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Is Society Progressing Or Regressing?

The problem is simple and complex at the same time. The schooling system is used to turn children into mindless robots and puppets. Most of the children are numbed enough to fit into the lower level jobs at major manufacturing or service corporations. The unwanted children are directed to adjust to incarceration in mental institutions or real prisons. They serve to keep society scared. Then there are the chosen children who get to lead the corporations and governments, to make sure that those in power stay in power.

At the same time, all children have access to advanced technology. Advanced in the sense that it is more complicated than the technology supposedly obsolete. Of course, it is not as advanced as the technology that the elite has to its disposal. Still, the technology available to the masses is of an advanced level. What I worry about is how the masses use the technology. Is there an informed decision made on how to use the technology, or do people just go along with the utility that is advertised the most?

Whatever the case, I breathe a sigh of relief as the ‘Crackberry’ epidemic seems to have come to an end. No more saving babies from getting run over in their stroller as their parents get distracted by a very important ping. No more waiting for some guy to finish crossing the street, after he stopped in the middle of his crossing over to ping back. What has become of them? Did they go back to listening to music on their Ego-phones?

As I compare the possibilities of the technology to how it is being used, I cannot but come to the conclusion that it is only the technology that advances. In other words, I suspect that people are not advancing at all. I have a sinking feeling that society as a whole is not progressing, but regressing. The people at the top might be the only part progressing, while the people designed to be the bottom could not regress fast enough to their liking.

The current ‘chosen ones’ have chosen themselves after progressing into design, as the previous chosen ones started regressing into chaos. All they had to do is band together, and plan the further regression of their previous masters. The schools are programmed to do the first dividing of their perceived enemies through mind-numbing indoctrination. The children get taught to read and write, but it comes with a heavy price. They have to pay for it with their minds. It turns out to be very easy to turn sharp minds dull, but to turn any dull mind sharp is a mammoth job.

All is not hopeless. The school system can be used for good or evil. It does not matter what it is designed to do. As long as everyone goes along with the limiting curriculum, the children will come to be the adults that further regress. Instead, if more and more people start to teach the mandatory curriculum as far as is needed, and add back to the schooling what is missing from it, then the schooling system will not be able to block the progression of the children. The children can be taught to look beyond false authority, and to develop their own minds instead.

So, if the schools do not teach our children to be in control of their own minds, then that leaves the rest of us to do so. That means that we have to free ourselves from our fool-school state of mind first. We simply educate ourselves, and in doing so, we can educate our children. We can all rise above our schooling.

via Is Society Progressing Or Regressing? | Dear Toxic System.

via Is Society Progressing Or Regressing? | Dear Toxic System.

Should we let smokers and fat people die? Twitter debate surging

According to some folks out there, smokers and fat people are either: 1) a burdensome group sinking everyone with their medical costs, or 2) a dispensable group we should all just let die early. Welcome to the health care debate that’s taken Twitter by storm. The fight over applying lifestyle penalties is raging as lawmakers hash out details of the Affordable Care Act. With those two “high-risk” groups tallying about $243 billion in annual health care costs, some argue that “willfully unhealthy” people should be left alone to die early and save the system money, rather than being taxed or penalized. Others say smoking control and anti-obesity measures have proven effective and should be continued. Can’t we all just have a smoke and a pastry and get along?

via Health care: smoking and obesity costs and penalties.

via Health care: smoking and obesity costs and penalties.

Cigarette that kills non-smokers launched

A NEW type of cigarette transfers its negative health effects to the nearest non-smoker.

Still wonderfully relaxing, plus you don’t die horribly

Quantum Fags were developed by scientists who believe passionately that cigarettes were killing the wrong people, as non-smokers are generally more annoying.

They developed nicotine particles that can exist simultaneously in two places at once.

The pleasure-giving chemicals remaining within the smokers’ lungs while the deadly stuff teleports into the nearest non-smoker, making them cough terribly.

Professor Henry Brubaker of the Institute for Studies said: “Someone who hasn’t smoked their whole life, and more to the point wouldn’t hesitate to tell you about it, will find themselves wheezing like a dinner lady.

“Thus society can remove its priggish killjoys by furiously smoking them to death whilst having a bloody good time in the process.”

Smoker Roy Hobbs said: “I have always felt it was unfair that smoking kills you. Much better that a total stranger should die.

“Will their fingers turn yellow? That would be really clever.”

via Cigarette that kills non-smokers launched.

via Cigarette that kills non-smokers launched.

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