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Soviet Propaganda posters – Patriotic Images

The propaganda of the USSR was working hard to inspire the people with pride in their country and confidence in the future.

via Soviet patriotic posters pictures · Russia travel blog.

via Soviet patriotic posters pictures · Russia travel blog.

Soviet World War II propaganda Posters part 2

The posters of Soviet agitation during World War II (part 2)

“The shovel is soldier’s friend ”

via Soviet World War II propaganda part 2 · Russia travel blog.

via Soviet World War II propaganda part · Russia travel blog.

Soviet World War II propaganda Posters part 1

Here are several posters of Soviet World War II agitation.

“Mercilessly annihilate fascist saboteurs”

via The propaganda of Soviet Union during World War II · Russia travel blog.

via The propaganda of Soviet Union during World War II · Russia travel blog.

Soviet Tourist Posters From the Stalin era Aimed at Foreiginers to Visit the USSR

There is a widespread belief that Stalin’s Soviet Union was a country almost completely closed to foreigners. However, advertising of “Intourist” (organization responsible for foreign tourism in the USSR) created in 1930ies, gives somewhat different look at the issue.

The country was in desperate need of foreign currency for industrialization, so all the ways to lure wealthy foreign tourists to the USSR were used. And it was not just about the major cities – Moscow and Leningrad.

You can see the invitations to visit almost all the interesting parts of the USSR, theater festivals, river cruises, the Russian hunting, great construction projects. These posters were made to create an image of pre-war Soviet Union as the “earthly paradise.”

via Posters of Stalin’s Soviet Union luring foreign tourists · Russia travel blog.

via Posters of Stalin’s Soviet Union luring foreign tourists · Russia travel blog.

Soviet Space Propaganda Posters, 1958-1963

Soviet Space Propaganda Posters, 1958-1963

Conquer the space!

Fatherland! You lighted the star of progress and peace. Glory to the science, glory to the labor! Glory to the Soviet regime!

From student’s models to spaceships!

Gagarin, Titov, Nikolaev, Popovich – the mighty knights of our days

Glory to the conquerors of the universe!

Glory to the Fatherland of Heroes!

Glory to the Soviet people – the pioneer of space!

Glory to the KPSS!

Happy New Year kids!

Glory to the workers of Soviet science and technology!

Happy New Year, peace and friendship!

Happy New Year! For peace, for new progress!

Homeland, your mission is accomplished!

I am happy – this is my work joining the work of my republic

In 20th century the rockets race to the stars, the trains are going to the lands of achievements!

In the name of peace and progress!

In the name of peace

Into the space!

Let there be peace!

Navigation in space is open!

October opened the road to space!

Our triumph in space is the hymn to Soviet country!

Report- mission accomplished!

Socialism is our launching pad

Soviet man – be proud, you opened the road to stars from Earth!

Soviet means excellent!

The road in the space is Soviet!

Through the worlds and ages

To the glory of communism!

                                      To the Sun! To the stars!

We will open the distant worlds!

With Lenin’s name!

via Soviet Space Propaganda Posters, 1958-1963 – Retronaut.

via Soviet Space Propaganda Posters, 1958-1963 – Retronaut.

Pictorial Religious themes 1



True religion is real living; living with all one’s soul, with all one’s goodness and righteousness.

Albert Einstein

I am plenty safe enough in his hands; I am not in any danger from that kind of a Diety. The one that I want to keep out of the reach of, is the caricature of him which one finds in the Bible. We (that one and I) could never respect each other, never get along together. I have met his superior a hundred times– in fact I amount to that myself.
– Letter to Olivia Clemens, 17 July 1889

The gods offer no rewards for intellect. There was never one yet that showed any interest in it…
 Mark Twain‘s Notebook

TEEU claims retrofitting projects could create 80,000 jobs

Technical Engineering and Electrical Union General Secretary Eamon Devoy said the country needs to refocus on manufacturing in both new and established industries.

He said retrofitting buildings, including schools and local authority housing, would ultimately be self-financing in energy savings.

