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Soviet propaganda posters – Socialism vs Capitalism

Posters that “showed” Soviet people the difference between socialism and capitalism.

Comment: These posters remain a valid commentary on capitalism and its rapacity, exploitation and illusory promises. If you are not part of the capitalist class, it is a bargain with the devil who promises wealth down the road but instead delivers economic destruction and caprice with no way out. It is a system propped up by the psychology of the lottery: there are most certainly winners and one is asked to believe that you will be one of them in exchange for your labor and (most importantly), time. What is not revealed is that the “reward” if at all forthcoming, is outrageously minuscule compared to the time and effort expended. In short, freedom to work in capitalist hell.

About 20 millions of American people don’t have enough money to buy more than 1 liter of milk per month and 6 kg of meat per year.

They have plenty of goods for rich people only, and we are going to give goods to all the people.

Who has the national income?

Exploiters have the majority of it in capitalistic countries.

Working people – in USSR.

n the countries of capitalism – the violation of working people rights

In the countries of socialism – the right to work

In the countries of capitalism – the path of the talent…

In the countries of socialism – the path to the talent!

May 1 celebrations

Have a look, all the Soviet country is singing and dancing…

Our red spring is the most beautiful one!

via Socialism vs Capitalism propaganda posters · Russia travel blog.

via Socialism vs Capitalism propaganda posters · Russia travel blog.

Soviet Propaganda posters – Patriotic Images

The propaganda of the USSR was working hard to inspire the people with pride in their country and confidence in the future.

via Soviet patriotic posters pictures · Russia travel blog.

via Soviet patriotic posters pictures · Russia travel blog.

Soviet World War II propaganda Posters part 2

The posters of Soviet agitation during World War II (part 2)

“The shovel is soldier’s friend ”

via Soviet World War II propaganda part 2 · Russia travel blog.

via Soviet World War II propaganda part · Russia travel blog.

Soviet World War II propaganda Posters part 1

Here are several posters of Soviet World War II agitation.

“Mercilessly annihilate fascist saboteurs”

via The propaganda of Soviet Union during World War II · Russia travel blog.

via The propaganda of Soviet Union during World War II · Russia travel blog.

Soviet Tourist Posters From the Stalin era Aimed at Foreiginers to Visit the USSR

There is a widespread belief that Stalin’s Soviet Union was a country almost completely closed to foreigners. However, advertising of “Intourist” (organization responsible for foreign tourism in the USSR) created in 1930ies, gives somewhat different look at the issue.

The country was in desperate need of foreign currency for industrialization, so all the ways to lure wealthy foreign tourists to the USSR were used. And it was not just about the major cities – Moscow and Leningrad.

You can see the invitations to visit almost all the interesting parts of the USSR, theater festivals, river cruises, the Russian hunting, great construction projects. These posters were made to create an image of pre-war Soviet Union as the “earthly paradise.”

via Posters of Stalin’s Soviet Union luring foreign tourists · Russia travel blog.

via Posters of Stalin’s Soviet Union luring foreign tourists · Russia travel blog.

Soviet Space Propaganda Posters, 1958-1963

Soviet Space Propaganda Posters, 1958-1963

Conquer the space!

Fatherland! You lighted the star of progress and peace. Glory to the science, glory to the labor! Glory to the Soviet regime!

From student’s models to spaceships!

Gagarin, Titov, Nikolaev, Popovich – the mighty knights of our days

Glory to the conquerors of the universe!

Glory to the Fatherland of Heroes!

Glory to the Soviet people – the pioneer of space!

Glory to the KPSS!

Happy New Year kids!

Glory to the workers of Soviet science and technology!

Happy New Year, peace and friendship!

Happy New Year! For peace, for new progress!

Homeland, your mission is accomplished!

I am happy – this is my work joining the work of my republic

In 20th century the rockets race to the stars, the trains are going to the lands of achievements!

In the name of peace and progress!

In the name of peace

Into the space!

Let there be peace!

Navigation in space is open!

October opened the road to space!

Our triumph in space is the hymn to Soviet country!

Report- mission accomplished!

Socialism is our launching pad

Soviet man – be proud, you opened the road to stars from Earth!

Soviet means excellent!

The road in the space is Soviet!

Through the worlds and ages

To the glory of communism!

                                      To the Sun! To the stars!

We will open the distant worlds!

With Lenin’s name!

via Soviet Space Propaganda Posters, 1958-1963 – Retronaut.

via Soviet Space Propaganda Posters, 1958-1963 – Retronaut.

