to the Brother Procurator General, regarding the dispensation from perpetual vows of Br Ricard, reveals the anxiety felt by the Brothers about this case:

This is one of the worst cases we have had in my experience. It is so bad that we have voted unanimously in both Provincial and General Councils that he be granted a dispensation …

The letter discloses how the abuse was detected:

For a whole year he had been “interfering” in a homosexual way with two or three very respectable pupils at [a private secondary college]. One of these came to [a college run by another Order] last August and it was through a letter censored by the [Superiors at that college] that the whole matter came to light. The Brother admitted everything the boy … had stated.

The letter goes on to say:

We fear that the evil ways into which he had fallen may be of some years duration. He leaves immediately for England (on leave of absence). Were he to remain in Ireland and were the parents of the boys to get to know of his behaviour at [the Christian Brothers College] there would be a great danger of a public prosecution. The case is, as I have stated, one of the worst we have had. Do everything you can to secure an immediate Dispensation and forward same as expeditiously as you can.

Br Ricard sought a reference, but was not provided with one as it was felt that ‘there is no knowing what use he might make of it’. According to a letter written by the Provincial Assistant to the Superior General, he was informed that he could not continue teaching and would not be given a reference. However, it appears from records furnished by the Department of Education and Science that the ex-Brother came back to Ireland less than a year later and took up a senior position in a school in Co Kildare and remained there for some years. He was then appointed an assistant teacher at a school in Dublin where he worked for a few years, before moving to a Dublin secondary school where he worked until the late 1980s.

via Artane: suffer little children : rabble.

Alan Shatter

He won’t resign because, as a member of Fine Gael, he is incapable of having done anything seriously wrong. The spirit of Paddy Donegan lives on.

But when one notes that;

(A) The gardai wanted to test him for drink-driving so they must have formed a suspiction about him.

(B) That he’s using an unconvincing excuse to explain why he didn’t take the breathalyser test. If you’ve enough puff to make long speeches in the Dail you can blow into a tube.

(C) He obviously invoked Dail privilege, there was no reason for him to mention where he was coming from otherwise.

I’d say on the balance of probabilities it looks like Shatter was in breach of the law on that day and weaselled out of it. Though we can’t know this for certain.

I’d hope that those who pounced on the ‘hypocrisy’ of Ming and Wallace will be as zealous about exposing the contradictions of Shatter’s stance.

For one thing his humbuggery about being so keen to stick the boot into political opponents because he wants to protect the good name of the Gardai rings a bit hollow given that (A) he dropped the Commissioner into the shit to save his own face and (B) his love obviously isn’t requited given that they’ve just dropped him into it.

He’s a petty little bully who wouldn’t be tolerated in office anywhere else. But let’s watch Gilmore and the Labour Party suck it up as they show their unlimited capacity to endure humiliation.

via They say the situation is… | The Cedar Lounge Revolution.


The owners of The OSSL Company who have blown the whistle on a massive police corruption scandal in Ireland sponsored by Shell, are intending to confront the board of Royal Dutch Shell Plc at the AGM being held in The Hague on Tuesday 21 May.

Desmond Kane and Neil Rooney of OSSL say that they have been threatened by Shell with imprisonment and black listing if they continue to spill the beans.

What started out several years ago as Shell paying for some free alcohol given as festive gifts to a few local Garda, expanded in more recent years into a river of free booze for hundreds of Garda officers policing environmental protests against the controversial Corrib Gas Project.

We are talking about bribery and corruption. How could the Garda be impartial when so many officers were being personally rewarded by Shell. The integrity of the Garda has been damaged as a consequence of Shell’s actions.

Note that we have dropped any legal preamble such as “alleged”.

We are satisfied that the evidence we have seen, including leaked Shell emails, is authentic.

If Shell and/or the Garda dispute the facts as stated, then please sue us for defamation.

Lets get this dirty laundry aired in open court.

So what’s the prospect of either party actually issuing proceedings? None at all. They know that truth is a complete defence.

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via Royal Dutch Shell Plc .com.

via Royal Dutch Shell Plc .com.

Shell Corrib Corruption & Community Complaints

Shell Corrib Corruption & Community Complaints

That these events go almost universally unreported by the Irish media is a great hindrance to that justice being secured, but your website’s ongoing work in exposing the wrongdoing of Shell and it’s agents worldwide is a vitally important one. Rest assured, the most recent events on the subject of the Corrib Gas project are being closely watched – and acted upon – by many people on the west coast of Ireland and beyond, and together we can expose the corruption that far too many are trying their best to ignore.

