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A Round up of Bradley Manning News

Bradley Manning: Truth on trial?
 available yet. Report. Published on Jun 24, 2013. This week, a special edition of the Listening Post with a special report on Bradley Manning and an exclusive interview with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange from inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London.
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Roundup on Week 3 of Bradley Manning’s Trial
As the trial of Pfc. Bradley Manning, the soldier who disclosed United States government information to WikiLeaks, enters its fourth week, the world’s focus is on NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and his travel to Ecuador, where he has requested asylum.
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The 10 best whistleblowers in movie history
Perth Now
By disclosing top-secret materials from one of the world’s most secretive agencies, the NSA, Snowden will join the ranks of Mark Felt, Daniel Ellsberg and Bradley Manning as a man who willingly gave up all the comforts and security of his life in an 
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Westwood gets political
Westwood gets political. Known for her activism, Vivienne Westwood‘s latest collection shown in Milan included pictures of Bradley Manning, a US Army officer arrested in Iraq in 2010 on suspicion of passing classified material to WikiLeaks, pinned to 
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Comment: Obama’s list of enemies
Activists display a photo of US President Barack Obama and pictures of former US spy Edward Snowden and whistleblower Bradley Manning during a protest action in Berlin. (AAP). Meet the seven men US President Barack Obama considers enemies of the 
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I’m convinced people do care about NSA overreach
San Diego CityBEAT
On June 6, The Guardian began reporting on the most significant unauthorized government document dump since Bradley Manning smuggled out hundreds of thousands of State Department records while pretending to rock out to Lady Gaga. This time 
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America: Have We Lost Our Way?

Gitmo, Bradley Manning, violating sovereignty willy nilly, drone strikes even on American citizens… Basic disrespect for the principles we have preached so self-righteously to the world, on a scale that makes even prior hypocrisies (Reagan’s Central 
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Letter: Real criminals rigged game against Manning

Buffalo News
Pfc. Bradley Manning reported war crimes, which clearly indicated U.S. criminality, according to three articles of the Geneva Conventions. According to Nuremberg principles laid down by the United States, Manning was required to report war crimes. Yet 
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The Eternal Rebel – Ronnie Kasrils
As the state calcifies into corporate totalitarianism, as prominent rebels such as Julian Assange,Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden are defamed by a bankrupt media and political class and hunted down as criminals, as change through the established 
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The Pursuit of Edward Snowden: Washington in a Rage, Striving to Run the World
Huffington Post
Too rarely mentioned is the combination of nonviolence and idealism that has been integral to the courageous whistleblowing by Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning. Right now, one is on a perilous journey across the globe in search of political asylum, 
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The Trouble with Low Standards
The National Interest Online
The Snowden disclosure of course comes as another famous leaker, Army PFC Bradley Manning, is being tried for espionage at Fort Meade, Maryland. There’s some indication that Snowden sees himself as a fellow traveler of Manning; he has described the 
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Secrets and fears of a paranoid government
ABC Online
As well as Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden, they’ve also charged a former CIA officer for revealing the names of colleagues involved in torture, a State Department advisor for leaking information about North Korea, and a senior executive at the 
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Snowden’s Asylum Request: ‘Unlikely I Would Receive Fair Trial or Proper 
My case is also very similar to that of the American soldier Bradley Manning, who made public government information through Wikileaks revealing war crimes, was arrested by the United States government and has been treated inhumanely during his time in 
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Julian Assange: Edward Snowden Is ‘Safe And Healthy’
Huffington Post
 yet that Snowden’s fate is bound up with the assistance he receives from WikiLeaks, the noted transparency organization that came to its greatest fame three years ago when it released a massive cache of documents from Army Pfc. Bradley Manning.
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Edward Snowden Realizes He Can’t Live Without WikiLeaks
National Journal
Edward Snowden may not have chosen to go the route of fellow Espionage Act indictee Bradley Manning by releasing sensitive National Security Agency documents through WikiLeaks. Part of that, he said, was because he wanted every single page 
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Edward Snowden and the High Price of Civil Disobedience
Slate Magazine
To get an idea of what Snowden is staring down, we can just look at the case of WikiLeaks sourceBradley Manning. He was held for two years without trial (and, by some accounts, tortured) for releasing classified document. In March 2012, the Guardian 
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Whither Snowden? NSA whistleblower skips Moscow-Havana flight
Christian Science Monitor
Though Snowden himself remains invisible, Ecuador’s foreign minister, Ricardo Patiño Aroca, read out a statement from him – reported by the Guardian – in which he compares himself with Bradley Manning, the former US army private currently on trial for 
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Julian Assange: Snowden is ‘Healthy, Safe and in Good Spirits’
Assange did tie Snowden’s case closely to that of Army private Bradley Manning, now on trial for leaking millions of pages of classified documents to WikiLeaks, in the episode that has made Assange an international celebrity. Assange said that U.S. 
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Snowden joins list of infamous political fugitives (blog)
 the founder of WikiLeaks, published reams of U.S. military and diplomatic documents. There have been no formal charges filed against him for the leaks, but Bradley Manning is currently on trial for allegedly giving WikiLeaks sensitive military 
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US Cracks Down on Leaks With Insider Threat Program
The Takeaway
Launched not long after Private Bradley Manning shared classified documents with the website WikiLeaks, the program gives government agencies greater authority to investigate and punish potential leaks. To discuss this we’re joined by Kel McClanahan, 
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Revenge of Assange as WikiLeaks helps US leaker
He linked his own fate not only with 30-year-old Snowden but with that of Bradley Manning, 25, the US soldier who is being tried on accusations of leaking the documents to WikiLeaks that were behind its first major information dumps in 2010. WikiLeaks 
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Deep throats united