Soviet Childcare Posters 1930

Soviet Childcare Posters 1930

   Protect your child and food from flies

                             Protect your child and food from flies


Weight and height of children from birth to two years old

Weigh your child every week

Every year thousands of children lose their eyesight due to small objects getting stuck in the nose, ears, and throat

Protect your child and food from flies

I’m bored at home; I’m happy in the creche!

Correct carrying of a 3 month old baby

How to feed a child when the mother has a cough and cold; don’t allow strangers to kiss or touch your child

Bathing the eye; cleaning the nose

The proper way to cut a child’s fingernails

via Soviet Childcare Posters – Retronaut.

via Soviet Childcare Posters – Retronaut.

Soviet Accident Prevention Posters c.1920s: Slideshow

Soviet Accident Prevention Posters slideshow c. 1920s:

via YouTube.

via YouTube.

Soviet Anti-Alcohol Posters, 1929-1969

Soviet Anti-Alcohol Posters, 1929-1969

Dad, do not drink’, Д. Буланов, 1929

Stop’, П. Соколов-Скаля, 1929

‘Down with the drunks! Saying out loud’, И. Янг, 1929

‘From the midst of labor would drive drinkers!’, И. Янг, 1929

‘Remember. When you drink your family is hungry’, 1930

Н. Дени, 1930

‘It’s a shame!’, Н. Вележаева, 1958

‘…And they say that we are pigs!’, А. Мосин, 1958

‘Eradicate this evil!’, Н.Терещенко, 1959

‘Not a Drop’, B. Reshetnikov, 1961

‘From the midst of labor would drive drinkers!’, В. Говорков, 1966

‘For your health…?’,Е.А. Каждан, 1969

via Soviet Anti-Alcohol Posters, 1929-1969 – Retronaut.

via Soviet Anti-Alcohol Posters, 1929-1969 – Retronaut.

EU Soviet Agenda and Comrade Cameron  

A recently unveiled EU poster sports the oppressive Soviet hammer and sickle symbol numerous times

BRUSSELS – Belgium – The EU’s Soviet agenda was laid bare today with the unveiling of a new EU poster that finally puts to rest the bloc’s Soviet credentials.

The new poster is a clear signal that the EU is a Soviet Fascist bloc and is a direct threat to freedom, democracy and humanity as a whole.

A warning from history

“Not only are we laughing in the face of all citizens within the European Union, we are also revealing ourselves to be truly a Soviet system where we amalgamate and assimilate all within our borders. We destroy all individuality, all nationality, and dictate all economic policy. This is the EU, and when we get our stormtroopers goose stepping on the streets, you will see what you have got yourselves into. Remember that evil is allowed to happen when good men stand by and do nothing. The EU was allowed to happen, as was Stalin’s Soviet bloc, and Hitler‘s Reich. No one did anything, nations stood by until it was too late, banks financed them until it was too late. The same is up with the EU, no one did anything, and unelected EU bureaucrats now rule over you. You pay for my unlimited expense account and my diamond encrusted pension plan, my unlimited global travel perks and my laughter at you pleb citizens, the scum that you are, I laugh at you,” an unelected EU bureaucrat said from the EU parliament yesterday.

British premier, David Cameron, who knows very well what the EU is and how it will finally reveal itself to be a totalitarian Soviet Fascist state, was all too eager to proffer his congratulations to the EU for its recent Nobel Peace Prize.

“I have been told to say this by my superiors in Brussels. I say to the British people that the key to joining the Eurozone will be Scotland. When they embrace the EU, as Southern Ireland did, then we as England will be given no choice but to join the EU as well. I know the plan, as do many other cabinet members. A referendum in Scotland is the key to the Scottish people breaking up Britain until it is ultimately weakened. Divide and conquer, as always, a British Empire trick is being used against us, and I am complicit with my masters, as a traitor to Britain. I have emphatically denied the British people an In/Out EU referendum, because I know that the British people do not want any part of the EU. To this end, I am a liar and traitor to my own people but my masters have promised me great things for delivering the UK to them on a platter. Our laws in Britain are fully managed by Brussels/Germany now and it is going to get even more insidious in the future. We were not defeated in WW1 and WW2 but Britain will be defeated by me denying the people their rights to determine their destiny. You say we live in a democracy, I say you do, but that democracy is under EU regulations now and they will tell me what to do about how much democracy you are allowed from now on. So please carry on as you are, watch your Come Dancing and Britain’s Got Talent shows. Do not think for one second about what is going to happen to you, or your children in the future. Why not just text away and read your Facebook page. There is nothing to worry about.”

via EU Soviet Agenda and Comrade Cameron .

via EU Soviet Agenda and Comrade Cameron  .