Corrib Corruption & Community Complaints

By JM (long-time Shell watcher)

Your recent posting on the Corrib controversy concludes with a point about Irish citizens apparently not raising a fuss over the whole situation, and the latest allegations/revelations in particular.

Living with the ongoing project, many in the local community have had cause to report a multitude of matters to various bodies and State agencies during the course of the last dozen years or so. There are two recurring themes in all such cases: (1) an abuse of process/standards by Shell and/or it’s agents, and (2) a total lack of action/accountability for Shell and/or the agents supposedly “responsible” for the abuse.

The complaints range from the relatively mild (poor consultation, breaches of pollution limits) right through to the atrocious (threats of rape and attempted murder) but the response is almost always the same… it’s someone else’s problem.

A few examples.  When it was discovered that a diesel spill at the refinery site was leaking into the Bellanaboy river, the Environmental Protection Agency was contacted. After initially showing great concern and interest in the situation, on hearing the location was part of the Corrib Gas development the EPA immediately backtracked, and said it was a matter for Mayo County Council.  When Mayo County Council were approached, no-one was available to investigate. The Gardai (police) then intervened and prevented people from taking water samples until the following day, after a hasty clean-up was initiated. No action was taken by MCC.

After dozens of people were man-handled by Shell’s unidentifiable “security” workers on a public beach at Glengad (proposed offshore pipeline landfall) the Gardai were informed, but they refused to take statements of complaint and – when pressed – instead told people to contact the Private Security Authority. When the PSA were contacted they said they would only take action in the event of a criminal conviction secured by the Gardai. To date, no case has ever been taken by Gardai against security violence on the Corrib project towards members of the public (including hospitalisations) even when witnessed by Garda members.

When it was discovered that Shell had illegally installed and operated a septic tank discharging into a Special Area of Conservation at a compound in Rossport, Mayo County Council officials were informed, and a site inspection was arranged. In spite of the obvious physical evidence, MCC took no action.

When Shell workers used an excavator as a battering ram against neighbours preventing trespass onto private property in Pollathomas, Gardai committed criminal damage, trespass and multiple assaults on the public to force the workers through. Subsequent complaints to the Gardai, the Health & Safety Authority and the Garda Siochana Ombudsman Commission were passed between those authorities and eventually all washed their hands of the affair.  No action taken.

There are many other examples, such as Shell’s illegal drilling in a Special Area of Conservation (no sanctions); illegal road built through the same SAC (no prosecution); damage to and theft of fishing gear (no action taken); deliberate sinking of a trawler near offshore pipeline works (no investigation); EPA disallowing Oral Hearing questions as planning matters, then the planning authority (An Bord Pleanala) disallowing the same questions as EPA licensing matters; the list could go on and on.

There is what can perhaps best be described as a grotesque version of pass-the-parcel going on. Everyone knows that there is something unpleasant inside the box, but it keeps getting passed around in the knowledge that the music will never stop (at least, not while the current participants are in the room) and all the while Shell’s taboo Corrib project – and associated abuses – continue unchecked.

To say that people have lost faith in the authorities is a gross understatement, but in spite of all this complaints are still lodged and due process followed, and people still await justice.

That these events go almost universally unreported by the Irish media is a great hindrance to that justice being secured, but your website’s ongoing work in exposing the wrongdoing of Shell and it’s agents worldwide is a vitally important one.

Rest assured, the most recent events on the subject of the Corrib Gas project are being closely watched – and acted upon – by many people on the west coast of Ireland and beyond, and together we can expose the corruption that far too many are trying their best to ignore.

Best Regards


(long-time Shell watcher)

via Royal Dutch Shell Plc .com.

via Royal Dutch Shell Plc .com.

The police appear to be totally anti cannabis in Ireland yet do nothing to protect the citizens from the banking fraudsters

The police appear to be totally anti cannabis in Ireland yet do nothing to protect the citizens from the banking fraudsters who have brought the country to its knees.

Would the public be better served if more police time were devoted to investigating the crimes of bankers and speculators rather than using up their resources chasing cannabis dealers

How many people in Ireland have had problems with the police for  possession of cannabis. How many have been sent to jail.

Yet the bankers and speculators who have brought the country to its knees still walk the land as free citizens I wonder why!!!

