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Leo Varadkar’s Constituency Newsletter-More strokes

Leo Varadkar’s Constituency Newsletter

4:38 pm December 3, 2012 Chompsky







Plenty of transport budget gone into rail, cycle and road projects in D15.

Well, they don’t call him the ‘Minister for Transport’ for nothing.

Hang on.


More stroke politics

via Leo Varadkar’s Constituency Newsletter |

via Leo Varadkar’s Constituency Newsletter |

Leo Varadkar- Profile

Leo “Lion mouth” Varadkar is our current Minister for Transport, Tourism, and Sport a position he has held since 2011. Varadkar was born in Dublin, the son of an Indian father and an Irish mother. He qualified from Trinity College as a medical doctor a place, which has, groomed its fair share of right wing ideological pedagogues. To attend his lectures he would have had frequently passed the bronze statue of Edmund Burke the founding father of modern-day Conservatism and free market advocate. It was in this establishment that Lion Mouth took to the yellow brick road, donned the colour blue, and adopted the mantle of the righteous right of conservative dogma. Leo becomes an ardent follower of the witches of the East and the west the representatives of International banks and Industry. His enemies were the good witches of the north and the south. For they were the careers of poor farmers, the lower classes, the middle classes and even the upper middles classes that were won’t at times to turn their backs on these honest witches.

Leo donned the silver shoes of politics and followed the brick road to Sinister House where his duty was to represent Johnny Citizen. Here he boldly stated I did not aspire to represent everyone. It is my objective to represent a particular viewpoint. I do much better in middle-class areas than working-class areas.

“I get the vote because they would respect the work I do on the ground and would have a similar viewpoint to me. They don’t think the solution to their problems is loads of welfare.” So, we now know that the Mouth shows little regard for the majority of his constituents, in fact, if they are lower class and on welfare, he is most likely to despise them.

Lion Mouth would have us all believe that he is just that little bit different from the rest of the Sinister House incumbents who, largely, he considers to be beneath him in terms of ability and intellect.

To quote the Mouth himself

“I would be, free-market centre right;

One rather obvious issue to put to free-market ideologues who still advocates the practice that ‘business’ should be free to do what it wants is; ‘ look around at the devastation in the economy. Would you say it’s caused because of a lack of free-market policies or excessive socialism?’ Welfare is not the problem. The major problem has been the gung-ho, business right, the very same people who took the wrecking ball to the country and smashed it to pieces. These men will not rebuild it; you the sucker Johnny Citizen must bear the cost of reconstruction. At the same time, these people will push the idea that we need to free up the market further if we are to progress. The principal ideas behind, “Lion Mouths” beliefs appear to be, the right of the minority to expropriate from the majority. In short, they will rig the game to ensure you pay their losses and if he has his way, you my dear friends are condemned to live in the land of shifting goalposts and crooked playing fields.

Lion Mouth is an ambitious person and has designs on higher placements within the precincts of governance. However, Le Grand Dame the Wizard and ruler of Sinister House knows the aspirations of Leo and consequently, treats him with a sense of indifference.

His appointment to the position of Minister for Transport, Tourism, and Sport, was not a post to his liking. In terms of aptitude, he appears to be unable or unwilling to contribute to the future development of Transport and Tourism. He has made a little ripple in the sports portfolio by having his own personal trainer. The ruling Wizard knows he has made a clever choice in his positioning of Leo. For he knows the frustrations of this gaffe prone, would be trujillisto, will implode due to the impossibilities of his position. The Wizard has cunningly left his department short of funds.

The Wizard keeps his own dossier on Lion Mouth. The folder is in chronological order except for the first page. The front page reads.

June 2010 Varadkar and a number of other frontbenchers stated they had no confidence in me their leader Le Grand Dame. A large majority indorsed a subsequent confidence motion in the leader. Underneath the entry he writes at no time forgive; never forget to keep your enemies close. These entries then end with vulgarities F…… Backstabber, my fury knows no bounds etc.

Skipping through the pages one would highlight the following.