Communists propose Russia-led Eurasian unity vs. imperialist globalization — RT

Leader of the Communist Party of the the Russian Federation Gennady Zyuganov speaks at a rally in honor of the 95 anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution.(RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich)

Leading Asian countries and Russia should unite in their efforts to counter-balance the “American-style globalization,” says the leader of Russian Communist Party (KPRF) Gennady Zyuganov.

Russia has historically been the centre of Eurasia, linking European and Asian civilizations, Zyuganov pointed out.

“We propose to restore in a new shape the “Eurasian bridge” with the closest and most efficient cooperation between our peoples, countries and continents. Russia– which for millennia has been actively participating in the life of both Europe and Asia – is ready to fulfill its historic mission and be a link between the main centers of modern civilization in this most difficult moment of its development,” the KPRF chairman stated at the Conference of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP) in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Capitalism is rotten: all its spheres from production and politics to culture and morality have been affected. A whole range of European countries are on the verge of bankruptcy, the Russian Communist leader observed, as cited on the KPRF official website.

“After the collapse of the Soviet Union life on Earth has become a lot more difficult and dangerous,” Zyuganov stated.

In recent years the world has seen numerous devastating bloody conflicts, including the recent unrest in the Middle East and North Africa.

“The colonial strategy of the US and Western countries that depend on it put the humanity on the brink of a world war,” the Russian Communist leader believes.

Imperialist countries have created institutions that help them to “govern the world”, such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organization.

“For those who resist ‘peaceful’ subjugation to the globalists there is NATO, an institution of military violence,” Zyuganov noted. However, the KPRF leader is confident that the resistance to “globalization American-style” is mounting.

One of the new geopolitical trends is the shift of world economic center to the Asian-Pacific region. The Russian Communists believe that the maximum use of economic, scientific and cultural potential of Asian countries could help to solve global problems and ensure food, energy, military and economic security.

Zyuganov also proposed forming a parliament for Asian union countries in the future. He believes it would give an additional impetus to the development of cooperation.

via Communists propose Russia-led Eurasian unity vs. imperialist globalization — RT.

via Communists propose Russia-led Eurasian unity vs. imperialist globalization — RT.

‘Probe Lenin as extremist!’: Historian’s urge divides opinion

A historian has asked Russia’s Investigative Committee for permission to check the works of Vladimir Lenin for extremism as they were based on social hatred and advocated the most radical methods for achieving the stated goals.

Vladimir Lavrov, a leading scientist in the Russian History Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, wrote a personal letter to Investigative Committee Chairman Aleksandr Bastrykin asking to employ his expertise on Lenin’s books.

“The cornerstone of Leninism is inciting social hatred and the propaganda of people’s inferiority based of their social affiliation. Leninism is the ideology of using extreme means to get a desired effect,” the address reads.

The historian goes on to write that Lenin’s preaching of “social racism and genocide” resulted in crimes that have no limitation period. He claims that Lenin publicly justified terrorism and also personally commanded certain terrorist operations – such as setting up concentration camps and launching the “red terror” policy during the civil war.

Lavrov backed his position with 28 of Lenin’s quotes. Besides, according to the scholar, the complete collection of Lenin’s works is, in fact, incomplete, as even devoted supporters of the revolutionary chose not to include in it the most outrageous of Lenin’s works.

Russia’s reaction to the initiative was very different.

Arseny Roginsky, head of Russia’s major Human Rights NGO Memorial, said that the idea was senseless and suggested canceling or seriously changing the current law on extremism.

“This is stupid. The man was a revolutionary. He called to overthrow the state regime and never concealed this. Why should this be called extremism?” the activist said.

At the same time, a top cleric of the Russian Orthodox Church, Archpriest Dmitry Smirnov, fully supported the idea. The priest said that this could be the first step in destroying the positive image of Lenin that still exists in certain strata of the society.

“Of course, no one is reading Lenin now, and there is little sense in seizing the books, but the probe for extremism is good as it could be a step towards Lenin’s legacy sharing the fate of Hitler’s legacy in Germany,” he said.

Smirnov also said that he personally thought that Lenin was a much worse person than Hitler as “Hitler treated his own people much better”.

“Hitler was a demagogue and Lenin was a shameless open cynic and a villain,” the priest said.

Smirnov has already publicly opposed the late revolutionary and philosopher, calling upon all believers to “pray for the destruction of the mummy of Ulyanov-Lenin and for bringing down the Bolshevik idols that stand all over Russia.”

via ‘Probe Lenin as extremist!’: Historian’s urge divides opinion — RT.

via ‘Probe Lenin as extremist!’: Historian’s urge divides opinion — RT.


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