Portadown Times

Published on 26/04/2013 15:00

The back seat of a Mondeo car containing a large amount of cannabis after a major drugs manufacturing operation was uncovered in a Belfast city centre flat as part of a police operation in 2010 INPT17-017

A TANDRAGEE man was among seven members of a crime gang jailed last Friday for their involvement in a £2.5 million drugs smuggling operation in Belfast.

James Turley, 53, of Ballymore Road, Tandragee and 38-year-old Warren Martin, of Windsor Terrace, Coagh – who were described by the judge as “privates” in the operation – were jailed for 15 months and 13 months respectively, with half of the term being custodial.

Gang leader Ryan Joseph Black, 29, received the longest term, seven and a half years, with a man described as his “trusted lieutenant” William Johnston, 35, given six years and nine months at Belfast Crown Court.

A major drugs manufacturing operation was uncovered in a city centre flat as part of a police operation in 2010 to disrupt the gang.

All seven men involved pleaded guilty to charges facing them prior to the start of their trial.

Black, whose address cannot be published for legal reasons, and Johnston, of Windermere Park, Belfast, have to serve half the terms in custody, with the remainder on licence.

Both men have already spent a substantial period of time in prison on remand since their arrests in December 2010. This time served will be deducted from the sentences handed down by Judge David McFarland.

Around 52,000 illicit tablets, 30kg of cannabis resin, 1kg of cocaine and £15,000 in cash were part of the haul found in the Laganview Court apartment near Queen’s Bridge in Belfast.

A hydraulic press for making cocaine, an industrial blender, cutting agent, boards, scales and knives were also seized from inside the property, which was fitted with black-out blinds.

The flat was searched by officers in December 2010 shortly after police intercepted the transfer of 26kg of herbal cannabis between vehicles near the Boucher Road in south Belfast.

Two months earlier in the Duncrue estate in north Belfast police halted another drugs transfer – this time involving around 45 kg of herbal cannabis – linked to the same trafficking operation.

Of the five other gang members, Aiden Joseph McPartland, 32, from Deramore Gardens, Belfast and Mark Mulholland, 27, of Colonsay Park, Ballymena, were described by the judge as “corporals” in the command structure. They received 22 months and 24 months respectively. Again only half the sentences are custodial.

Anthony McStravick, 33, from Ailesbury Road, Belfast, who was said by the judge to have played a “minor role”, was given 10 months. He will be eligible for remission.

The men showed no emotion as the sentences were handed down.

Police believe the drugs were transported from England and were destined for the illicit market in Belfast.

The PSNI said, during a parallel investigation in England conducted by East Midlands Special Operations Unit, 11 people received convictions last year.

After the sentencing hearing, PSNI Organised Crime Branch Detective Superintendent Philip Marshall said: “This was a lengthy and complex proactive investigation into an organised crime gang which was bringing large quantities of controlled drugs into Northern Ireland.

“We have secured convictions against the gang leader and his deputy as well as their couriers and the individual responsible for mixing the cocaine.

“Working with colleagues in East Midlands Special Operations Unit, we have swept away a web of illegal drug supply covering Northern Ireland and part of England.

“The gang leader, Ryan Black, believed he could direct the activities of the gang from a safe distance and escape the reach of the law.

“But the investigation by Organised Crime Branch was of such a comprehensive and forensic nature that his plan failed. Both the gang leader and his associates have been made amenable.

“In Northern Ireland we have dismantled a gang responsible for large-scale drugs importation.

“Organised Crime Branch will continue to work with local communities and colleagues in law enforcement, in this jurisdiction and around the world, to ensure Northern Ireland is a hostile environment for those who seek to make money by manufacturing, importing or distributing controlled drugs.”


kilkenny People

Piltown cannabis bust

Published on 26/04/2013 17:04

THREE Chinese men who pleaded guilty to their involvement in a massive drugs bust at Piltown eleven months ago were jailed for seven and half years, suspended for six years on condition they leave the country immediately and not return during their life-time.

The accused Guotai Lin (60), Lin Lin (41) and Chao Long He (36) of no fixed abode were sentenced by Judge Alice Doyle at Kilkenny Circuit Court on Tuesday last.

Assisted by an interpreter and described by Garda Thomas Gahan as being on the ‘lowest rung of the ladder in relation to this particular operation but caught in time’, the trio pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis for sale or supply and cultivation of cannabis in Kildalton, Piltown on May 2, 2012.

