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James Reilly Lies again and Quinn gets it Wrong

Dr James Reilly the Health Minister has once again spectacularly changed his story on the site selected for a primary care site in his constituency.

Dr. Reilly claimed the decision on the site was made during Mary Harney tenure in office. Ruairí Quinn the Minister for Education backed up this claim.

Reilly now admits that this information is totally incorrect.

Enda the Time has come to sack Minister Reilly and at the same time a slap on the wrist for Master Quinn


James Reilly Minister for Health

Reeling in the broken promises

“…the day that we don’t keep that promise, the day that we let you down, the day when we let your local services go when there’s nothing to replace it, that’s the day I’ll walk away, I’ll retire.”

James Reilly


Congratulations to Leo Varadkar

leo varadkar

Lion Mouth Varadkar appears to be showing some interest in the tourism portfolio. Three vacation over the summer, which included Euro 2012 and the Olympics. In addition, you know he even found the time to look for pay cuts for people on a fifth of his salary.


A Political Joke

Four surgeons are discussing who were the best patients to operate on.

The first surgeon says, ‘I like to see Accountants on my operating table because when you open them up, everything inside is numbered.’

The second responds, ‘Yeah, but you should try Electricians! Everything inside them is colour-coded.’

The third surgeon says, ‘No, I really think Librarians are the best; everything inside them is in alphabetical order.’

But the fourth surgeon shut them all up when he observed, ‘You’re all wrong. Politicians are the easiest to operate on. There’s no guts, no heart, no balls, no brains, and no spine, and there are only two moving parts – the mouth and the arsehole – and they are interchangeable’


James Reilly in a Fix once again

It appears the owner of the land on which the divisive health centre is to be built is a well-known supporter of FG.

Seamus Murphy who is in the process of selling it to a development company owns the land in question.

Both Reilly and Murphy have been pictured together at social events in Balbriggan.

One wonders if the development company has links to Reilly.

Above Reilly,Joe English and Seamus Murphy

Mary Greally, James Reilly TD, Seamus Murphy and Sylvester Greally

As late as last Monday the Taoiseach gave his full backing to Minister Reilly

How well the Hospital Consultants Live

Figures show more than 1,800 consultants shared €386m in fees for treating privately insured hospital patients in the year to the end of June.

It averages out at more than €214,000 per consultant.

The sum does not include what consultants receive for treating patients admitted to hospital and does not cover the fees for outpatient clinics and private rooms. Factor these figures in and you will add several million to the bill.

The bulk of the consultants are also on public salaries averaging around €150,000. The majority of these consultants work in public hospitals. Their contracts allow them to treat private patients.

Health Minister Dr James Reilly disclosed the level of payments in a parliamentary reply to People before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett.


Therefore, we have a situation whereby private patients receive treatment in public hospitals using state equipment. Perhaps as a means of raising money, the health minister should consider leasing this equipment to the consultants.

James Reilly Lies as he Distorts Reality

MINISTER FOR Health James Reilly has given a new rationalization for his decision to add two locations in his Dublin North constituency to a list of primary care centers.

Last night Dr Reilly said both Swords, and Balbriggan were recognized as high-priority areas by the HSE five years ago. However, both “lost out” after Minister of State Shortall increased the weighting and they were swept from high priority to low priority. Under the original priority system, Reilly stated they both would have been in the top 35. Conversely, under the new system with an altered weighting system, they ended down the list.”

However, we now know this is a blatant lie as Balbriggan was ranked in forty fourth position and Swords in one hundred and twenty seventh place before Ms. Shortall ordered officials to change the weighting related to deprivation.

One wonders how much longer the Taoiseach Enda Kenny can continue to support Reilly.

Enda Kenny says Health Minister James Reilly has no conflict of interest – RTÉ News

Mr Kenny said Mr Reilly had given an account of his personal interests to the Dáil, and he rejected Sinn Féin‘s Mary Lou McDonald’s suggestions of a conflict of interest.

Ms McDonald claimed that Mr Reilly clearly had a direct conflict of interest, because he has investments in private medicine and nursing homes at a time when public beds were being closed.

She described as a farce the addition by Mr Reilly of extra proposed sites for primary care centres.

Ms McDonald asked whether or not junior health minister Roisin Shortall was aware of the additional criteria, including competition, cited by the Taoiseach.

Mr Kenny insisted that extra proposed sites were added to put pressure on the medical profession to co-operate.

Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin criticised the addition of extra primary care sites, including two in the minister’s own constituency, saying that Ms Shortall “plays by the rules, but Minister Reilly doesn’t”.

via Enda Kenny says Health Minister James Reilly has no conflict of interest – RTÉ News.

via Enda Kenny says Health Minister James Reilly has no conflict of interest – RTÉ News.

Big Mouth Heaps the Pressure on Dr. James Reilly.