Mr Devoy also voiced concern about the plight of 2,800 redundant apprentices.

He said they were trapped in the system, as they are unable to complete their apprenticeships, but said they could at least seek jobs abroad if they could complete their training.

The general secretary acknowledged progress in reducing the number of apprentices in this position from 10,000 two years ago.

However, he said the hidden tragedy remained that thousands of young school leavers are denied access to training and potential careers because opportunities in traditional crafts had been largely closed off.

He called for the establishment of a Task Force on Job Creation to report within six months to identify opportunities at home and abroad.

via TEEU claims retrofitting projects could create 80,000 jobs – RTÉ News.

via TEEU claims retrofitting projects could create 80,000 jobs – RTÉ News.

America Today-5

War /Destruction/confusion

A new Dawn!

The system

The system is a method used to control people. In the main, it operates covertly as a warning to the populace or any that contemplates taking on the system or planning revolution.
The typical tools of the system are anonymity, surveillance, people in dark suits, blue suits, people who secretly carry weapons. Their job is to create an image of fear and paranoia throughout the community. The unmistakable message is we are the people in command. No matter how slight any attempt to obstruct us would be unwise for both the individual and the community.

Very typical examples of users are the International Oil Companies, which are now well accustomed to using the “system” to achieve their ultimate goals.

A family at War

A family at war is the Diary of A Dublin Mother

The Diary of Mary Martin

A Family at War: Mary Martin’s Diary, 1 January – 25 May 1916 is an online scholarly edition of the Diary of Mary Martin, a widow and mother of twelve children, living in the affluent Dublin suburb of Monkstown.

A good insight into the times

Can be read for free online

Minister Declares Ireland to be the Long Lost Island of Atlantis

In an astonishing announcement, Simon Slovenly the Minister of Muck and Water confirmed Ireland to be the lost Island of Atlantis and the Hill of Tara to be its legendary missing city. In a preamble on a special newscast to the Nation last night, he explained to his audience that his name “Simon” was of Hebrew origin. He elucidated his Christian name literally means “To Be Heard.” He, therefore, felt it was appropriate that he be the bearer of such sensational news. The work leading up to these revelations was carried out in the greatest of secrecy by members his department in conjunction with various lesser government departments, which were of little concern to him. However, the moment of revelation according to the Minister occurred at sea whilst awaiting a delivery of a consignment of giggle weed to his yacht. He believes the great God Enki came to him in a dream and told him to excavate Tara and that once finished Ireland would see prosperity return.  Enki made one stipulation, and that was for the hill to be ring fenced by a network of vast roads.

He said we now have conclusive proof that Ireland is the lost Island of Atlantis. He also believes Tara to be the home of the supernatural blue stones of the Spirit Enki the opener of Star gates and bringer of enlightenment. He felt the department of Mythical lands would very shortly be able to verify the whereabouts of the stones. Archaeologists have also unearthed strong evidence to suggest that Tara is the final resting place of the Arc of the Covenant. All that stands in the way of the recovery of these treasures are the guardians of the tombs the feared Tuatha De Danaan. A team of elite Israeli negotiators specially trained in dealing with mythical beans led by Ari Flatus will shortly arrive in Ireland to help resolve the matter.

We as nation sincerely hope these stones before long will see the light of day. As of now, the government is leading its people through a Dark Age and the need for enlightenment is a perquisite to the future development of the nation.

The Minister went on to blame English shock troops acting on behalf of Rome for the demise of Tara. Following the invasion, English priests subsequently proceeded to obliterate Tara out of the History books. In addition, they then sent their agent the Welsh wizard Saint Patrick to Ireland to burn all historical records, writings, and teachings of the ancient Irish. Although the flame of the old culture waned at times, the Holy Writ of the past remained embedded in the hearts of the people. The role of St. Patrick in Irish history will need revision after these revelations. Just imagine a book burner a destroyer of culture and heritage up to the present day looked upon as the national emblem of Irishness.

The developments at the Hill of Tara will have far-ranging implications on the religious and political front not just in Ireland but right across the universe.

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