Smuggled into Ireland

They’ve been in custody since May 4 last year and were trafficked into the UK and then smuggled into Ireland using false ID papers.

The court heard they were effectively imprisoned in Piltown, their living conditions were basic but they knew they were dealing with cannabis.

Garda Gahan outlined that 43.5 kilogrammes of cannbis herb valued at €870,000 was seized along with 16 kilos in packages after members of the Garda National Drugs Unit and Gardai from Kilkenny Division and the Regional Support Unit raided the warehouse – two separate industrial units that had been merged – at 6.55pm on May 2 last.

However, media reports at the time estimated the street value of the cannabis find, some harvested and much of it still in pots, to be in the region of €3.5 million.

The two units had been rented out, unknown to the owners and to create optimum conditions for cultivation, the walls were knocked between the units, the roof was lowered, the ESB was bypassed and ventilation systems were installed.

While elaborate heat lamps and thermometers, nutrients and water barrells for feeding the plants, a vacuum packing machine and weighing scales were discovered.

Garda Gahan presented comprehensive photographic evidence of the warehouse and it showed separate areas where cannabis was being dried, two rooms where plants were at an advanced stage of growth and another where plants had flowered and were ready for cultivation.

Garda Gahan explained the three men were located inside and subsequently arrested. None of them had English and with the assistance of an interpreter they were interviewed four times over a period of two days at Kilkenny and Thomastown Garda Stations where they were co-operative and a plea was indicated at an early stage. A photograph of their living quarters was presented in evidence.

None of the three had previous convictions in this jurisdiction, but Lin Lin had a conviction for selling counterfeit DVD’s in England in 2001.

Garda Gahan said they were at the bottom rung of the ladder but when it was put to him by Senior Counsel Paddy McCarthy (representing Guotai Lin) they’d no home comforts living in the warehouse, he countered, “They also had phones and phone credit and a small amount of money was found. Their job was done and we caught them in time.”

Judge Doyle said it was a very serious case with a massive amount of drugs involved. “There was €870,000 of cannabis herb found but there was also a huge amount of uncultivated plants and they probably had a value of twice that figure or a lot more.”

She did take into account that the defendants spent a year in custody already and insisted it would of no benefit to the Irish state to keep them in prison. “They are vulnerable people and were not involved in drugs before and one has attempted serious self harm while in prison.”

Prosecuting barrister Brian O’Shea indicated the maximum prison sentence Judge Alice Doyle could impose was 14 years and she explained the suspension of their sentences only comes into effect when they are in a position to be deported.


Irish Times Friday  Apr 26, 2013, 08:04

A man in his 30s will be charged this morning in relation to the discovery of a cannabis growhouse in Dublin.

Stolen vehicles and the facility were found by gardaí following the search of a business premises in Ballycoolin Industrial Estate on Wednesday.

He will appear before Blanchardstown District Court. A second arrested man in his 60s was released last night without charge. A file will be prepared for the Director of Public Prosecutions.


Irish Examiner- Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cannabis growhouse operation goes underground

A drug gang concealed a sophisticated cannabis growhouse in two 40ft containers which they buried under a mobile home in a remote part of Co Cork.

The gang accessed the containers through the floor of a mobile home near the village of Ballyvourney.

Gardaí say it is the first bunker-style growhouse of its type found. They described it as “very sophisticated”, with its own power and water supply.

Armed with a search warrant, members of the Cork West Divisional Drugs Unit, raided the growhouse shortly after 7pm last Tuesday.

They found about 150 plants in various stages of growth, which have an estimated street value of €100,000.

Three men, believed to be in their early to mid-30s and from Eastern Europe, were arrested.

Two were being detained at Bandon Garda Station and the third in Macroom Garda Station under section 2 of the Drug Trafficking Act, 1996.

The growhouse was concealed under the mobile home in a woodland clearing at Derreenaling — about 3km south-west of Ballyvourney, near the Cork/Kerry border.

“This wasn’t done with a spade and shovel. Machinery had to be used to dig out the site for the containers,” said a senior Garda source.

He added it was the first underground growhouse of its type he had seen.

“We were used to mainstream republicans in the past and now dissident republicans using underground bunkers for hiding arms, training purposes, and hiding people. But we haven’t see this type of concealment with growhouses.”

Gardaí cordoned off the growhouse and yesterday morning started a full analysis of its contents. It is the second major growhouse seizure to occur on the Cork/Kerry border in past few days.