Sept 2008 Lion Mouth accused of racism by the media– wants to offer inducements to unemployed migrants to return to their own country, in particular, Africans. The leader comments –This man should understand this turf better!

March 2010 criticizes our former leader, which goes down poorly with older party members.

February 2011 note the unauthorized promise… “If things go our way, there will be a new government in six weeks time, and the banks aren’t getting another cent.” How stupid.

May 2011 I note Leo declared that Ireland would very likely need a second bailout. He causes severe embarrassment to the Government even a comment from Trichet.

November 2011 The newspaper headlines read Leo slates Irish tourist trade for poor service, in particular, bar’s restaurants and shops. The Wizard scribbles rather than shoot his mouth off, why does he not introduce a grading system for these establishments.

June 2012 Varadkar has said public sector pay increments need deferring. These comments were both insensitive and unauthorized, particularly at a time when public services need restructuring. Just who does he, think he is?

August 2012 Target Express: 390 jobs to go as the firm ceases trading. Leo goes missing!

High taxes on diesel are killing coach tourism. No response from Leo, why!

Saturday the 1st of Sept. Minister for Transport Leo Varadkar has said that the Government is bound to honour the Croke Park Agreement. In June, he was saying the exact opposite unprompted about turn why!

On the very back page of his dossier Le Grand Dame “Writes Lion Mouth has delusions of grandeur”. He is both self-righteous and envious because he sees lesser souls occupying higher echelons.

Dead fish have more charisma than Lion Mouth.

What he does not realize is if he ever dares to cross me again he will find out my orbs are considerably bigger than his. Come on Gaffe mouth hop a ball.


Passing News Bites

Special Needs Assistant

Every time the government says ‘we need to pay the unsecured bondholders; A’ Special Needs Assistant dies inside.


New Movie channel

Pat Rabbitte gives ok to new Irish movie channel. He is confident material supplied by FAS will he included.

Blank TVs

Three hundred thousand homes to face blank TVs as switchover to the digital system looms.

Solution- bring back Terry Wogans blankety blank.

Cycle Path

Leo Varadkar estimates this will bring in €15m per annum to local business.

Funding not yet allocated, no route yet decided. How can, Mr. Varadkar, know how much money will be generated from a project that is still in its infancy and may well not even happen?

Mr. Varadkar is currently considering grants for kite flying.


The Fianna Fail Think In

Top of the agenda was the search for brains – this proved to be a fruitless exercise.

The Leader Mr. Martin said his party would oppose the proposed Government property tax. Now Micheál rattle the old brain cells if you can find them and youwill recall your lot proposed this very same tax two years ago.

Perhaps just maybe we are seeing the death throes of this shambolic lot.

MacSharry slams Government amid fears of rail cuts – Local Businesses – Leitrim Observer

Fianna Fáil Senator, Marc MacSharry has called on the Government to intervene amid fears that services on the Sligo to Dublin train route are to be cut.

Senator MacSharry was responding to reports that cuts to the service which serves both stations at Dromod and Carrick-on-Shannon are imminent. He said: “I find it deeply worrying that there seems to be plans to cut the service. This is a critical part of the access infrastructure of the entire region and for many people the rail link is the only viable way to commute to work on a daily basis. Near the main employment hubs serviced by the Sligo line, people are commuting to work on the train route rather than pay more expensive rents in the larger towns and the only option they have is to make the journey on a daily basis.”

Mr MacSharry said he found it perplexing that Irish Rail was given a w36 million cash injection in July to stave off the threat of cuts to services, saying: “yet here we are in August with the same threat hanging over our heads.”

He called on the Minister for Transport to clarify where the investment went and what areas of Irish Rail received the cash injection. “For a Government that presided over the closure of the Sligo-Dublin air link, it seems incredible that they now plan to scale down rail services. The north west access is critical for tourism and business, both indigenous and through foreign direct investment. To set about further dismantling our access medians will undermine our marketability as a location for business.”

via MacSharry slams Government amid fears of rail cuts – Local Businesses – Leitrim Observer.

via MacSharry slams Government amid fears of rail cuts – Local Businesses – Leitrim Observer.

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