Transport Minister Leo Varadkar concedes that the decision to locate two primary care centres in the Health Minister‘s constituency “does look like” stroke politics.
However, he said that you had to trust your Cabinet colleagues to make the right decisions.
Dr Varadkar said that he trusted Dr James Reilly in that regard.
It looks like Varadkar is saying I admire your blatant ability to use stroke politics to strengthen your domestic nest. It also looks as if “Big Mouth” is saying it is time to go, Jimmie Boy.
The decision of Reilly in relation to the location of care centres has caused conflict between himself and Labour Minister of State Róisín Shortall. Dr. Reilly was asked to identify the politicians who had lobbied him in relation to the centres but a spokesperson acting on his behalf declined to respond.
Reading between the lines one suspects Leo might be saying that’s him sidelined in my quest for the top spot.

We also learn from this that stroke politics is alive and thriving under the umbrella of health.

James Reilly

They’re calling him Reilly: Ace of Lies.

This week’s motion of no confidence in the Minister for Health is the only credible response to the reality of what is happening under James Reilly. Before the election he personally led a deeply cynical campaign on health. He promised that he and Fine Gael would make sure that no one lost any services and a whole new set of free services would be provided.

After running a briefing campaign to protect his budget he announced that he had enough money to fully deliver his service commitments.

We never believed this and have been relentless during this year in questioning him about services and budgets. He repeatedly assured us and the Dáil that everything was fine under his personal management. He repeated like a mantra that frontline services were being protected.

This was untrue and health services are now being subject to a round of mean-spirited emergency cuts which Minister Reilly was denying while already implementing them.

Before the full force of his management has had its impact, waiting lists are rising, services are being closed and there is a deep sense of despair in the sector.

There is no precedent for a situation where the Taoiseach praises a minister for being brave in reversing cuts while the Minister is still claiming that the cuts never existed.

via James Reilly |

via James Reilly |

Rabbitte rallies to support of Reilly during debate on no confidence motion

COMMUNICATIONS MINISTER Pat Rabbitte was among those to show support for the embattled James Reilly during a debate on a motion of no confidence in the Health Minister this evening.

The Fianna Fáil motion was brought before the Dáil by the party’s health spokesperson Billy Kelleher who criticised Reilly for what he said was an unsustainable and “dishonest” health budget proposed last year.

The heated debate was notable for the considerable criticism levelled at Fianna Fáil by Reilly himself, Fine Gael TDs, and Labour minister Rabbitte for the opposition party’s handling of the health service while in government between 1997 and 2011.

In tabling the motion, Kelleher said that “dysfunction and chaos” in the Department of Health was feeding into the Health Service Executive which is facing a budget over run this year.

“Because of your incompetence and inability to deliver a budget and manage a budget you had people outside government buildings protesting because their personal assistance was being withdrawn,” Kelleher said referring to the disability protests in Dublin a fortnight ago.

During the debate the issue of Reilly’s relationship with the junior ministers in his department arose with Kelleher claiming that the minister does not have “confidence among your cabinet colleagues”.

via Rabbitte rallies to support of Reilly during debate on no confidence motion.

via Rabbitte rallies to support of Reilly during debate on no confidence motion.

Passing News Bites

Free GP care

GOVERNMENT PLANS to roll out free GP care to people with long-term illnesses are “very much on track,” according to Minister for Health James Reilly.

What the Minister failed to explain was that the end of the road for these tracks is to be found somewhere over the rainbow.



Hogan points to local authority failings

MALPRACTICE PERPETRATED by local authority councillors has reinforced the need for local government reform. Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan has said.

He should know from his own experience as a councillor, TD and Minister.

A man well versed in claiming the few bob


OAPs facing €5 travel charge

Ministers believe that old-age pensioners would not object to contributing towards the cost of travel. The forgoing statement is both presumptuous and arrogant but then that is typical of people whose masters are International banking.



Enda Kenny

Who said this?

All I ever need to know I learned from The Three Stooges.”

Enda Kenny

Young Fianna Fáil

YOUNG Fianna Failers are urging third-level students to join up and help resurrect the party’s fortunes.

Posters hung in college campuses across the country are using the story of Lazarus to urge students to become “part of the comeback”.

Looks like they have not studied the bible to well; if they had, they would recall the crucifixion of their Messiah not so long ago. They should also recall that their chief failed to rise from the dead.


Reilly forced to sell €5m site for just €750,000 – N

Indebted Health Minister invested in plot to set up primary care centre at the height of the boom

HEALTH Minister James Reilly has been forced to sell off an estimated €5m site he bought at the height of the property boom for the knockdown price of €750,000, the Sunday Independent can reveal.

The indebted minister put the 1.3-acre site beside the Airside Retail Park in Swords, Co Dublin, on sale — just a month before he was named in Stubbs Gazette — after his plans to develop a HSE Primary Care Centre on the land fell through.

via Reilly forced to sell €5m site for just €750,000 – National News –

via Reilly forced to sell €5m site for just €750,000 – National News –

40-hour week on cards for teachers –

Taoiseach wants staff in schools and hospitals to work longer hours

THE Taoiseach Enda Kenny has told government ministers to include an extension of the working day and week in their submissions of “additional proposals” to significantly reduce the public sector pay and pensions bill, the Sunday Independent can reveal.

As a result, Education Minister Ruairi Quinn and Health Minister Dr James Reilly are this week expected to bring to Cabinet plans to increase the working week in schools and hospitals to 40 hours.

While the Government remain

via 40-hour week on cards for teachers – National News –

via 40-hour week on cards for teachers – National News –

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