Last Thursday night, gardaí from Kanturk seized 204 cannabis plants in various stages of growth and about 1kg of processed cannabis worth in the region of €170,000.

The cannabis plants were found in sheds outside a family home near the village of Rathmore, Co Kerry.

A number of members of a family were in the house when gardaí raided it. There were no arrests at the time.

However, a Garda spokesman confirmed yesterday that a mother and son had since been arrested in connection with that investigation. “They were released without charge and a file is to be prepared for the DPP.”

Meanwhile, in an unrelated drugs seizure, gardaí arrested two men in their 40s following the discovery of cocaine, cannabis resin and cannabis herb worth €20,000 on the northside of Cork City.

Elsewhere, gardaí last night arrested two men, seized a number of stolen vehicles, and uncovered a cannabis growing facility in Ballycoolin, Dublin. The cannabis was worth about €125,000.

via Cannabis growhouse operation goes underground | Irish Examiner.


Irish Examiner Thursday, April 25, 2013

Builder grew cannabis after losing business

A builder who lost his job after 25 years resorted to growing cannabis at his home because he could see no other way out of his financial problems.

Eamon Hourihan, aged 52, yesterday pleaded guilty to cultivating cannabis at Templeboden, Ballincurrig, Leamlara, Co Cork, on May 17, 2011, and having the drug for sale or supply.

Garda Kieran Glynn testified at Cork Circuit Criminal Court yesterday that Hourihan had not made any money out of growing cannabis but its potential street value when he was caught two years ago amounted to €82,000.

Hourihan, who now lives in Monkstown, faced the possibility of a mandatory minimum jail sentence of 10 years because of the quantity of drugs.

However, Judge Patrick J Moran imposed a sentence of five years suspended.

The judge said: “There have been a number of testimonials handed in and they all speak well of you. You set up your own business which unfortunately collapsed in the current economic climate.

“You have managed to get some employment and are now working on a part-time basis.

“The activity you were involved in is a very easy way of making money of the wrong kind. You obviously thought about this and decided to use this farmhouse and adapted it. You did this with considerable intent and that makes the matter particularly serious.

“However, having said that, Garda Glynn tells me you did not make any profit out of it. Once he appeared with his search warrant you would appear to have pulled yourself together and made that the end of your drug road. I don’t think that sending you to prison would be of any benefit to society.”

Garda Glynn obtained a search warrant on foot of confidential information that cannabis was being grown at the remote farmhouse.

“At 2.30pm on May 17, 2011, I entered the house to conduct a search. Eamon Hourihan was present. The house had been transformed for the growth of cannabis. There were 108 mature plants and 100 saplings.”

James O’Mahony, defending, handed in correspondence that he said contained glowing character references for the accused.

“This whole event has devastated this family. He has done everything he possibly can to rehabilitate himself. He is an exceptional person with an exceptional past.”


Irish Examiner

Two held after Lucan cannabis seizure

Tuesday, April 23, 2013 – 10:33 AM

Detectives have seized drugs with an estimated street value of €400,000.

A man and a woman arrested during the operation in Lucan, west Dublin, are being questioned about the cannabis find.

The haul was uncovered in a raid on a house in the Hillcrest Heights area last night.
The cannabis herb has been sent for forensic analysis.

A man in his late 20s and a woman in her early 20s were arrested at the scene.

They are being detained at Ronanstown and Lucan Garda Stations under the Drug Trafficking Act.
The arrests were made as part of an ongoing investigation into the sale and supply of controlled drugs in Dublin.

The operation was carried out by the Lucan Drugs Unit and Garda National Drugs Unit.

A Garda spokesman said: “Investigations are ongoing.”



Irish Independent 20th April

Cannabis worth €2.5m seized in Galway

Gardai arrested a 53-year-old man and 43-year-old woman
Gardai arrested a 53-year-old man and 43-year-old woman

GARDAI in the Tuam area of Galway have seized cannabis plants worth an estimated €2.5m.

Two men in their mid 40s and early 50s are being detained in Mill Street Garda station Galway way Garda station(Mill Street) under the provisions of Section 2 of the Criminal Justice (Drug Trafficking) Act 1996.

This is the second seizure in the last 48 hours, with €1.5 million worth of cannabis herb seized from a business premises in Kells, Co Meath earlier. Two people, a man and a woman, were arrested in that operation.

