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Reilly and Shortall to meet over centres row – The Irish Times – Tue, Sep 25, 2012


MINISTER FOR Health James Reilly and Minister of State at the Department of Health Róisín Shortall will meet this week after she strongly restated her position in the row over the siting of primary care centres.

Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore yesterday indicated he was satisfied Dr Reilly’s decision to add two towns in his constituency to a priority list of locations based largely on deprivation originally drawn up by Ms Shortall was taken on a “balanced basis”.

Ms Shortall said all decisions must be made in a transparent way after the country had been “profiled” in terms of population and age as well as urban and rural deprivation.

“The guiding concern from my point of view is that resources go where they’re most needed, where there is established health need,” she said.

“We need to identify where are those areas of greatest need and we have very, very good information on that . . . It would be very foolish not to take heed of all of that important data that is available to us.”

She confirmed she had spoken to Dr Reilly yesterday and said they had arranged to meet later in the week.

Mr Gilmore said reports of feuding between the two Ministers were overdone.

“I think some of this can be exaggerated. I think that what we have to be clear about is what we’re trying to do here,” he told reporters in Brussels.

via Reilly and Shortall to meet over centres row – The Irish Times – Tue, Sep 25, 2012.

via Reilly and Shortall to meet over centres row – The Irish Times – Tue, Sep 25, 2012.


Coalition Ministers close ranks behind Reilly in Shortall row – The Irish Times – Sat, Sep 22, 2012

FINE GAEL and Labour Ministers have closed ranks behind Minister for Health James Reilly following the latest damaging row with his Labour Minister of State, Róisín Shortall.

As Dr Reilly defended his decision to add two locations in his constituency to a priority list for primary care centres, Ms Shortall publicly called on him to explain his rationale. Three times when questioned by reporters yesterday, she declined to express confidence in the Minister.

In a barbed response, Dr Reilly pointed out that his junior minister had voted for him in the Dáil no confidence vote on Wednesday, adding that “actions speak louder than words”.

There were no contacts between the two politicians yesterday.

The controversy has heightened tensions within Labour, with senior party figures saying they supported his decision to add further locations to the original list prepared by Ms Shortall. Last night, however, Labour chairman Colm Keaveney said the party grassroots strongly supported Ms Shortall in her differences with Dr Reilly. Mr Keaveney said he had been inundated with calls from members praising the Minister of State for her Dáil speech. “They’re telling me she delivered her message with dignity, honesty and self-criticism and that she was faithful to her values.”

via Coalition Ministers close ranks behind Reilly in Shortall row – The Irish Times – Sat, Sep 22, 2012.

via Coalition Ministers close ranks behind Reilly in Shortall row – The Irish Times – Sat, Sep 22, 2012.

James Reilly

They’re calling him Reilly: Ace of Lies.

This week’s motion of no confidence in the Minister for Health is the only credible response to the reality of what is happening under James Reilly. Before the election he personally led a deeply cynical campaign on health. He promised that he and Fine Gael would make sure that no one lost any services and a whole new set of free services would be provided.

After running a briefing campaign to protect his budget he announced that he had enough money to fully deliver his service commitments.

We never believed this and have been relentless during this year in questioning him about services and budgets. He repeatedly assured us and the Dáil that everything was fine under his personal management. He repeated like a mantra that frontline services were being protected.

This was untrue and health services are now being subject to a round of mean-spirited emergency cuts which Minister Reilly was denying while already implementing them.

Before the full force of his management has had its impact, waiting lists are rising, services are being closed and there is a deep sense of despair in the sector.

There is no precedent for a situation where the Taoiseach praises a minister for being brave in reversing cuts while the Minister is still claiming that the cuts never existed.

via James Reilly |

via James Reilly |

James Reilly to face no confidence motion in the Dáil

MINISTER FOR HEALTH James Reilly is to face a motion of no confidence from Opposition parties as the Dáil resumes this week.

Both Sinn Féin and Fianna Fáil are set to table the motions when the Dáil returns from its summer recess today.

The government majority means that the motions are unlikely to pass; however the move puts pressure on Labour backbenchers who are believed to be unhappy with Reilly’s swingeing cuts to the health service.

Micheál Martin said at the Fianna Fáil think-in yesterday that the no confidence motion was “the only credible response” to Reilly’s tenure as Minister for Health.

Martin criticised Reilly’s lack of action of cutting waiting lists and introducing free GP care. The Fianna Fáil leader also hit out at Reilly’s attempts to bring in “mean-spirited” cuts to the health service.