It was not Journalists’ Day in the rest of the world this week but the rest of the world is following a trial that might set the 21st century tone to the ever-thorny relationship between governments, sources and journalists. Its outcome, by transition, will define the type and quality of information the public gets.


Bradley Manning, the young US army private who starred the largest leak of information in the history of the largest superpower ever, will be battling for his life over the next few weeks, but other potential sources and its press contacts should be aware their fate will also be at stake when the martial court delivers a ruling on the 22 charges presented against him.

The main difference between Manning and Mark Felt, the now legendary Deep Throat source that helped two Washington Post reporters produce arguably the greatest work of journalistic investigation in history, is that Manning was caught. Felt managed to remain anonymous for decades, only to own up to his deeds near the end of his life in a 2005 Vanity Fair interview. Besides their short-term political intentions, sources also have egos.

The other stark difference is that reporters Woodward and Bernstein were the representatives of an established news outlet that used traditional editing/political techniques to present the information to the public. Manning instead chose to pass the three quarters of a million classified State Department documents and a few compromising videos to Julian Assange, a man who calls himself a journalist but many refer to as a hacker.

The typical good guy/bad guy narrative surrounding both the stories of Manning and Assange misses the complexity of the historical role they are playing. The question whether Manning is a lunatic weirdo seeking to overthrow the government or a hero fighting windmills of secrecy is irrelevant in the light of the dilemma about how any entity — gubernatorial or private — handles important information affecting citizens and whether and how this information would be made available to the public.

Thomas Friedman would be happy to see how flat the world is becoming, at least when it comes to governments’ handling of citizens data and privacy. But the coin did not fall on the Don’t Be Evil side of things as Friedman’s now classic 2005 book indicated.

All the fret about countries like China keeping a tight grip on their netizens loses some credibility at the sight of the (leaked) news this week that the US National Security Agency is running a well-established programme called PRISM that allowed officials to collect material including search history, the content of emails, file transfers and live chats. How? By having direct (yes, direct) access to the systems of Google, Facebook, Apple and other US Internet giants.

The story broke through the Washington Post and the Guardian, who had access to secret NSA documents. Assange was quick to bolster his defence of Manning saying the leaker of this big story could — if caught — face the same prosecution fate. The US Department of Justice Department investigations on AP and Fox News reporters revealed recently justifies Assange’s concern.

The odd Manning-Assange relationship now under the magnifying glass of a US military court generated an unprecedented access to information for the people of almost every nation of the world covered by a batch of cables that otherwise had a strong focus on the US post 9/11 Middle Eastern wars. The short-lived marriage of convenience between Assange and some of the most traditional and prestigious newspapers in the Western world produced, for a moment, good information for the public at a time abundance goes against quality. It was a positive vision of a public information future that stubbornly seems geared toward dystopia instead.


The relationship between a journalist and the sources is one of the defining aspects in the way the information fed on the public gets shaped. Another is that of the journalists with their jobs. No wonder the first thing the US government did in its crusade to kill the messenger Assange after having caught the leaker Manning was to severe all sources of online financing to WikiLeaks via US-based global companies like Visa, Paypal and MasterCard.

Journalists need resources and a back-up structure to do their jobs independently and service the interests of the public against those of the governments or big corporations. The press labour market globally is not going through rosy days. In the US, newspapers have eliminated about 30 per cent of their full-time professional employees since 2000, according to a report this year by the Pew Research Centre on the state of the news media (Full report here ).

Many journalists in Argentina went on strike yesterday, which was Journalists’ Day here in memory of the foundation of the first newspaper in 1810. The journalists are engaged in difficult wage talks with newspaper owners. Beyond the talks, a critical mass of journalists seem to have come to the conclusion that the media war between the government and the mainstream press outlets had placed them in the uncomfortable position of being the pawn in somebody else’s game.

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