The seizures were part of the Garda on ongoing investigations into the sale and supply of drugs in the west of Ireland, and under the auspices of Operation Nitrogen targeting cannabis growing operations.

Gardai say the latest seizure in Tuam included 3,000 plants at various stages of growth and that drug growing paraphernalia was seized during the operation.


Under the circumstances, I wondered if a pilot scheme was underway in Ireland already, with Shell sponsoring the Garda? Was some foolish government official or department conned into believing that Royal Dutch Shell is reputable? If so, I would have thought the sponsorship should flow into state coffers, rather than down the throats of apparently very thirsty police officers.


From: John Donovan <>
Date: 1 May 2013 19:55:39 GMT+01:00
To: INFO <>

Dear Mr Shatter

As you may be aware, your private secretary has kindly acknowledged receipt on your behalf of three emails I have already sent to you regarding the above subject.

I listened with interest to a segment broadcast on BBC Radio 4 “PM” programme this evening of possible brand sponsorship of the UK police.

The following are extracts from a related article published earlier this evening:

Martyn Underhill, Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Dorset, has held talks with a possible sponsor about an arrangement involving all five PCCs in the south west region. Writing on his blog, Mr Underhill, a former detective chief inspector for Sussex Police, said he could see “huge potential benefit to forming appropriate sponsorship relationships with reputable organisations”.

Under the circumstances, I wondered if a pilot scheme was underway in Ireland already, with Shell sponsoring the Garda?

Was some foolish government official or department conned into believing that Royal Dutch Shell is reputable?

If so, I would have thought the sponsorship should flow into state coffers, rather than down the throats of apparently very thirsty police officers.

And I have not noticed any Shell logo’s displayed on uniforms or on police cars?

Is the Shell branding operation in the pipeline?

An amusing, but unlikely explanation for all the free booze.

Mr Shatter, I have raised legitimate questions, which you have thus far apparently ignored.

Unless you are able to confirm tomorrow that you are looking into this matter, I will bring the scandal (that has wider dimensions than we have thus far revealed), to the attention of every TD. I have their email addresses and will contact them all on Thursday unless I receive something more encouraging from you than a mere acknowledgement.

Note that I am no longer using terms such as “allegations”.

I am stating on the record that Shell has engaged in a major corruption of the Irish Police.

I am astonished that Irish citizens have not yet demanded an immediate independent investigation.

Yours sincerely
John Donovan

Acting on Shell’s instructions, OSSL has distributed gifts (bribes) on Shell’s behalf to parties connected with the controversial Corrib Gas Project. This includes the Irish police force (the Garda) who have been the subject of serious accusations of wrong doing by environmental activists protesting against the project. If this statement of fact, or any of the allegations we have published on this matter since September 2012 are untrue, why have no defamation proceedings been issued against OSSL, or against us? What is the Irish Justice Ministry doing? Why no action by Shell’s Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer? How long can this disgraceful state of affairs continue? The scope of the corruption of the Irish state by Shell has yet to be revealed.


Date: 1 May 2013 07:51:37 BST
To: Michael Crothers <>, Peter Voser <>, Michiel Brandjes <>,,,,, Ann Hamilton <>
Subject: Shell threaten small vendor in a Dublin restaurant..

A senior Shell executive from the Corrib Gas project threatened two members of a small supply company in a Dublin restaurant that “if they revealed details of cash payments to householder and supply of alcohol to local police “that he would see to it that they would “never work in the industry again”

Michael Crothers has full details ..but others in Shell say they were not aware of this until now .. Has this information been suppressed ?



Sent from my iPad


Date: 1 May 2013 08:22:24 BST
To:,, Michael Crothers <>,, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,
Subject: It’s not the outstanding booze money that matters …

……it’s that the conspiracy of silence has cost decent people their jobs ….if you need to know more just ask …


Sent from my iPad

(We have deleted the identity of one recipient)

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Shell Corrib Gas Scandal: email to Detective Chief Superintendent John Gilligan

Apr 30th, 2013 

by John Donovan

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(Video: Includes a warning by Superintendent John Gilligan at 4.40 on the dangers of alcohol – amusing presentation glitch at 4.15)

“If I do not receive a response on Monday 29 April, I will assume that you do not wish to comment and I will publish this email on Tuesday. If you need more time to consider the matter, please let me know tomorrow when I can expect a reply. If there is no denial, people will be entitled to draw their own conclusions.”