“There is no precedent for a situation where the Taoiseach praises a minister for being brave in reversing cuts while the Minister is still claiming that the cuts never existed,” said Martin.

He [Reilly] will no doubt turn up during the debate to announce that his failures are everyone else’s fault. His colleagues will engage in their usual game of attacking the opposition. But they’ll fool no one and the cold, hard facts of their promises set against the reality will be even clearer than before.

It is likely that the government will table its own motion expressing confidence in the Minister this week.

via James Reilly to face no confidence motion in the Dáil ·

via James Reilly to face no confidence motion in the Dáil ·

Consultants’ talks continue –

Talks between the health service management and hospital consultants have continued overnight despite the Minister for Health setting a deadline of last night for the conclusion of the discussions.

James Reilly had said anything that was not agreed by last night at the Labour Relations Commission would be referred to the Labour Court for a binding ruling under the provisions of the Croke Park agreement.

The Government said it intends to appoint hospital consultants in the future on “substantially” lower pay rates.

In a document tabled at talks at the Labour Relations Commission, health service management proposed that there would be “no differentiation between future appointees and existing consultants in terms of title, status or scope of practice”.

via Consultants’ talks continue – The Irish Times – Mon, Sep 17, 2012.

via Consultants’ talks continue –.

Passing News Bites

Free GP care

GOVERNMENT PLANS to roll out free GP care to people with long-term illnesses are “very much on track,” according to Minister for Health James Reilly.

What the Minister failed to explain was that the end of the road for these tracks is to be found somewhere over the rainbow.



Hogan points to local authority failings

MALPRACTICE PERPETRATED by local authority councillors has reinforced the need for local government reform. Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan has said.

He should know from his own experience as a councillor, TD and Minister.

A man well versed in claiming the few bob


OAPs facing €5 travel charge

Ministers believe that old-age pensioners would not object to contributing towards the cost of travel. The forgoing statement is both presumptuous and arrogant but then that is typical of people whose masters are International banking.



Enda Kenny

Who said this?

All I ever need to know I learned from The Three Stooges.”

Enda Kenny

Young Fianna Fáil

YOUNG Fianna Failers are urging third-level students to join up and help resurrect the party’s fortunes.

Posters hung in college campuses across the country are using the story of Lazarus to urge students to become “part of the comeback”.

Looks like they have not studied the bible to well; if they had, they would recall the crucifixion of their Messiah not so long ago. They should also recall that their chief failed to rise from the dead.


Minister for Health James Reilly dismisses free GP care delay report


Mr Reilly said the Bill would be published in the next Dáil term

The report suggested there were legal difficulties in providing for care to around 56,000 people based on a medical condition and not on a means test.

The Government had committed to introducing the measure this year.

Mr Reilly said today that the legislation was complex and there had been some delay but the Bill would be published in the next Dáil term, and the issue was “still very much on track”.

The cost of the measure is put at around €15m this year.

via Minister for Health James Reilly dismisses free GP care delay report – RTÉ News.

via Minister for Health James Reilly dismisses free GP care delay report – RTÉ News.


State’s drug bill could fall by up to €400m under new deal

THE DEPARTMENT of Health and drug manufacturers are close to a deal that could cut the State’s drugs bill by up to €400 million.

Although some details remain to be ironed out, an agreement cutting the annual cost of drugs for the next three or four years is expected to be struck next week.

Any deal that yields significant savings will come as a godsend to Minister for Health James Reilly, who has been heavily criticised recently over health spending overruns.

via State’s drug bill could fall by up to €400m under new deal – The Irish Times – Sat, Sep 08, 2012.

via State’s drug bill could fall by up to €400m under new deal – The Irish Times – Sat, Sep 08, 2012.

The Minister of Health and Death

The Minister of Health and Death is a man who dispels copious amounts of toxic hot air.  Within his inner-circle colleagues, refer to him as the “Walking Fart”
The Walking Fart promised to sweep away the  incontinence  of the previous administrators. He stated I promised to deliver a health service that we all could be proud of; he is seventeen months into the job, and things have gotten worse.
In his first eighteen months in the Dáil, this man managed to ratchet up €32,000 for travel and subsistence despite living 18 miles from Leinster House.
The Walking Fart seems to have a talent for milking the gravy train. What a shame he is totally bereft of expertise to manage the health service.
Talk about the life of Reilly
In place of medical cards recipients will receive help in the form of photocopied Anglo Irish Bank Bondholders certificates

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