From: John Donovan <>
Subject: Shell Corrib Gas Scandal: email to Detective Superintendent John Gilligan
Date: 28 April 2013 08:10:57 GMT+01:00

Dear Detective Superintendent John Gilligan

As I am sure you are aware, we have over the past several several months published a series of articles (headlines below) relating to the supply by Shell E&P Ireland of free alcohol to the Irish police, on what we have described as being on an industrial scale. We understand that the legitimate retail cost in Ireland for the river of free booze could approach €100,000 euros. So it’s not small beer.

We have copies of related correspondence between Shell’s “Mr Fixit” company in Ireland – OSSL – and yourself. I refer to the letter from OSSL dated 28 February 2011 and a response letter from you dated 5 May, when you effectively declined to comment. You have been on the circulation list of a number of OSSL emails sent subsequently to Shell and other parties. As I am sure you are also well aware, I drew these matters to the attention of Alan Shatter TD, the Irish Minister of Justice early in April. Although I received acknowledgements for receipt of the information supplied, I have not heard anything further. Perhaps an investigation is underway?

The matter is obviously a serious one given the background circumstances, with allegations that the Garda has acted as an offshoot of Shell security in policing protests against the controversial Corrib Gas Project. You will be aware of the serious related accusations against the Garda made by some protestors.

Since OSSL claim that you have had a hand in these matters, and bearing in mind the articles we have published without receiving any comment from involved parties, other than OSSL, I thought it appropriate to offer you the right to reply?

If you wish to take up this invitation, anything you have to say will be published on an unedited basis.

If I do not receive a response on Monday 29 April, I will assume that you do not wish to comment and I will publish this email on Tuesday.

If you need more time to consider the matter, please let me know tomorrow when I can expect a reply.

If there is no denial, people will be entitled to draw their own conclusions.

Yours sincerely

John Donovan


More allegations about Shell Corrib Gas Project: 19 April 2013

Irish Police corruption, booze and violence sponsored by Shell?: 16 April 2013

Alleged Shell Irish Bribes Scandal: 15 April 2013

Mystery surrounding OSSL alleged Shell Corruption Scandal: 12 April 2013

Shell corruption scheme operated in Ireland on an industrial scale?: 6 April 2013

Alleged Shell Irish Police Corruption Saga Rumbles On: 5 April 2013

Alleged Shell corruption surrounding Corrib Gas Project: 4 April 2013


The danger of getting into bed with Shell: 31 March 2013


Shell Accused of Corrupting Irish Police Force: 28 March 2013

Beware of a man in a Shell Hat: 5 March 2013

Shell EP Ireland mired in corruption allegations: 22 February 2013

Shell Corrib Gas Project mired in corruption allegations: 22 Jan 2013

Corrib Gas Project Engulfed in Corruption Allegations: 12 November 2012

Shell Corrib Gas Project Corruption Scandal: 11 October 2012

Shell Corruption Conspiracy in Corrib Gas Project: 8 October 2012

Shell instructed Corrib Gas Project supplier to falsify invoices?: 18 Sept 2012

Irish Supplier Accuses Shell of Bribery, Cover-up and Sinister Threats: 10 Sept 2012

Shell Corrib Gas Project Corruption and Cover-up Allegations: 10 Sept 2012

via Royal Dutch Shell Plc .com.

via Royal Dutch Shell Plc .com.

More allegations about Shell Corrib Gas Project

“On the Corrib gas terminal Shell are employing people to do the work of industrial fitters who are not qualified… so are putting the safety of the terminal at risk. The latest breach in health and safety was on Monday the 8th of April, a worker employed as a fitter without the necessary papers worked on cutting pipes… he cut through a live nitrogen pipe and put many lives at risk. Shell has set up an incident room but it is a smokescreen..:” “The drinking culture on the site has also become a big problem…” (*ANOTHER BOOZE ALLEGATION ASSOCIATED WITH THE CONTROVERSIAL PROJECT?)

From Mid West Radio Ireland – Evening edition – Official account provided by Shell PR

Shell Ireland says incident at Bellanaboy gas terminal last week did not pose any danger to the site

An incident that occurred at the Corrib gas terminal at Bellanaboy in North Mayo last Monday has been described by Shell as posing no danger to the environment

A pipe containing nitrogen was cut by mistake but the company says all nitrogen on the site was vented off as a precaution

Teresa O’Malley has more details…

As Shell’s Corrib Gas terminal at Bellanaboy is almost completed, the site is said to be in a state of preservation and during this phase of development low pressure nitrogen is pushed through the gas pipes to prevent any corrosion

Since January last, work has been ongoing on replacing the water surface pipes at the terminal

This procedure is completed by cutting off short sections of pipes, removing them and then replacing them

On Monday last the permitted workman carrying out the work on the surface pipes, accidentally cut a gas pipe. He immediately recognised the problem and alerted his supervisor

In response all nitrogen in the gas pipes was vented off as a precaution

In a statement from Shell the company said there was no danger to the site at any stage

An internal investigation is underway into the incident


On the Corrib gas terminal Shell are employing people to do the work of industrial fitters who are not qualified to do the work and so are putting the safety of the terminal at risk.

The latest breach in health and safety was on Monday the 8th of April a worker employed as a fitter without the necessary papers worked on cutting pipes he cut through a live nitrogen pipe and put many lives at risk.

Shell has set up an incident room but it is a smokescreen the person in question is local and an avid anti protesters.

The drinking culture on the site has also become a big problem also the amount of accidents that have been covered up is a major issue to site safety  – all of this is a danger to the community.



via Royal Dutch Shell Plc .com.

via Royal Dutch Shell Plc .com.

Alleged Shell Irish Bribes Scandal

“…Shell funded alcohol was allegedly distributed to the Police, a gift not conducive to the well-being, safety and demeanor of police officers. The booze was allegedly delivered to senior on duty officers, with delivery being made at Police premises in one instance.”: “Some of the wording on the purported invoice seems strangely reminiscent of the prohibition era in the USA. Somebody trying to conceal the illicit transportation of alcohol.”


Dear Linda Szymanski

I sent emails to you on 28 March 2013 and 29 March 2013 (also copied to Michiel Brandjes) concerning allegations made by a former Shell supplier OSSL, that Shell E&P Ireland has engaged in widespread corruption of the Irish Police force. According to OSSL and the related purported invoice dated 28 August 2012, Shell funded alcohol was allegedly distributed to the Police, a gift not conducive to the well-being, safety and demeanor of police officers. The booze was allegedly delivered to senior on duty officers, with delivery being made at Police premises in one instance.

Some of the wording on the purported invoice seems strangely reminiscent of the prohibition era in the USA. Somebody trying to conceal the illicit transportation of alcohol.


I first notified Mr Brandjes of these allegations on 10 September 2012 (also copied to Brian Foley at Shell E&P Ireland).

I sent a related email on 18 September 2012 to Julia Busby, head of Shell Legal, Shell E&P Ireland (also copied to Michiel Brandjes and Royal Dutch Shell PLC Chief Executive Peter Voser).

On 11 November 2012, I sent an email to Michiel Brandjes headed: ” SHELL ALCOHOL FOR CORRIB POLICEMEN

I have also published and supplied to Shell, numerous related emails allegedly sent to Shell by OSSL.

Neither you or any of your colleagues have replied to any of my emails on this subject.

Mr Brandjes did send me a copy of an email he sent to former Shell official Mr. Bill Campbell on another matter (the screw-up in the Arctic).

But this subject remains absolutely taboo.

The same deafening silence seems to apply to police officers identified on the purported invoice dated 28 August 2012.

No accusations that the invoice is not authentic and the allegations false. No threats of litigation. No denials. Nothing.

When the stakes are so high – an alleged corruption scandal involving hundreds of Irish police officers – how long can that situation hold?

It is alleged by OSSL that there are other beneficiaries of Shell’s generosity.

How will it reflect on you Linda, bearing in mind your job title, if you fail to act?

Yours sincerely

John Donovan

PS. As you are probably aware, I have  brought this matter to the attention of the Irish Justice Minister Alan Shatter TD.  I did at least receive the courtesy of an acknowledgement.


Police alcohol . John you will hear no denials because the details you have are exactly correct the garda locally and nationally are disgusted by Shells handling of this matter they feel for the people caught in the middle but can’t afford to speak



I don’t have any particular knowledge in the area, but it would seem to me that the UK Bribery Act, and the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Dodd-Frank amendment (FCPA) would apply to the Irish saga.

In both cases there are channels through which whistle blower reports can be submitted. In the case of the FCPA the rewards for whistleblowers are very large.

There is a five year statute of limitations: perhaps Shell is relying on this to save them?

via Royal Dutch Shell Plc .com.

via Royal Dutch Shell Plc .com.

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